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Ethereum price forecast for 2020! What is the cause of the increase in ETH prices? ?

Ethereum, price

With the promise of cryptocurrencies expected in 2020, many people are worried about Ethereum's price predictions. Therefore, this time, I will focus on the price forecast of Ethereum and the factors behind the rise.

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It's finally been 2 years in Reiwa! This timeEthereum expected currency function as platform expected price in the futureI will consider about! !

Following Bitcoin,Popular virtual currency Ethereum boasting the No. 1 market capitalization among altcoins!

Did you know that it is not a virtual currency, but rather a role as a platform?

This time, it has a currency function slightly different from other virtual currencies and is highly evaluated for its future potentialEthereumBut the future, such as what will happen, and the forecast after 2020PriceI will explain.

2020 Ethereum (ETH) Role and Smart Contract Use Cases

Ethereum, price

Speaking of Ethereum,The smart contract feature is famous, but many people don't know exactly what it is.

So first,EthereumSmart contract function and how to use it when it is practically used in the real worldLet's take a look at some.

Platform applicable in various fields by smart contract

The smart contract isA proprietary technology of cryptocurrency Ethereum, a mechanism that can automatically execute contracts added on the blockchainRefers to the thing.

In other words, by using the smart contract function of Ethereum,The biggest feature is that anyone can create autonomous decentralized applications and systems on the Ethereum blockchain.

The three main benefits of using the smart contract function are as follows.

  • Not only time efficiency, but also drastically reduce costs
  • Data integrity and security can be ensured by distributed applications (Dapps)
  • Data is on the blockchain, so it is difficult to falsify and leads to fraud prevention

To be extremely easy to understand,The enormous amount of time and effort required up to now has been eliminated, making it possible to develop a system that is very efficient and runs automatically, making it extremely practical.So it is.

ETH Case Study①Financial Field

One of the expectations for systems utilizing Ethereum's smart contract function is `` financial industry ''.


In the financial field, various kinds of money are directly involved,Fast and reliable processingIs required! !

From that point of view,Ethereum with a smart contract function that can streamline paperwork, reduce risk, and automate screeningIs the most reliable and expected by many companies.

ETH Case Study Real Estate

What is expected to be as high as in the financial fieldReal estate field.

In the real estate industry, the market is particularly large, and there are many areas where contract procedures are troublesome and unclearからBenefit from smart contractsIt is said that.

As you can see, people who have purchased land, houses, apartments, etc. will understand, but it takes at least one month for register processing and contracts, and contracts require an intermediary and a judicial scrivenerright.

However, by utilizing Ethereum smart contracts,There is almost no need for third-party intervention between the sale and purchase of real estate, which can reduce costs and activate the marketnecktie with the outfit.

ETH application example ③ Music field

Speaking of the music field, I think of YouTube videos and music that you have seen once.

in JapanStrict crackdown on the number of playbacks of music songs and illegal uploads, mainly by copyright management organizationsIt is done.

However, there are uncertainties about these rights management organizations themselves,It is the current situation that there is no end to the interests with artists over that pointIt is

However, if you can use Ethereum's blockchain to automatically record music purchases and playbacks,Eliminates the need for an intermediary between artists and listeners to listen to them, and visualizes opaque areasWill be

Factors behind the rise of Ethereum (ETH) prices in 2020

Ethereum, price

Among the virtual currencies, Ethereum, which has a slightly different function from other currencies, is expected to have a number of factors that are expected to increase its price in 2020.

Here is suchETHPriceRise factorLet's take a look at some of them.

ETH increase factor ブ ロ ッ ク Shorter block generation time than Bitcoin and easy to put into practical use

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency developed, is mainly used for the "remittance and settlement" function, but the main difference from Ethereum is "Block generation timeIs ".

Both are virtual currencies that can be used on the blockchain,Block generation time which takes about 10 minutes with bitcoinAgainstEthereum is about 10 to 15 secondsIt is said that.


To record transactions on the blockchain,The faster the required block generation speed, the higher the processing capacity during remittance, resulting in faster settlementWill be! !

Considering the scene where Ethereum is used in the real world, you can expect various scenes such as paying out payments at stores that have implemented smart contracts.

ETH rise factors② Ethereum has no issue cap

Most existing virtual currencies have a currency limit at the time of issuance, but in fact,Ethereum does not have this issue limit.

Including Ripple, which is popular with famous bitcoin and altcoin,Major cryptocurrencies have an upper limit on issuance, which is likely to cause abnormal price spikes and fallsIt is said that.


In addition,There is a limit to the number of users who have an upper limit on issuanceabout it! !

Ethereum does not have such a maximum number of issues,A currency that anyone can easily hold, which is rare when compared to other cryptocurrenciesI can say.

ETH increase factor ③ High potential for practical use by EAA participating companies

Some of the projects implemented by Ethereum include:EEA, a non-profit organization launched by companies around the world to use Ethereum more efficientlyThere is also a feature.

