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Bold predictions about BTC prices for 2020 bitcoin going forward! Will it go up to the Olympics! ?

Bitcoin, 2020

In recent years, virtual currencies such as bitcoin, which have gradually gained popularity! I wonder how much it will be before the 2020 Olympics. This time, we boldly forecast the bitcoin price in 2020.

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It's getting cold recently, Haru! I'm interested this timeBitcoin 2020Predict how much the price will be in a yearI will do it! !

Considering whether Bitcoin price will increase from 2019 to 2020

Bitcoin, 2020

At the end of 2018, the virtual currency bubble that rose above the original value (150 million yen) burst,In 2019, the overall downturn, including Bitcoin, continued.

The price of Bitcoin, which started to rise around April 2019, began to fall again around July,At the end of October 2019, it has fallen to the 10 yen range and is currently in the rangeHas become.

Bitcoin, 2020

Originally, it is a bitcoin market where volatility (price fluctuation) is larger than stocks and FX, and that point is a merit that can be earned and a demerit that loss becomes large,Ahead2020Many people are wondering what will happen to the yearI think.

So this time,From 2019 years2020By the time the Tokyo Olympics are heldBitcoinBoldly explain what the price is, together with the expectations of celebrities and AII will continue.

"Celebrity and AI" boldly predicts Bitcoin price over the next 2020

Bitcoin, 2020

Currently, it seems that Bitcoin price has once recovered from the sharp decline in October 2019,Bold predictions by some celebrities and AI about how much the price will be for 2020I compiled it.

Celebrity ① 2020 Bitcoin price forecast of the bull "Thomas Lee"

Thomas LeeInstitutional investor, also co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, also known as "Wall Street Prophet"Is famous as

Regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency forecasts, he is also a very bullish person and highly valued in the future.

Mr. Lee is boldly predicting the price of bitcoin from 2019 to 2020,The price is "2020 dollars by March 3 (Japanese yen about 91,000 million yen)"It is trying.

Naturally, I think that Mr. Lee makes bitcoin price forecasts from various perspectives, but at the same time"Hedge funds are likely to have a big impact on Bitcoin prices."Says.

Originally, the bitcoin price forecast is set to this price only for people known to be bullish, but if it really rises to this point, the world situation will change in various ways.

Celebrity ② Billionaire "Winkle Boss Brothers" 2020 Bitcoin Price Forecast

Everybody once dreamed of investing in cryptocurrency ... The Winklevoss brothers are known as one of those billionaires,Entrepreneurs are now said to be the largest Bitcoin holders in the world.

It operates the famous virtual currency exchange "Gemini" in the United States, and in cooperation with NASDAQ of the United States, it develops market monitoring software "Smarts" and has a wide range of businesses.

When such Winklevoss brothers predicted the price of Bitcoin after 2020,Boldly predicts that "bitcoin prices will increase 10 to 20 times in the next 30 to 40 years."It is

The Winklevoss brothers, who also applied for bitcoin ETF approval with the US SEC, appeared in an interview with CNBC in February 2018.


At that time, when converting the specifically predicted Bitcoin price,JPY 2,700 million to JPY 3,600 million in Japanese yenIs also said! !!

Celebrity ③ McAfee founder "John McAfee" 2020 Bitcoin price forecast

Speaking of "Mr. John McAfee",The person who was the founder of the global security company "McAfee" and was the first to notice the virtual currencyIt is also said.

In June of this year, he said, "I will not be involved in any ICOs in the future, and ICO promoters should look forward to being arrested."The case of being poisoned caused a ripple.


HowDoes McAfee's opinion have a large impact on the virtual currency industry including Bitcoin?You understand! !

Such a McAfeeBitcoin price predicted by 2020 is "100 million dollars (about 1 million yen in Japanese yen)"It is said that.

As of the end of October 2018, the Bitcoin price is "below 10 dollars",If this expectation goes wrong, it is also talked about radically saying "Eat my genitals with Live Video"に な っ て い ま す.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2020 Bitcoin Price Forecast

Bitcoin, 2020

AI (artificial intelligence) that has hit the price forecast several times in the past"Webbot" is an information collection and analysis program using big data developed in 1997..

Due to its characteristics, AI predicts the price after 2020 from the price of the entire market price of bit coins and virtual currencies, and there is no self-feeling like a celebrity, so it is also credible. It is said.

SuchThe future bitcoin price forecast predicted by "webbot" is "2019 BTC = 1 million yen within 220"It seems that the value is calculated.

