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All the ways to earn with Bitcoin and various ways are released!

Bitcoin, how

In recent years, with Bitcoin's reputation and blockchain technology progressing, there are many who want to know how to earn with Bitcoin. This time, I will introduce various ways to trade with Bitcoin.

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Hello, this is Yui ♪ If you are interested in cryptocurrency this time,How to earn with BitcoinI will explain variously ♪ (* ▽ ▽) ノ

When you hear virtual currency, there are so many people who imagine "Bitcoin".

This time, such a hot topicHow to earn with Bitcoin and how to start Bitcoin tradingI will introduce such as.

How to register on the virtual currency exchange

Bitcoin, how

In order to trade Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, it is essential to open an account on a virtual currency exchange.

And, in order to open an account and trade on a virtual currency exchange in Japan,`` Submission of identity verification documents '' is mandatory by lawThere are some things that are attached and unknown to beginners.

Here, we will introduce how to register and open an account on the virtual currency exchange before you can do Bitcoin trading.

How to register on the virtual currency exchange

Generally, the procedure and procedure for opening a cryptocurrency exchange account is almost the same for all exchanges in Japan,It's a good idea to open an exchange account first and follow the flowIt will be.

  • ① Go to the official site of the virtual currency exchange and register your account with your email address
  • ② Register account information from the link received at the registered e-mail address
  • ③ Log in to the exchange with the registered account and enter the information to open an account
  • ア ッ プ ロ ー ド Upload and submit a photo of identity verification (such as a license) with a face photo
  • 後 After completing the account opening procedure, wait for the exchange to be reviewed
  • 通貨 If you check the currency of the exchange, mail will be delivered to the registered current address
  • 入 力 Complete the account opening code on the official website via the mail

In most cases, Bitcoin trading is possible only after a series of flows.


Depending on the cryptocurrency exchange,There are some places where you can start trading once the account opening application is completedIt looks like ♪ (· ∀ ·)

In addition, each exchange may run a special campaign at any time in order to open an exchange account operated by its own company. Let's go.

Most new account opening campaigns will give you virtual currencies such as bitcoin and cash for freeSo it is worth registering and opening it in the sense of increasing military funding.

How to set up two-factor authentication

In recent years, security measures against such hacking from outsiders have been regarded as important, such as the case where the exchange coin check that occurred around the beginning of 2018 was hacked and the virtual currency NEM was leaked.


One of such security measures can be easily set as "Two-factor authentication♪ (^ O ^)

In addition to the original account (login password),A function to increase security by performing authentication using an authentication code that changes every few secondsHas become.

Recently, most domestic exchanges have adopted this "two-step verification" setting, so at least it is better to set up two-step verification before depositing your important assets on the exchange .


This is a two-factor authentication method.Give examples of how to use GMO coinsLet's look at it ♪

GMO coinIn the two-step verification, the authentication code will be sent to the registered mobile phone and smartphone SMS for the first time, but will be sent to the registered e-mail address for the second and subsequent times.

If you want to set up two-step verification after completing your account, follow the steps below.


GMO Coin Official SiteAfter logging in, select "Account Information ⇒ Security" on the left menu.

As you can see from the above figure,The default setting is "SMS", but click "Change to App" to change itLet's try.

Bitcoin, how

Then a screen like the one shown above will appear. An email will be sent to your registered email address to change the two-step verification.

Bitcoin, how

When you open the email to the GMO coin shown above, there is a link, so click on it.

Bitcoin, how

When you open the link, the “2-step verification setting” screen will be displayed.Enter the 6-digit authentication code displayed on the SMS of mobile and smartphoneTo do.


Next, on your own smartphoneInstall authentication software "authenticator"♪ ('∇ `)


Once installed, launch the software and tap the “+” button in the red frame to scan the barcode that was displayed on the PC earlier with your smartphone camera.

Bitcoin, how

ThenGMO coin authentication items will be added to "authenticator"So, enter the displayed 6-digit code correctly on the code input screen on your computer and click the "Send" button to authenticate.

Be careful because the authentication code displayed by "authenticator" changes in a few seconds.

Bitcoin, how

The change of the authentication method is changed to the application and it is completed.

