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For virtual currency beginners only! XNUMX virtual currency terms that can be understood even with zero knowledge! !

Cryptocurrency beginner XNUMX

I want to start using virtual currency, but I don't know what it is. I checked it, but it's hard to understand. With nine carefully selected terms for you, I explained virtual currency so that even beginners can understand! Let's start your virtual currency life with this!

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In this article,Virtual currencyBeginnerdesignated!"

I want to start using virtual currency, but I don't know what it is.
I checked it, but it's hard to understand.

Nine terms needed to know virtual currency for those who have!

The more you look at the real cryptocurrency, the more information comes out

I had a hard time a while ago (; ^ ω ^)

In this articleI summarized what I wanted to know at that timeBecause,
I hope you'll find it helpful!

Beginner commentary XNUMX: What is virtual currency?

Speaking of virtual currency, it doesn't start without talking about bitcoin!

Bitcoin isFirst in the worldVirtual currencyAnd nowThere are hundredsVirtual currencyAncestor of.


Mysterious Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

Most cryptocurrencies are
It is made based on this bitcoin system.

Its creator is a mysterious Japanese named "Satoshi Nakamoto".
Everything is a mystery, and I don't really know if it's really Japanese.

Because he was the creator of the current virtual currency climax,
"Virtual currency(God ω God)! !I think you can say.

Why bitcoin is valuable

Bitcoin has a unit of XNUMX BTC,
Long agoAlthough it did not cost XNUMX BTC XNUMX yen, it now has a value of XNUMX.

But why is bitcoin priced ('・ ω ・ `)?

Because it is a “virtual” currency,
BeginnerMustIt's no wonder that just data trash is worth it.

that is,Bitcoin issuance limit set at XNUMX millionIs considered the number one reason.

You don't want a stone just falling there, right?

But there are a lot of people who want a moon rock from a rocket.
If you try to sell it, you should get a ridiculous price ($ Д $)

Because, the rock of the moon that I took with a rocket is just a little bit.

There is no doubt that the little stones will attract rich people from all over the world.

Although there are various broken parts,
Bitcoin is about the same.

Bitcoin is the center of all virtual currencies!

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

Bitcoin is allVirtual currencyAncestor ofThat's not all.

In fact, its power is super!

List the market capitalization (market value) of cryptocurrencies
If you look at a site called coinmarketcap,

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

Second place Ethereum is $ XNUMX billion,
The top bitcoin is a huge difference at $ XNUMX billion!

More than XNUMX trillion yen in Japanese yen ...
The price is too big to make sense! Σ (× _ ×;)!

And another important thing is
Bitcoin isAll ofVirtual currencyIs a measure of the value ofabout it!

In the real world, Bitcoin is the key currency like the "dollar".

In fact, virtual currency exchanges are being traded on Bitcoin as a base at overseas virtual currency exchanges.
Because it's the strongest in the world └ ('ω') ┘

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

Bitcoin isVirtual currencyKing ofIt is!

How is virtual currency different from cryptocurrency?

If you google with the keyword virtual currency, the word cryptocurrency often comes up.

Virtual currency? Cryptocurrency?
Both are currencies, but what is the difference?

I understand that comfortably.
I was confused when I was a beginner of cryptocurrency ... ()

Opinions differ from person to person,
Virtual currencyAnd cryptocurrencies are "almost the same meaning"!

It's like "Mac" in Kanto and "Mcudo" in Kansai.

Since virtual currency is [Cryptocurrency = cryptocurrency] in English,
If anything, the word "virtual currency" in Japanese is far from the original meaning.

It's a bit confusing,
In fact, the word "cryptocurrency" is strange to say,Virtual currencyRoot ofIt is very useful when understanding.

More on that later.
I would like to briefly explain with "blockchain".

Beginner's Commentary XNUMX: What is Alt Coin

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

"Alto coin" is not a virtual currency called alt coin,
Non-BitcoinVirtual currencyEverythingIs a word that points to

The number, in fact more than XNUMX kinds Σ (° ∀ °)!

Among them, Bitcoin keeps the top position in market capitalization by far,
I can understand the strength.

But recently, the super power of this bitcoin is beginning to fade.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was created on August XNUMX, XNUMX with the inner ring of bitcoin, has an atmosphere of aiming for the back pot of bitcoin from the viewpoint of processing capacity and fee (; ^ ω ^)

When you actually look at the net,
"BCH as the base currency !!"
Is often seen.

