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2019.11.22 Last update
Coingirls Certified Trader

[Today's market forecast on Saturday, October 11] What will happen from now on? XRP market price!

Today's XRP price forecast is released! Coingirls official traders open their strategies to keep up with the upcoming virtual currency trends!

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Ripple market forecast for 11/23 (Sat) today

Today's XRP / USD market analysis.

What is your long-term perspective? Analyze the time bar!

The above image is a 4-hour chart of BITFINEX.

In a previous post, he wrote, "Shorts sold for $ 0.265 have a profit target of $ 0.23."

In conclusion, it's down to $ 0.23, so it's fine.

After all, the fall is fast, so it is easy to do.

Now that we are profitable, we want to look for the next entry opportunity, but we want to avoid entry at this milestone because the current $ 0.23 is an important support line on the long-term time axis.

I think XRP has a solid bottom, so I think it will rebound here, but there is no possibility of further decline.

It is wise to trade at these milestones, rather than rushing to trade, and wait for a while to come into shape.

So first, let's wait.

What is your short-term perspective?

The image above is a 30 minute chart.

Until yesterday's post, I was aiming for Sanshin, but since it has dropped significantly, this scenario is invalid once.

First, the next conceivable point is to return to $ 0.23.

When I return, I want to judge if I want to sell again after the chart is made a little more.

This $ 0.23 is an important support line that has been conscious since the beginning of this year, so it is likely that buying pressure will be applied.

Therefore, if you return easily and sell it, you may be pushed up and you may lose money.

After a short period of time, we will trade in a certain place after the technical is available.

To conclude, the short term is a “quiet view”.

Conclusion: buy ripple now? Is it selling now?

The long term is quiet. Short-term observation.

This concludes today's market analysis.

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Last Updated Date: 2019/11/22

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Coingirls Certified Trader
Coingirls official female trader with 6 years of trader experience. I like watching the three major currency charts of BTC, XRP and ETH.
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