The recommended virtual currency exchange is GMO coin

Bitcoin, how

Currently, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges licensed by the Financial Services Agency in Japan, but among them, the most recommended from beginner to advanced is "GMO coinIs ".


The biggest feature of GMO coin is that it has both a sales office and an exchange,"All kinds of fees such as transaction fees and deposit / withdrawal fees are almost free"It is ♪ (≧ ∇ ≦)

The backbone management company is also a member of the GMO Internet Group, which is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

All currencies correspond to spot transactions and leverage transactions, and two smartphone apps have been released, making it a reputation for being easy to use.

yet,Exchange No. 1 I would definitely recommend to those who have not opened an account on GMO Coin or who are going to start virtual currency tradingIt can be said.

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Bitcoin cash trading

Bitcoin, how

By the way, in the articles so far, we have introduced up to the establishment of the virtual currency exchange. Next, let's take a look at how to trade Bitcoin.

How to trade in kind (BTC)

First of all, the general method of spot trading of bitcoin, but here tooExplanation using GMO coin (exchange) as an exampleI will like to try.

Bitcoin, how

When you select "Exchange-Spot Trading" in the left menu, the spot trading order screen on the GMO Coin Exchange is displayed on the right.

Domestic and overseasOrder while checking the `` trade board '' and `` current rate of virtual currency '' and the chart where the selling price and the buy price of the user using the exchange are lined upOut.


The center of the trading board (green line) is the current bitcoin rate, the bottom is the buying board, and the upper is the selling board.♪ (゜ ▽ ゜)

When you place an order, make sure to select the brand and make sure that it is the trading board for the virtual currency you want to buy, then enter the order method, sell or buy, and the order quantity.

In GMO coins, the trading board is in the center, various menus are on the left, and the order entry screen is on the right,Input items are almost the same for all exchanges, so the first time orderers get used to ordering on one exchange anywayLet's start with the thing.

Profit (profit determination) method

Bitcoin, how

So far, you know how to order Bitcoin using exchanges.

Next, I will introduce the method of confirming profit (profit) after placing an order. First, let's display the order screen on the GMO coin exchange mentioned above.


Just select the virtual currency you want to buy in the order of the number in the above figure and enter the numerical value in the input item, but hereIt flows as if you currently own "930,040 BTC for 0.0001 yen"Let's take a look.

  • (391,000) Check the price of the holdings and the profitable line "XNUMX yen" that you want to determine profit
  • ② Check the current rate of Bitcoin (BTC)
  • ③ Select limit order or market order (* Select limit order here)
  • ビ ッ ト Sell Bitcoin this time and select “Sell”
  • 入 力 Enter the quantity of bitcoin you want to sell “0.0001 BTC”
  • 選 択 When "Limit" is selected, "Limit and Stop" is added to "Order Type", so select
  • 入 力 Enter the order rate "931,000 yen" while looking at the current rate of Bitcoin and the sales board
  • 注 文 Order completed after confirmation on “Confirmation screen”

It will be the flow.

This time, we have placed a limit order of "930,040 yen: 1 BTC" for the bitcoin we have, and "931,000 BTC" at the slightly raised position of "0.0001 yen".


In other words, after this order,If the order “931,000 yen” ordered on the buy board is executed side by side, the buy order is completed (executed by Maker)That's why ♪ (* '∀ `)

In case of market order, there is no input item of “current rate” like limit price,Immediately executed to place an order directly to the nearest selling board closest to the current rate (Taker executed)To do.

In addition,From the end of October 2019, GMO Coin can place a `` Stop order '' at the time of a limit order on an exchangeHas become.

A general limit order is to order such as "Sell if the current rate is higher than the limit price and buy if the current rate is lower than the limit price".

However, a stop order is a case where you sell your bitcoin"Sell if the current rate is lower than the specified price" or "Buy if the current rate is higher than the specified price"It is a method of placing an order opposite to the usual limit order.

In other words, it is an ordering method that is used when you want to sell if you exceed the loss cut line you have determined in advance or when you want to buy when the price rises sharply.