Also, development started before Bitcoin,
Ripple (XRP), which has now risen to the third largest market capitalization after Ethereum, is also due to the speed of its transaction processing and the future.
"XRP as the base currency !!"
I often see complaints about wishes.

After all, the base currency is the king of virtual currencies!

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

If you have a lot of BCH and XRP,
I understand the desire to be the best.

However, it is a bit disappointing to hear the voice of bitcoin dissipating too much in hope of it ... (× _ ×)

Beginner commentary XNUMX: What is a blockchain?

To get to know cryptocurrencies,
The most important word is this blockchain!

this isVirtual currencyThe core system that holdsRefers to that.

Translated as a distributed ledger in Japanese, expectations for applications in various fields such as banks and government agencies as well as virtual currencies are increasing (・ ∀ ・) b

Virtual currency and government agencies?
The government
Virtual currencyBut will it be issued?

Not that
The core system of virtual currencyRevolutionary as Internet was bornThat's why it's getting attention!

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

Why blockchain is not fraudulent or tampering

In a word, the blockchain of cryptocurrencies,
It is a ledger shared by everyone.

Virtual currencyBeginnerWhere
"If you do that, it will be easily rewritten ('・ д ・ д)"
As you might think, there is a mechanism in place to prevent this.

Take Bitcoin for example.

A XNUMX-minute record of bitcoins traded around the world,
It is verified by mining performed by computers all over the world. (I will talk about mining later)

At that time, the majority of computers around the world
"This record is correct!"
By accepting, a "block", which is a block of transaction data for XNUMX minutes, is created.

This is called "generating a block."

The block generated in this way is
It is connected with "Gachan (` ・ ω ・ ´)" so that it is connected to the block generated just before.

This is the origin of the name blockchain!

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

In other words, the pages of the ledger approved by computers all over the world are piled up every XNUMX minutes.

If you try to illegally extract bitcoin by rewriting the contents of this ledger,

Rewrite all the ledgers that have been piled up so far,
Moreover, by falsifying the ongoing transactions around the world,
Then you have to get computers distributed around the world to be approved.

Such difficult things are impossible unless it is magic (^^^)

In this way, blockchain cannot be tampered with or tampered with,
The virtual currency there is credible. (・ ㅂ ・) و ̑̑ ッ

It is very important that the blockchain is distributed

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

In this way, the root of the value of virtual currency is established,
The blockchain is not without its weaknesses (´Д `)

The owner of a computer that generates blocks is called a minor.
What if a miner spends too much money on a large number of machines and the miners from all over the world are so powerful that they can't take a majority in a bundle?

The trust of the cryptocurrency is lost.
Or rely on the credibility of the miner.
If you want to do it, you can approve the operation that works for you.

this"XNUMX% attack"It's called.
* Once upon a time with bitcoin ( ̄ ▽  ̄;)

Having an extremely large power for a particular miner is a bad thing for that cryptocurrency.

Therefore, it is important that miners are dispersed in the world.

Ledger managed by distributed miners = "Distributed ledger".
Blockchain is based on decentralizationSuch you.

Blockchain combines transparency and anonymity with cryptography

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

So far we've looked at blockchain,

"But it's a ledger that everyone can see, isn't it?" (҂ ̀ д ́ ́)
You might think.

BeginnerCa n’t help but think so.
In fact, this is where I was most caught in the past.

But it's OK!

Certainly everyone on the blockchainTransparency to see all transactionsI have.
But at the same time, the anonymity is well secured.

When trading virtual currency such as bitcoin,
you areSomething like an account on a blockchainWill be made.

And this account is a sequence of numbers made from a "public key" cipher.
Your personal information will not be linked here.

This is one of the reasons why the virtual currency alias is a cryptocurrency.

The exchange on the blockchain is conducted through such cryptography.
By the way, encryption technology is also used in the mining that came out earlier.

It's just cryptography!
But if you just trade cryptocurrencies, don't worry, you don't need to break the encryption (• ᵕᴗᵕ •)

It will be Elai who has just lost the “secret key” ... (o´ ・ ω ・ `)
We will talk about this later.

Blockchain is decentralized + transparency + anonymity = infinite possibilities! !

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

Thus, the blockchain is

・ Decentralization

It can be said that the system has the same three beats.

Hundreds of altcoins that exist now are
I think that they are trying to play various roles around these three axes.

DASH is a virtual currency that sells high anonymity,

Ethereum aims to build a blockchain with the role of a platform that can do anything digitally by applying decentralization and transparency.

Ripple has recently emerged as a virtual currency that boasts overwhelming transaction processing speeds at the expense of some decentralization.