Many major companies, including the world's leading Microsoft and Intel, as well as the Mitsubishi UFJ Group in Japan, are participating, showing how much expectations Ethereum has in the future.

EEA mainly conducts research and development of Ethereum,In the future major companiesEthereumIf systems and applications that utilize (ETH) become practical,PriceIs likely to riseis not it.

ETH Rise Factors 段 階 Completion of Stage 4 Serenity Update

If you are investing in cryptocurrency, you may know,Ethereum undergoes four major updatesdoing.

Among them, the third stage has already been completed, and when the last "Serenity" update is completed,Ethereum's transaction approval system completely changes from `` PoW '' to efficient `` PoS ''Therefore, it is attracting attention in the world.

Serenity updates are expected to take place after 2020.


If this update is made in the future,Undoubtedly a major driver of Ethereum (ETH) price increasesI guess! !

The cause of the increase in ETH: Bullish comment from Ethereum (ETH) developer Buterin

With the Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity) Update, along with the aforementioned changes to the Transaction Authorization System (PoS),Plans to introduce a unique algorithm called CasperIt has been with.

In fact, serenity updates have been postponed many times in the past,Hackathon "ETHWaterloo" held in Canada last NovemberIt was done.

So Ethereum co-founder Buterin commented, `` Although Serenity's schedule was a bit too optimistic, ETH 2.0 is much better than what I envisioned four years ago. ''A statement that can be said to be confident about the updatedoing.


Mr. Buterin's voice is alsoEthereum's Serenity Updates will be watched around the worldThere will be no doubt! !

Ethereum (ETH) 2020 price forecast

Ethereum, price

Finally, I will introduce what kind of price changes Ethereum (ETH) will have in 2020 and some sites that have some price forecasts.

(XNUMX) Ethereum price forecast based on past charts

Ethereum, price

Looking back at the price of Ethereum (ETH) in 2019,The downward trend has continued since the beginning of the yearBut,It has been on an upward trend since April of the same yearI understand.

Ethereum, price

after that,In June, reach the highest value of 6 `` around 2019 yen ''Then,The downtrend began again and ended without a surge at the end of 2019.

And in January 2020, it started to rise,Currently on January 1 "21ETH = just under 1 yen"doing.

At the moment, the upward trend continues, and is scheduled to be implemented in 2020.If it goes well for the `` Serenity '' update, it is highly likely that it will exceed the highest price of `` 2019 yen '' set in 40,000It can be said.


Conversely, it is currently risingBeware if ETH prices begin to fall instead of risingis! !

In general, past charts show that the market is likely to fall at the beginning of the year,It may be temporary, but there is a possibility that "1ETH = 12,000 yen" will be broken.

So, while understanding the price transition from the Ethereum past chart to the present,ETH price forecast for 2020Then

ETH bullish price forecast 40,000 yen or more
ETH bearish price forecast 12,000 yen crack


That is meHaruno 2020 Ethereum Price ForecastIt becomes.

② Predict the price of Ethereum with virtual currency chart service "TradingView"

In TradingView, it is said that very many of the cryptocurrency traders love itForecast tool of "buy" and "sell" by technical analysisCan be seen.


The above figure isEstimated "buy" and "sell" Ethereum (ETH) prices when viewed in "daily" unitsIs shown by the needle swinging left and right from the central "neutral line"! !

Since it is useful not only for long-term price forecasts such as weekly or monthly units, but also for short-term forecasts, it can be used as a price forecasting tool when buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

If you are worried,TradingView Official SiteLet's take a look at Ethereum's real-time price forecast.

③ Price prediction of overseas virtual currency forecast site "WALLETINVESTOR"

There are sites in Japan and around the world that predict the price of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

Among them, a world-famous overseas virtual currency price prediction site"WALLETINVESTOR" offers price predictions for various cryptocurrenciesIt is helpful.

Ethereum, price

The official website is in English, and Ethereum is also denominated in US dollars (USD) instead of Japanese yen (JPN), so if you are new to it, it may be difficult to see at first,Forecast the latest Ethereum price and future priceIt seems.


As of January 2020, 1, Ethereum price (ETH / USDT) is "less than $ 21"It has become! !

Two weeks after one month from the next dayIn

  • [Bullish forecast]186.877 USD
  • [Bearish]158.821 USD

It is the expected price.

The long-term Ethereum price forecast isIt is expected that 2020 will fall and enter a large upward trend from 2021It seems.

2020 Ethereum (ETH) Price Forecast! Summary of the factors causing the increase in ETH prices

Ethereum, price

This time, ALTCOIN is the virtual currency that boasts the No. 1 market capitalizationEthereum (ETH) Future prospects, price forecasts, factors likely to riseI have explained mainly on such things.

On the net, there are various opinions such as Twitter and price prediction sites,In 2020, Ethereum's fourth stage update `` Serenity '' will be implemented as described above.


Be a developerButerin himself has been quite bullishTherefore, pay attention to the price of Ethereum in 2020 in the future! !


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Last Updated Date: 2020/01/24

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