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2019.11.22 Last update
Coingirls Certified Trader

[Today's market forecast for 11/23 (Sat.)] What will happen in the future? BTC market price!

Today's BTC price forecast is released! Coingirls official traders open their strategies to keep up with the upcoming virtual currency trends!

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Bitcoin market forecast for today, Saturday, November 11

Today's BTC / USD market analysis.

What is your long-term perspective? Analyze the time bar!

The above image is a two-hour chart of BITFINEX.

In a previous post, he wrote, "We will increase the unrealized gain on shorts sold from $ 9100 and aim for a profitable target of $ 7600."

As a result, bitcoin has dropped significantly, further updating $ 7600.

Profit is being firmly performed.

Now that the profit has been completed, I would like to look for the next entry opportunity again, but first look at the following 4 hour bar.

Looking at the 4-hour level, it has broken below the previous low of around $ 7412.

I usually aim for the place where I returned from selling, but in this case it is a 4-hour level, so it will be a long-term time axis, and the moving average line deviates from the current rate , Return sale does not enter.

There is a tendency to approach if the MA is diverged, so instead of aiming for return selling here, I would like to do a long or short when the chart is formed a little more and the technical appears.

This time, I was able to make a profit, so I will do my best to trade in my style without panic.

To conclude, it is a “quiet view”.

What is your short-term perspective?

The image above is a 30 minute chart.

In the short post, I wrote in my previous post that "I got a short from $ 8617 for $ 8000."

After that, the decline was so strong that I was trying to sell again, but I couldn't come to the point where I could enter, so I kept watching.

And yesterday, the $ 7412 support line has come down, making it difficult to trade.

From here, you can make a reverse trio, and you will not be able to trade until some form appears, so I would like to see the situation and trade at a certain point.

To conclude, it is a "quiet view".

Conclusion: Buy Bitcoin Now? Is it selling now?

The long term is quiet. Short-term observation.

This concludes today's market analysis.

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Last Updated Date: 2019/11/22

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Coingirls Certified Trader
Coingirls official female trader with 6 years of trader experience. I like watching the three major currency charts of BTC, XRP and ETH.
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