It is the expected price of Bitcoin, which is obtained by analyzing not only past data but also unspecified number of emotions such as SNS.Most realistic price compared to the expectations of the above three celebritiesIt seems to me.

2019 reasons why Bitcoin price will rise from 2020 to XNUMX

Bitcoin, 2020

So, Bitcoin started to show a rising trend in 2018, after a long slump in 2019,There are so many expectations that the future will rise by 2020Is it?

Here, I would like to list some reasons why the price of Bitcoin will rise from 2020.

Grounds (XNUMX) Bitcoin chart is very similar to IT industry chart

On the internet and SNS, especially on Twitter and famous virtual currency media,Bitcoin price charts to date are too similar to IT industry charts"

After a "parabolic rise," "21-day EMA (exponential smoothing average) down adjustment," "strong rebound," "21-day fall below EAM."There seem to be many similarities.

At the beginning of the IT industry, there was a prejudice as "dangerous things" like the current virtual currency, but the person who actually predicted the price increase after that is now a millionaire.

Bitcoin prices may fall further in the future,In the long run, an upward trend has begun to signal a countdown to the virtual currency bubbleMaybe.

Grounds ② The market size of Bitcoin itself is expanding

From the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019, the cryptocurrency bubble burst, but it is said that there are so many celebrities who do not think that this is the peak.

In fact,Looking at the scale of the virtual currency market at the moment, it is highly likely that it will expand further in the futureYou can say.


Market capitalization

Cryptocurrency market About 24 trillion yen
Virtual currency FX market About 123 trillion yen
Stock market About 8400 trillion yen
Gold trading market About 1012 trillion yen
Forex market About 1 Kyoto 1200 trillion yen

If the current market capitalization of the virtual currency is "about 24 trillion yen" as shown in the above table,Only 0.25% of the largest foreign exchange market.


The market capitalization at the end of 2017 with the cryptocurrency bubble period was also about 70 trillion yenIt is said that there is a considerable difference in the gold market that is often compared to virtual currencies! !!

For these reasons, virtual currency such as Bitcoin will establish its value as a currency from 2020.Given the possibility of having the same scale as the foreign exchange market, how much will the price of Bitcoin beI can't imagine.

Grounds ③ Bitcoin may become the "key currency" in the future

In the first place, the key currency is "Among the international currencies, the currencies that predominantly play a role and are adopted as the standard for foreign exchange and international financial transactions."It is said that.

Looking back, in the 1870s, until the First World War, the British pound played a role as a key currency, butSince World War II, as you know, the US dollar is the base currencyに な っ て い ま す.

Bitcoin plays a key role in the current cryptocurrency market.


Since I buy the basic bitcoin to buy altcoins,Demand for Bitcoin is risingYou can say! !

In the future, such bitcoins will have to be legally regulated to transcend the boundaries of the virtual currency market and become an international key currency, but I think it can be expected as a future value.

Grounds ④ Bitcoin may become popular as a "payment currency" in the future.

As much as I think of "Virtual currency is Bitcoin", only its name recognition comes first,The "settlement currency" function that Bitcoin hasIs provided.


In other words, instead of investing in Bitcoin,Can be used as a realistic currencyThat's why! !!

In fact, not only BicCamera, but also glasses supermarkets and SofmapMajor retailers have already introduced this Bitcoin payment systemIt is

In the future, there seems to be a view that demand will increase in the future from 2019 to 2020 as bitcoin becomes more popular as a settlement currency.

Compare Bitcoin and Ripple as payment currency

Bitcoin, 2020

Speaking of settlement currency, Ripple is famous for altcoin besides bitcoin.

Ripple is developed specifically for international remittance and settlement functionsTherefore, among virtual currencies, its remittance network function is one step ahead of other currencies.

Although cryptocurrencies basically use blockchain technology,Ripple does not use a blockchain, and even the ledger system and algorithm are different and unlikely to competeIt can be said.

In other words,Bitcoin is a currency that required a function for settlement, Ripple is a currency specializing in international remittance, and demand will further expand in the futureIt has been seen.

Rationale: Bitcoin is likely to be selected as an asset escape destination

When the fiat currency value is reduced due to various economic situations,Bitcoin is selected as "investment destination of asset"There are things.

Legal currencies such as Japanese yen and dollars are issued by an institution (the Bank of Japan in Japan) that manages the issuance of money and bills.There are basically no such institutions that issue cryptocurrencies.


for that reason,Bitcoin is chosen as an investment destination when the economic and financial situation of each country becomes unstableThat's why! !

