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[For beginners] Things to do to earn money in virtual currency trading! The point to not fail! ?

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

Anyone who wants to start cryptocurrency trading now wants to avoid failing and losing money. This time, we will introduce how to earn money efficiently by virtual currency trading and points that do not fail for such beginners.

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Hi, this is Yui ♪I want to invest my assets in cryptocurrencyBeginnerForContents ofIt is a must see ♪ (* ▽ ▽) ▽

Attractive merits and demerits for beginners to do virtual currency trading in the future

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

Let's start with some of the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Advantages: Transactions can be made with a small amount of funds

In stock investment and FX, the minimum purchase price is set by each stock,Without a certain amount of money, you cannot make a profit by trading.


However, cryptocurrency trading, compared to the above stocks,It is very attractive that you can make a profit from investment even with relatively small amount of funds♪ (· ∀ ·)

In particular, start hereFor beginners, even one coin (500 yen) or 1,000 yenVirtual currencyInvestable.

Benefits: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Generally, in the case of stock investment, trading hours are from 9:3 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm, which is the service time zone of the exchange that trades.Has become.

In other words, there is a disadvantage that trading hours are limited.

But,Exchanges that conduct virtual currency trading basically fluctuate the price of each stock in real time without resting 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearContinue to do.


By opening an account and registering at the exchange,A great advantage is that you can trade whenever you want 24 hours a dayI can say ♪ (^ O ^)

Advantage ③ High volatility (price fluctuation) of virtual currency

In the world of equity investment, daily prices are capped and there are stop heights where prices do not rise any further and stop prices where prices do not fall.

However, the market price of cryptocurrency trading is different from stockIt is characterized by high volatility (price fluctuation)So, in just one day, there are frequent spikes and falls that stocks can never do.


SuchIt is also attractive that there is a possibility that you can make a lot of money with a small amount of money using sudden price fluctuationsIt is ♪ (´∇ `)

Advantages: The cryptocurrency market can be expected

In recent years, virtual currencies such as bitcoin have rapidly gained popularity, and various companies are expecting their currency value from 2020 onwards.

for that reason,There are many views that prices will naturally rise if large companies around the world put virtual currency to practical use.It seems.

Of course, such disadvantages also exist in virtual currency trading! ?

However, there are disadvantages to everything, including the aforementioned stocks, FX, and virtual currencies.

Virtual currency is no exception,Due to the high volatility introduced, there are many cases where most assets are lost in one day.

There are risks associated with investing, but if you understand this point,Profit can be made efficiently with a small amount of money and with as little risk as possibleHas become.

Don't fail by choosing a virtual currency exchange! Explain important points for beginners

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

In order to conduct cryptocurrency trading, you first need to open an account on the exchange, but hereImportant points for beginners who do not fail after opening an accountLet's take a look at some.

Points for beginners①Low commissions

The most important thing in choosing a virtual currency exchange isLow feesIs ".

Generally, the following fees are charged when trading cryptocurrencies.

  • ① It takes time to transfer to the exchange accountDeposit fee
  • ②It takes time to withdraw Japanese yen from the exchangeWithdrawal fee
  • ③Takes time when tradingTransaction fee(* Spreads are different at sales offices)
  • か か る It takes when sending virtual currency to wallet and other exchangesRemittance fee
  • か か る It takes at the time of leverage transactionPosition commission

It can be broadly divided into the above five commissions,Most domestic exchanges are free of deposit feesOn the other hand, it seems that there are many cases where the transfer fee paid to the transfer source is borne by the user.

In addition, commissions for leverage transactions are basically swap fees (position fees) that occur when holding cryptocurrencies over one day on most exchanges.


Various fees vary depending on the virtual currency exchangeSo, when choosing an exchange, you should check in advance ♪ (≧ ∇ ≦)

Points for beginners② Many types of virtual currency handling

The exchange you want to open an account for,Points when choosing how many virtual currencies are handledIt will be.

For example, CoinCheck handles 11 types of virtual currencies, the largest number in Japan, so you can trade as many as 11 types by opening an account on one exchange.


That muchA great advantage in that you can save the trouble of opening an account on another exchange♪ (⌒ ▽ ⌒)

Points for beginners ③ Reliability of operating companies

No matter how low the fee and the cryptocurrency exchange that offers good services,It is possible that the operator may be shut down if it is unstable and unreliable.

Conversely, a company that operates a virtual currency exchangeIf you are one of the leading companies in Japan, you can trade with high reliability and confidenceBeginnerAlso safe.

Points for beginners 多 High transaction volume (liquidity)

If the trading volume of the virtual currency exchange that you trade is large, liquidity will increase and it will be easier to place orders.

There is not much effect on those who buy and sell virtual currency at the sales office,Exchanges have a high probability of ordering / executing if the number of users is high, as the liquidity increasesな り ま す.