If you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies,
Focusing on "decentralization, transparency, and anonymity"In addition, it might be good to choose something that will be useful in the real world (* '∀ `) b

Beginner commentary XNUMX: What is mining?

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

By the way, when the explanation of the blockchain was settled down, homework still remained.

In the description of the blockchain,
`` Generation of blocks to make blockchain '' miningI said that.

Computers around the world are working and approving.

With just this explanation,
Miners around the worldVirtual currencyDecentralized transaction managementIt can be said.

But the role of the miner is not just "distributed management".
Another for the minor,"Issuing a New Currency"There is an important role ("(RO ゜")

The capabilities of the miner's computers that make up the blockchain are offered by the miners.

This isn't the kind of help that engineers often do, it's about paying off.

If you talk in detail, it will be very long, so in a word,
As a performance reward for miners who have performed mining,Newly issued virtual currency is paid out from the system(\ _ \)

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

Of course, not all miners can receive it.
Paid to the miners chosen fairly by the system.

This algorithm may differ depending on the virtual currency,
Some sell the difference.

Since it will be longer than this,
Mining is a virtual currencyAlso serves as "currency management / currency issuance",about it!

I'm not sure if I just look at this, but it's amazing when I think carefully (・ ` д´ ・ ;)

Until now, the management and issuance of currencies was done by banks and governments,
It could only be done by a centralized system or organization.

It was made possible by a decentralized, decentralized system.

That's why cryptocurrencies are so focused!

Beginner's Commentary XNUMX: What are Public Keys and Private Keys?

Cryptocurrency beginner XNUMX

It's a bit long, so here's a brief explanation.

FirstPublic keyIs a publicly available cipher,
As I said,Key to account address on blockchain.

Simply put, it is the ID for receiving and sending virtual currency!

The important thing isSecret keyIt will be towards.

The secret key has the word "secret",Something like a password.

It is necessary when sending virtual currency or exchanging for Japanese yen,
Let's never lose it.

Whether this is a cryptocurrency beginner or an advanced one,
This is the most unforgettable place.

Otherwise, even if you make money, you will not be able to use it, but you will not be able to change it to Japanese yen Σ ( ̄  ̄ lll)

Please note that some people seem to be unable to take out virtual currency that has actually become hundreds of millions of yen ('; ω; `) ウ ゥ

Also, if you have a secret key, you can freely move the virtual currency you have,

The secret key has been stolen = All the virtual currencies I have have been stolen
So be careful and manage!

Beginner commentary XNUMX: What is an exchange (sales office)

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

Exchanges are primarily the place to get cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this method, you can get virtual currency at the point of sale, but it is not mainstream because the commission is relatively high.

Also, since it is basically traded in the auction method,
Smaller exchanges have a lower probability of trading virtual currency.

SoChoose a large and popular one when trading cryptocurrenciesヾ (* ・ ∀ ・) /

What is famous in Japan
・ Zaif
・ BitFlyer
・ GMO coin
・ DMM Bitcoin

And so on.

Coincheck has been omitted because trading has not resumed yet ... (; ^ ω ^)

Coincheck was a good exchange for beginners,
The other day of the NEM mass exodus incident later, the prospect of trading resumption is not set.

Also, virtual currencies that are not handled by Japanese exchanges can only be obtained at overseas exchanges.

Adacoin, which attracted a lot of attention from the developers of Ethereum, is not available on exchanges in Japan.

If you really want to start investing in cryptocurrencies, consider overseas exchanges!

The following article is recommended for Ada coins.
Better yet, you might want to start your overseas exchange debut with the purchase of Adacoin!

Beginner Commentary XNUMX: Wallet

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

A wallet is, in a nutshell, a place to store cryptocurrencies.

A private key is required to access the wallet.
If you forget or lose your private key, you can never remove it even if the cryptocurrency there is over XNUMX million! !

exampleEven if you were a developer of that cryptocurrency.

As the term “cryptocurrency”, which is also called virtual currency, implies,
A secret key exists as an encryption that cannot be recreated.

That is why credit, which is the root of the value of virtual currency, is supported.

Therefore, when storing cryptocurrencies in the wallet, be careful not to lose your private key.

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

Virtual currencyBeginnerOften
"I tend to lose things, and I don't want to have a wallet ... (。 ・ ε ・。)”
I tend to think that.

But having your own wallet is actually very important.

You can have three types of wallets!

There are four places to store virtual currency:

・ Exchange
・ Web wallet
・ Software wallet
・ Hardware wallet

Of whichThere are three types of things you can have outside of the exchange!

