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Coingirls Certified Trader

[Today's market forecast on 11/21 (Thu)] What will happen from now? XRP market price!

Today's XRP price forecast is released! Coingirls official traders open their strategies to keep up with the upcoming virtual currency trends!

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Ripple market forecast for Thursday, August 11

Today's XRP / USD market analysis.

What is your long-term perspective? Analyze the time bar!

The above image is a 2-hour chart of BITFINEX.

In my last post, I posted, "I have a short of $ 0.265 backsold."

As the decline continues, we will concentrate on increasing the unrealized profit of the shorts we have.

Analyzing the current price movements, I think that if you make Sanson in the shape of an image, the price will decline further.

Since Ripple's lowest price is $ 0.23, I will aim for this selling position of $ 0.23.

To conclude, the long-term perspective is the "sales perspective."

What is your short-term perspective?

The image above is a 30 minute chart.

As I mentioned a little above, in the short term, we are creating a shape that looks like Sanson.

I think that the decline will proceed when these three statues are completed, so I would like to first see if I can break the previous low of $ 0.24.

Until then, we have the best time to wait, so we will continue to increase the shorts we hold over the long term.

To conclude, the short term is a “quiet view”.

Conclusion: buy ripple now? Is it selling now?

Sell ​​for a long time. Stay quiet for a short time.

This concludes today's market analysis.

* The virtual currency exchange recommends opening at least three or more exchanges!

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Coingirls Certified Trader
Coingirls official female trader with 6 years of trader experience. I like watching the three major currency charts of BTC, XRP and ETH.
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