Loss cut method and mechanism

Bitcoin, how

Loss cut means that the current rate of virtual currency such as bitcoinRefers to an order placed when the price falls below the predetermined minimum price line.Also called.

The method of loss cut is basically the opposite of profit-making, and uses a limit order (or a stop order in some cases) that places an order when the price of the bitcoin held drops to a certain amount.

As in the above example, let's look at an example of losing bitcoin on the GMO coin exchange.


The bitcoin we own is "929,310 yen: 0.0001 BTC" and the loss cut line is "928,220 yen"will do.

  • (928220) Check the price of the holdings and the profitable line “XNUMX yen” that you want to cut
  • ② Check the current rate of Bitcoin (BTC)
  • ③ Select limit order or market order (* Select limit order here)
  • 売 This time, if Bitcoin goes down to the line, it will sell and lose, so select "Sell"
  • 入 力 Enter the quantity of bitcoin you want to sell “0.0001 BTC”
  • 選 択 When "Limit" is selected, "Limit and Stop" is added to "Order Type", so select
  • 入 力 Enter the order rate "928,220 yen" while looking at the current rate of Bitcoin and the sales board
  • 注 文 Order completed after confirmation on “Confirmation screen”

It will be the flow.

In this limit selling order, we are ordering by pointing to a price that is not on the trading board, so in this case you will see the newly ordered board "928,220 yen: 0.0001".

How to use bitcoin sales office

All domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges have two sales forms: exchanges and sales officesI have.

A sales office can only buy and sell virtual currencies at a price set by the operating company in advance, but the advantage is that it can be easily ordered at any time and can be sold immediately.

However, even if the transaction fee is free, a spread that is the difference between the selling price and the buying price actually occurs when buying and selling,Be careful as it may cause unexpected loss depending on the timing of buying and selling.

First, let's actually look at the GMO coin sales screen and how to buy bitcoin.


GMO Coin Official SiteLog in toClick on the left menu "Sales" to display the sales screen at the shop, and then place orders according to the following flowTo do.

  • ① Select the purchased brand (Bitcoin here)
  • ② Check the current rate of “buy and sell” Bitcoin
  • ③ Choose whether to order by "amount" or "bitcoin quantity"
  • を Enter the quantity of the selected bitcoin
  • を ク リ ッ ク Click the "Buy" button

Since the sales office will do only this work as described above,Unlike an order while looking at the exchange's trading board, it is attractive that even a beginner can easily do it.


However, as mentioned above, the spread is for each exchange,Since it is changing in real time, be careful when buying and selling at the sales office♪ (^ ▽ ^) o

Bitcoin leveraged trading (margin trading)

Bitcoin, how

First of all, log in to the GMO Coin official website and click "Exchange-Leverage" on the left menu to display the leverage transaction screen as in the case of spot trading.


After that, it is almost the same as the way of ordering bitcoin for spot trading, but hereOrder for 929,500 JPY 0.01BTC, slightly lower than the current rateLet's do it.

  • ① Check the entire bitcoin trading board and the price ordered
  • ② If necessary, check the past chart of Bitcoin (BTC)
  • ③ Select the virtual currency Bitcoin (BTC) you want to purchase
  • 確認 Check the current bitcoin rate
  • 選 択 Select limit order or market order (* Select limit order here)
  • ビ ッ ト Select “Buy” this time to buy Bitcoin
  • を Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase "0.01BTC"
  • 選 択 When "Limit" is selected, "Limit and Stop" is added to "Order Type", so select
  • ビ ッ ト Enter the bitcoin price you want to buy "929,500 yen" and complete the order after confirming with "Confirmation screen"

It will be the flow.

In addition to the point that leverage always takes 4 times, the leverage trading will be the trading screen using the trading board as in the case of spot trading.

Also, in the left menuVirtual currency FX can trade with leverage in the form of a sales office instead of an exchangeHas become.

Recently, with the advent of large-screen smartphones, it is also possible to use a smartphone application, so please refer to the following article for details.


Short selling method

Bitcoin, how

TypicallyIn the case of spot trading, you have to enter from the "buy" to buy and hold bitcoin directly from the exchangeBut,In leverage trading and virtual currency FX trading, you can trade from "sell"Has become.

