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What will happen to Ethereum in the future! ? Thorough consideration of future potential and price changes after 2020!

Ethereum, future

Ethereum is one of the altcoins, which has the second highest trading volume after bitcoin among virtual currencies and is expected to have future potential. This time, we will consider the future prospects of what kind of price changes such Ethereum will take in 2020.

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Hello, it's Haru! This time,Famous for smart contract functionEthereum Offrom now onAnd futureI will consider about! !

What will happen to Ethereum after 2020?

Ethereum, future

Many people think of bitcoin as a virtual currency, but Ethereum, which has the highest transaction volume among altcoins, is also expected to have very high future potential.

In this article,Ethereum Offrom now onIntroducing price trends that look back on the past and factors that are considered to have high future potentialPlease refer to the trade by all means.

On one overseas site, future Ethereum price forecast exceeds 300 million yen! ?

There are many cryptocurrency rating sites around the world, but at one overseas site,From 2020 onwardsEthereumThere is also a prediction that the system price will exceed 300 million yenI'm so surprised.


To that extent, the currency function of Ethereum, especiallyThe smart contract function will have an effect on the virtual currency industry in the futureThere seem to be many views! !

The smart contract function is what Ethereum developers have introduced to Ethereum,A system that adds contract information to applications running on the blockchain and automatically executes itIt is

By introducing this smart contract function in other currencies, it is possible to build a system that enables businesses with a variety of applied capabilities.

Generally, the smart contract function is often compared to a vending machine.

  • ① User enters currency
  • (XNUMX) Convert the total currency and convert whether juice can be purchased.
  • ③ Turn on the juice lamp according to the purchase price
  • ④ The user presses the button of the juice he wants to purchase
  • ジ ュ ー ス Press the button to take out the juice
  • 出 す Give the difference between the currency entered by the user and the juice purchased to the refund port

This is very similar to the contract function of Ethereum, which automatically executes with the addition of a predetermined contract content (converting the currency price and returning the corresponding product and surplus amount).

Given that these features are fast on the cryptocurrency blockchain,How Convenient and Applicable Programs Can Be ExecutedI understand.

Let's review the future of Ethereum and price trends

Ethereum, future

Then,Ethereum prices from past to present to consider the future of EthereumLet's look back.

Significant rise from Ethereum listing to the cryptocurrency bubble at the end of 2017

Ethereum has been developed for a long time among altcoins,The price has not risen much since it was first listed on the exchange, and in 2017 it remained below "¥ 10".

Ethereum, future

But,It began to rise sharply from around April 2017, and temporarily rose to "4 ETH = 6 yen" in June of the same yearAnd start to get attention from the public.

It keeps falling from the high price set in early 2018

Ethereum, future

And now it's called the "virtual currency bubble"At the end of 2017, the highest value of 1ETH = 180,000 yen, a record high, was updatedWas.

But then the cryptocurrency bubble burst,From the beginning of 2018, the “Cryptocurrency Winter Age” has arrived, and the entire cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, has continued to fall.

In 2019, it temporarily recovered to 40,000 yen, but it continued to fall again, and the downward trend continued until the end of 2019.

There are signs of an upward trend in January 2020

And this year will be the second year of ReiwaBeginning in January 2020, signs of recovery have begun to appear in the 1 yen range, and are currently recovering to "13,000 ETH = around 1 yen".

In other words,Ethereum, which used to cost 18 yen at one time, can now be purchased at a tenth of "about 10 yen"Therefore, if Bitcoin will be the key point in the future and the cryptocurrency price will recover and it will begin to rise in earnest, it may be said to be the time to buy.

Overall, if you analyze the Ethereum price from the past chart, the Ethereum price is still low and low, but you can see that the update is progressing well.


And it will be the final updateWhen "Serenity" is implemented, expectations for Ethereum will increase significantly, and ETH prices are likely to soarYou can say! !

Considering why Ethereum has high future potential

Ethereum, future

So far, I have introduced the real-time rates from the past chart of Ethereum to the present, but let's think about the other reasons why Ethereum has high potential in the future.

Reason ① Equipped with a smart contract function

As mentioned above, Ethereum has a smart contract function, but NEM (XEM) now has a similar function.

The biggest merit of introducing the smart contract function isCost reduction can be achieved by eliminating the need for a conventional intermediary.

Of course, this is not the only one, but in recent years, there seem to be many companies that are trying to develop a highly convenient system in the real world by introducing Ethereum's smart contract function.