Exchanges are not wallets,
I will introduce it for comparison with the wallet.

It is Kiken to put virtual currency on exchanges!

Crypto Currency Beginner XNUMX

Perhaps the most common opportunity to use cryptocurrencies for exchange is the exchange.

Paying Japanese yen with a bank transfer or credit card, and then just buying a virtual currency, is easy and easy.

But instead, if your exchange is crushed or hacked and your wallet's private key is stolen, your money and your cryptocurrency may disappear.

This is exactly what happened in the recent NEM leak at a coin check.

So,Don't put cryptocurrencies bought with a lot of assets on exchanges! !

It is difficult to achieve both simplicity and safety (˘ • ω • ˘ 😉

A good but still suspicious web wallet

Web wallets are the easiest wallets you can create yourself.

However, it is always online, as the word "web" says.
Therefore, there are always risks such as viruses, hacking, and phishing sites.

Even if you enter your private key, it is sent to the server of the company that provides the web wallet, so it can be a bit hard to say that you manage your assets yourself.

So it is not recommended to put a lot of assets here (; -ω-)

Well-balanced software wallet

Unlike a web wallet, a software wallet does not need to send a private key to anyone,A wallet that allows you to at least manage your own assetsIt can be said.

As it says software,
You will manage the virtual currency by installing the software on your “smartphone PC”.

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

of course,
"Smartphone / PC broken"
"I forgot my login password"
"Data flew"
In such a situation, nothing will happen, but there is no problem if you take proper measures (* '﹀ `)

It takes some time, but it is safer than the exchange!

Because the balance between security and work is good,
If you are serious about investing in cryptocurrency, we recommend that you do your best to introduce a software wallet.

It is also a point that most software wallets can be introduced for free (* ・ ω ‹) b *

The strongest hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is a further evolution of a software wallet, and its security is the strongest of all wallets! !

Change big money into gold and keep it in safe,
If you want to use like that, a hardware wallet is the best (* '罒 `*)

Instead, it takes time to take out the money from the safe and convert it to cash.
Hardware wallets can be expensive, and for beginners the hurdles are a bit high.

At the expense of simplicity, security is the best.

Beginner Commentary XNUMX: What is ICO?

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

When investigating virtual currencies, the word ICO comes up frequently.

ICO stands for "Initial Coin Offering" and is like a publicly listed "Initial Public Offering (IPO)".

You can start a new business by announcing a plan / project and raising funds by soliciting the designated virtual currency.

Simply put,Crowdfunding to raise funds on the InternetVirtual currencyVersionIt is something like

It is a revolutionary financial instrument using a new economy called virtual currency,
Fields that are still immature, such as being legally gray, being regulated in each country, fraudulent things being widespread.

SoCryptocurrency beginnerCan not be recommended so much.

Instead, I think there is no doubt that it will be a big opportunity if the framework of ICO matures d ('∀' *)!

If you are participating in an ICO in the current situation, you may be willing to pay for the dream.

Beginner Commentary XNUMX: What is GOX?

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

The fact that the entire cryptocurrency stored on the exchange disappears due to external attacks such as hacking and does not return to the customer's hand ``GOX('´∀ `)

Also, it seems that the virtual currency that you managed yourself disappears due to unintended operations etc. in some cases it may be expressed as “GOXed”.

The origin is based on the Mt.Gox case in Tokyo, which caused a large amount of bitcoin leaks caused by the Mt.Gox case in Tokyo.

In this case, XNUMX billion yen of bitcoin was leaked, and Mt.Gox was unable to refund and was forced to go bankrupt.

The word "GOX" was coined from Gox in the "Mt. Gox case".

According to a recent story, the coin check incident stolen XNUMX billion yen of NEM by hacking from the outside, but it is said that GOX was practically avoided because of the policy to make up for it.

In this way, “GOX” trades virtual currency,
You must be the most vigilant!

In particular, GOX on exchanges can cause tremendous damage and also cause a crash in the cryptocurrency market (*  ̄ □  ̄ *;

The crash of the cryptocurrency market is unavoidable, but there are ways to protect yourself from the direct consequences of GOX.

That's what we said earlier: "manage with your own wallet".

If you manage with Wallet,Never get caught in exchange GOX(^-^) g ”

“Investment at your own risk” is a common principle for any kind of investment, not limited to cryptocurrencies.

Exchanges are the only places to “trade”.

It is not a place to "store" your assets.

Let's enjoy a wonderful virtual currency life while protecting your own assets!(∩´∀ `) ∩

Cryptocurrency Beginner XNUMX

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