Such a trade entered from "sell" is called "short sale", and it is attractive that even if the bitcoin market is declining overall, it is possible to earn profits by "entering and selling back". It has become.

As a specific method of short selling Bitcoin, the same flow as just entering from "Sell" in the above "Leverage transaction" is the same.


The specific flow is omitted, but the difference from the normal leverage transaction isBitcoin's current rate of "932,500 yen" only enters from "sell" order of "933,000 yen: 0.01BTC".

Therefore, the short sale that comes in from "sell" will benefit from the difference when you buy back the bitcoin price later, so the lower the BTC price, the higher the profit.

Bitcoin trading methods

Bitcoin, how

By the way, we have introduced the basic method of buying bitcoins using GMO coins.

Current status,There are various ways to earn in virtual currency trading such as bitcoin, there are various typesBut here are some ways to trade.

Day trade (short term trade)

Day training is basically a way of making profits in short-term trades such as minutes to hours.

The point that a certain amount of money is required, and basically it is not possible to respond quickly with a smartphone,Use a PC tool to track the price movement of trading boards for several hours a day and measure the timing at which you can take profitsThere is also a thing.

It is said that the main chart to be used is "5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour", and it is possible to use a fairly high-leverage trade exchange, and even with a small amount of money 1 to 1 per day As much profit as possible.


Scalping can be best described as an ultra-short-term trading version of a day train.

Basically,A way of trading in which thin profits are piled up in a very short time, such as seconds to minutes.It will be.

The charts used mainly show price movements in seconds, such as "TICK charts, 1 minute, 5 minutes", so it goes without saying that some familiarity and skill are required.

However, even with a small amount of money of 10 yen, for example, with a high leverage of 200 times, it is possible to trade as much as 2,000 million yen, so if you hold `` 10 BTC / JPY '' and get a margin of 1 yen, profit Is very expensive at 10 yen.

However, as with both day training and scalping, If a novice practices such a trading method, it is easy to be "profit and loss" (profit is small and profit is large)Therefore, even if you succeed 10 times, it will be negative for one failure.


Probably your own trading method,It is difficult to keep earning without the skills to practice based on your own rulesIt is said that ♪ ('∀ ` *)

Arbitrage (arbitrage)

Arbitrage is also known as "Sayari" and "Arbitrage",A simple trading method of buying virtual currency such as bitcoin on a cheap exchange and selling it on a high exchange.

As you can see from actually practicing arbitrage,There are disadvantages, such as being tied up in time, and the fact that profits hardly increase without a certain amount of funds (more than 1,000 million yen).

However, compared to general cryptocurrency investment, it is much less risky and does not require any knowledge of trade, so the advantage is that you can make profit regardless of the market price.

Even if you don't need knowledge, it doesn't mean you don't.You need to be familiar with the fact that you must always look at the prices that fluctuate in real time for each exchange and measure trading timing.

In the following articles, there are articles focusing on the real aim of arbitrage, so if you are interested please refer to it.

Long-term holding (Gachiho)

The fourth way to earn with Bitcoin isLong-term holding, so-called gachiho, while the name recognition is still low with a view to the future potential as a currencythere is.

At present, bit coins that are moving up and down around 100 million yen in the range market,The price when currency value was partially recognized for the first time since the birth of 2009 was "1 BTC = about 0.07 yen"It is

Considering this, it is said that the popularity of cryptocurrencies will increase in the future, so the long-term holding method of investing and buying assets at the bottom price will be quite effective.

How to store in Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin, how

As mentioned earlier, you can see that there are various ways to earn with Bitcoin.

Among them, those who plan to purchase virtual currency such as bitcoin for the purpose of “medium to long term holding” introduced last,It is better to prepare and store your own wallet instead of leaving it on the online exchangeIt will be.

Here, we will explain how to store Bitcoin in a wallet and recommended wallets.

