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[Today's forecast on February 11 (Tue)] What will happen from now on? XRP market price!

Today's XRP price forecast is released! Coingirls official traders open their strategies to keep up with the upcoming virtual currency trends!

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Ripple market forecast for Tuesday, October 11

Today's XRP / USD market analysis.

What is your long-term perspective? Analyze the time bar!

The above image is a 4-hour chart of BITFINEX.

Ripple fell due to the influence of SWELL.

Looking at the current four-hour bar, it is in the form of making a big Sanson.

In a 2-hour window, $ 0.27 is working as a support line.

In the current state, neither long nor short can be entered, so I will wait for ripples.

To conclude, the long-term perspective is “quiet view”.

What is your short-term perspective?

The image above is a 30 minute chart.

Even in the short term, the $ 0.27 support line is currently working and has bottomed out.

I usually aim for a return sale after a break, but this time I can not enter it because there is a support line of 0.2666 hours level at $ 4 below this one step.

This is because the upper leg will have the advantage, and it is expected that the price will stop falling even if it is sold.

In the short term, I want to be nervous because I can't trade for a short period of time.

To conclude, it is a “quiet view”.

Conclusion: buy ripple now? Is it selling now?

Long-term quiet. Short-term observation.

This concludes today's market analysis.

* The virtual currency exchange recommends opening at least three or more exchanges!

In particular, Ripple is a hot issue, so if you want to buy it now, the following article is recommended.
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Coingirls official female trader with 6 years of trader experience. I like watching the three major currency charts of BTC, XRP and ETH.
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