In fact, in the past,Intensified trade friction in the U.S. and China has reduced the value of fiat currencies and inflows into Bitcoindoing.

The larger the inflow of money, the higher the price of bitcoin, and it is expected that such demand will continue to grow.

Rationale: Bitcoin may spread as a settlement currency in the future

In Japan, it is hard to imagine,There are about 25 billion people who do not have their own bank accounts among the general public living in developing countries of the worldIs said to be.


For those who can't make a bank account,It is possible to receive salary in virtual currency and save by virtual currency settlementIs! !

Furthermore, many people in such developing countries have only mobile phones and smartphones,People who come to Japan etc. for migrant work and send money using mobile phonesis increasing.

Yes, for these people,Bitcoin will be a valuable currency with a "remittance function"That's why.

It is said that the trading volume of the cryptocurrency market to such developing and emerging countries is increasing, and if such demand continues to increase, it is highly likely that bitcoin prices will naturally rise.

Predict what the bitcoin price will be by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Bitcoin, 2020

During the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro,Bitcoin price is moving at `` 1 BTC = around 60,000 yen ''was doing.

And in 2020, the long-awaited Tokyo Olympics will be held, but in recent years the popularity of virtual currency has increased,Consider whether bitcoin price will be affected by hosting the OlympicsI will continue.

Why bitcoin prices will rise before the 2020 Olympics

After the Rio de Janeiro Olympics,Bitcoin price rises to around 10 yenI didAfter that, it fell due to the effects of Chinese regulations etc..


However, even with the eyes of me, Haru, who is almost an amateur,Imagine that the 2020 Olympics will have a significant impact on bitcoin pricesI can do it! !

In fact,Factors that could cause bitcoin prices to rise by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020There seem to be some views on.

  • Factors causing an increase in BTC prices①The number of tourists from overseas will increase at a stretch due to the Olympics
  • Factors that increase BTC price②There is a possibility that the number of stores that can settle Bitcoin will increase
  • Factors that increase BTC price ③ Virtual currency laws and regulations are rapidly advancing and improving
  • Factors causing an increase in BTC price④ Bitcoin begins to be used not only in stores but also in online shops

It is said that the above factors can be considered.

At present, there are about 260 stores that can make bitcoin payments nationwide, but especiallyA lot of bitcoin ATMs are likely to increase near the Olympic village that is focusing on the OlympicsIt seems.

In addition, there are views that bitcoin payments will become commonplace because tourists are overflowing in Roppongi, Ginza, Shinagawa, etc., which are near the nearby Harumi area.

Bitcoin, 2020

After that, if bitcoin payment at actual stores progresses,It is almost certain that the payment function will be added in the online shop as wellIt will be.

In the case of online shops that had been using ridiculous fees for current credit card payments, etc., the introduction of bitcoin payments is directly linked to profits, so the demand for bitcoin naturally increases.

In fact, in Japan, the DMM Group is already eager to introduce bitcoin payments,It is also a matter of time that Yahoo and Amazon, which started operating the exchange, Amazon, the largest online shop, etc. introduce itmaybe.

And if virtual currencies become widespread, laws and regulations for them must be adjusted.


for that reason,By the 2020 Olympics, virtual currency-related laws and regulations will be in placeIsn't it! !

If these laws and regulations are in place, the name recognition will naturally rise,The prospective image of `` danger '' for bitcoin is dismissed in the public and the demand is likely to increaseIt has been with.

Bold predictions about what will happen to the BTC price of the 2020 bitcoin half-life in the future

Bitcoin, 2020

This time, we introduced various factors and price forecasts by celebrities and webbots from 2019 to 2020, and then on the bitcoin price.

Unlike legal currencies such as Japanese yen and US dollar,Virtual currencies such as bitcoin and ripple are currencies that are often traded on the Internet.


In other words,The merits of being able to trade without being affected by the environment such as the country or place are very largeYou can say! !

At the moment, although it varies slightly depending on the operating company such as virtual currency exchanges and sales offices, most people can easily start cryptocurrency trading with a small amount of money considering the simplicity as a means of payment and portability. You.

Bitcoin and other virtual currency prices are still stagnating in the range marketBut,A very promising currency in 2020 and in the long runIt will be.

For those who are starting to use cryptocurrency in the future, the following article introduces some blogs for beginners of cryptocurrency, so please refer to them as well.

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