Types of wallets for storing bitcoins

Store wallets, including bitcoins, online, including at exchangesBroadly divided into two types of "hot wallet" and cold wallet used separately from the Internet environmentWill be

More specifically, there are the following wallets:

Wallet type Hot or cold Security features Cleaning up
Web wallet Hot wallet ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★ ☆
Exchange wallet Hot wallet ★★★ ☆☆ * 1 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Software wallet Hot wallet ★★★ ☆☆ * 1 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hardware wallet Cold wallet ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★ ☆☆
Paper wallet Cold wallet ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★☆☆☆☆

[* 1] Some exchanges and software also use cold wallets.

Among them,The effective wallet varies depending on the brand holding each cryptocurrency and the holding period.So, choose the best wallet for your investment method.

  • Exchange wallet] For those who want to trade a small amount of surplus funds in a short period of time
  • Software foret] For those who trade diligently and manage not many assets
  • Hardware wallet] For those who want to store large amounts of assets safely over the medium to long term
  • Paper wallet] For those who want to keep safe for a long time without spending any money
  • Web wallet] For those who want to store virtual currency that is not compatible with other wallets

Recommended wallet for Bitcoin (long-term holding, Gachiho)

In a word, wallet, you can see that various types of goods are being sold and provided recently.

Among them, one of the recommended wallets for bitcoin storage in the medium to long term isCold wallet `` Trezor '' that can be stored offline that is also not connected to the Internet.

Bitcoin, how

Trezor is a competitorA little cheaper price than "Ledge Nano S", currency that can be stored such as Ethereum, ZCash, Litecoin as well as BitcoinAre also available.


If you are not connected to the Internet, it is attractive that you do not have to worry about being hacked from the outsideIt is also possible to carry it ♪ (o ^ ^ o)

Bitcoin mining method

Bitcoin, how

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies record information on the blockchain every time they trade, but this recorded information must be absolutely correct.

The information recorded in this blockchainMining the work to check the correct information every certain period of time, and minor the participants to checkCall it.


Every time a new transaction record is recorded on the blockchain (a block is created), the miner can get a reward.It is ♪ ((∀))

Here, we introduce some methods of such mining.

Cloud mining

In order to get rewards for mining, the integrity of information data recorded in a huge blockchain must be recorded within a certain period,Requires fast computing powerIt has been with.

what if,In order to perform mining with just one person, a computer with the ability to process vast amounts of information quickly and electricity required for work are required.

However, in recent years there has been something called "cloud mining"Mining work can be done relatively easily by paying a contract fee to the mining officeIt is like that.

As a series of cloud mining flows,

  • ① Purchase a part of hash power from mining office
  • ② Perform mining
  • ② Receive rewards based on the percentage of purchased hash power

It becomes.

What is a hash rate?Calculation speed per second when miningso. Also called hash power (hash rate), the higher this is, the higher the mining machine performance and the higher the data processing speed


Cloud mining includes mining environment and hash rate,Many establishments make contracts from one year of arbitration based on contract plansIt looks like ♪ (* ^ _ ^ *)

It is an attractive merit that you can easily get mining and get rewards just because you are interested in the mechanism of virtual currency.

But,It may be difficult to get profitable by mining when the bitcoin price is sluggish, so there are cases where contracts can be cut offIt is said that.

Solo mining

Solo mining, as the name implies,How to prepare and mine the environment for mining yourself.

Of course,Disadvantages are that the hurdles are very high and cost a considerable amount of money because you have to prepare your own mining equipment.

However, it is a great advantage that the mining cryptocurrency, mining speed, and reward are all your own.


Because I make a mining plan myself and take profitIt's up to you to make a profitIt will be ♪ (* ∀ *)

A large public summary of how to earn with bit coins and various methods

Bitcoin, how

This time, we have introduced ways to earn with Bitcoin and various trading methods. Did you find the best way for you?

in recent years,The popularity of virtual currency and technology such as blockchain are advancing at tremendous speedIt is said.

In the future, if bitcoin and other virtual currencies become valued and become more practical in the real world, the price of nature and natural prices will likely rise dramatically.


for that reason,Investing in bitcoin and other altcoins from now on is also one of the most potential asset managementYou can say ♪ (= ^ ▽ ^ =)

The following article explains the recommended way of buying Bitcoin in more detail, so please refer to it as well.

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
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