Reason ② EEA plans to establish a Japanese office in the future

EEA is a non-profit organizationAn organization used by various companies to learn knowledge about Ethereum and put technology such as smart contracts to practical use".

A large variety of large companies participate in the EEA, and among them, the world-class "Microsoft" and "Intel", Toyota Group subsidiaries, Mitsubishi Financial UFJ, etc. are famous.


Just by looking at these participating companies, you can see how many companies expect the Ethereum currency function! !!

Currently,EEA plans to set up Japan officeIt can be said that the world is paying attention to the trend of Ethereum by expanding the field of activity in the future! !!

Reason ③ The fourth stage “Serenity”, which is the development status, will be completed after 4

Ethereum has four stages of cryptocurrency updateDo you know that?

  • ① Frontier
  • ② Homestead
  • ③ Metropolis * Byzantine (first half) and Constantinoble (second half)
  • 4Serenity

As of 2020, Ethereum has completed the third stage of Metropolis, and attention will be focused on the implementation of Serenity in the future.

Each update isTo improve Ethereum's currency performance independentlyWill be carried out.

In the final serenity, a migration work called "Casper" was carried out,The transaction approval system (PoW) in the conventional Ethereum will be completely changed to "PoS".Has become.


Ethereum developers themselves,Serenity implementation will raise Ethereum pricesIt's getting a lot of attention all over the world! !!

Reason ④ Smart contract function is indispensable with the spread of Dapps! ?

Many people may have heard the word "Dapps (autonomous decentralized application)" while researching virtual currencies online.

What is DappsAbility to automatically run applications and systems without an administratorRefers to the thing.

For example, famous SNSs such as Twitter and Facebook are operated by Twitter and Facebook, respectively, but Dapps works even if such operating companies are absent.

Some of you may have noticed it, butCryptocurrency is also one of Dapps, and generally, the one with the name "Distributed" automatically executes Dapps.It will be.


And thisDapps are spreading rapidly in recent years, and smart contracts are essentialIt is said that even! !!

It is said that the virtual currency which has already introduced the smart contract function of Ethereum is about 11 or more in the world, and that all exist on the blockchain of Ethereum.

The standard we often hear about, such as "ECR-20," came into the process of creating an environment in which Ethereum could unify the standards and use them because of the increasing demand for smart contracts.

Reason 存在 The existence of the genius “Vitalic Buterin” who developed Ethereum

There are several famous people who have developed cryptocurrencies around the world, but among them,`` A person who developed and developed the idea of ​​Ethereum at the age of 2013 in 19 '' is Vitalic Buterin.

So far we have introduced the currency function and future potential of Ethereum,It is no exaggeration to say that the future of Ethereum depends entirely on him.It is also said.

In any era, it is a person with a genius mind like Mr. Vitalic that brings a whole new breakthrough in infrastructure services and social change.

At the time of developing the virtual currency, it seems natural that the brain level is different from ordinary people, but he seems to be attracting attention from all over the world as a unique genius.

Recommended exchanges to buy Ethereum with high future potential

Ethereum, future

By the way, I think you can better understand how Ethereum is expected to have future potential among the many cryptocurrencies.

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Ethereum, future

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In addition, virtual currency FX is possible with all seven types of virtual currency including Ethereum, and the special application "Bitre-kun" has a very good reputation,A particularly recommended exchange if you want to trade Ethereum with leverageHas become.

Recommended Exchange②Coin Check

Ethereum, future

Operated by a subsidiary of the Monex Group, a major Internet securities companyCoin checkIt is,Ethereum can be purchased with no transaction feeHas become.

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Ethereum, future

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What will happen to Ethereum in the future! ? Summary of future and price trends after 2020

Ethereum, future

This time, the currency function was very excellent among altcoinsWhat will be the future of Ethereum in XNUMX, past and present price trends and future prospectsWe introduced mainly.

Ethereum not only has smart contract function, but also many standards such as ECR-20 and Leiden network etc.Platform-type cryptocurrency with many highly scalable technologies and applicabilityIt is said that.


As previously mentioned,The best time to buy Ethereum now is when you can buy it at 10/1 the price recorded during the virtual currency bubbleIt seems that there are many opinions! !

A popular crypto exchange in JapanCoin checkThen, since you can invest in Ethereum even from 500 yen per coin, why not invest in Ethereum from a small amount of money first?

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Last Updated Date: 2020/01/21

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I'm a college student since this spring o (^ ▽ ^) o The future of cryptocurrencies is a bit uncertain, and I started studying investment. The goal is to welcome cats! Virtual currency has fun.
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