That makes it harder to miss a chance to make a profit.

Points for beginners⑤Easy to use service tools

Each virtual currency exchange offers a variety of services, such as smartphone apps that have been spreading in recent years.


If you often trade on the go, not just at home,Very handy if the smartphone app is easy to useI will do it ♪ (゜ ▽ ゜)

In addition,Also check campaigns etc. that are being carried out from time to time by each virtual currency exchange.

Depending on the content, you can get virtual currency or cash just by opening an account, or the commission that should be charged will be returned, so check the campaigns implemented by each virtual currency exchange at any time.

Points for beginners⑥ Exchange security measures and server strength

In recent years, cryptocurrency exchanges have been continually being leaked due to unauthorized access or hacking from outside, where the cryptocurrencies that are customer assets have been leaked.

for that reason,Beginner Virtual currencyWhen trading, be sure to check the exchange server strength and security measuresLet's do.

In the case of an exchange with a low server strength, there are many cases where when orders for user users flood, orders are not passed and profits are made instead of making profitsTherefore, we cannot overlook these points.

Beginner points ⑦ spread size

As mentioned earlier, the point of sale for beginners is that you can easily buy and sell virtual currency at any time,It has a much wider spread than the exchange.

The spread width varies depending on each virtual currency exchange, and fluctuates in real time due to the influence of the overall market at that timeIs doing.


Therefore, when trading cryptocurrencies at a sales floor for beginners,Be sure to compare the spread with other companies before buying and selling.It would be good ♪ (* ´∀ `)

Points for beginners⑧ Inquiries and compensation services

Virtual currency exchange is basically a service provided on the Internet.

Therefore, the company that runs the exchangeIn some cases, inquiries are email-only to reduce extra costs.

Conversely, for beginners who have just started cryptocurrency trading,Kind exchange that provides "chat", "LINE", and "telephone response" that can respond not only by e-mail but also immediatelyThere is also.

There are many things that you do not know when you have just started trading, so beginners can trade with confidence if they choose an exchange that is firmly responsive to such inquiries when possible.

Only this is required! Basic knowledge for beginners in cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

No matter how much the environment where you can open an account on the exchange and conduct virtual currency trading,It would be very difficult to make a profit without any knowledge.

here,BeginnerForThe minimum knowledge required for virtual currency tradingI would like to introduce you, so it is recommended to keep in mind that it will be for the future.

(XNUMX) Difference between sales office and exchange

In fact, the cryptocurrency exchange is separate from its nameTwo sales methods, “exchange” and “sales”Exists.

  • [Shop] A shop where you can always buy and sell virtual currency at a predetermined price.
  • [Exchange] A bazaar that can be bought and sold when the price of the buyer matches the price of the seller using the trading board with the desired order price

I think it's easy to understand if you have the image above.

The merchant is for beginners and has the advantage that it can be easily and immediately sold at any timeAndExchanges are difficult if you are not used to trading to some extentIt is said that.

② Spread

On the exchange type virtual currency exchanges (such as DMM bitcoin) mentioned above, commissions at the time of trading are often free, but separatelyWhat is called a spread is a substantial commissionIt will come as

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

Spread is like the figure aboveThe price difference between buying and selling that occurs on the virtual currency exchange. The greater the difference, the greater the unrealized loss when buying and selling, the loss (commission)It will be.


Generally, rather than exchanges that use trading boards,Be careful as the spread tends to be wider at the sales office where you can easily purchase virtual currencyIt is ♪ (^ _ ^ me)

③ Difference between spot trading and virtual currency FX and leverage trading

There are two types of cryptocurrency transactions: spot transactions that buy and sell actual cryptocurrencies, and virtual currency FX and leverage transactions, which allow leverage of the original funds to be traded many times.

Leverage means "leverage,"It is attractive that you can trade at a predetermined leverage ratio by depositing margin in advance on the exchange.

However, if you trade with maximum leverage,Care should be taken because if the price falls below a certain line set by the exchange, the cryptocurrency that is being held will be forcibly settled and all assets will be lost.


for that reason,It is not a transaction for beginners, but a `` high-risk, high-return cryptocurrency transaction '' performed by someone who is familiar with trading to some extentLet's remember things ♪ (≧ ∇ ≦ *)

Three okites that beginners should not fail in virtual currency trading

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

In order to make a loss and not fail when conducting cryptocurrency trading,Adhering to the rules to be followed minimizes negative lossesI can

Here are three tips for beginners to protect their cryptocurrency trading so that they do not fail.

①Let's decide the loss cut line before trading

"Loss cut"If you buy a virtual currency that goes down more than you think, make sure to "sell if it goes down to this price" in advance so that the loss will not increase further.

In many cases, most investors will not be able to make this loss cut and will continue to hold `` it will go up someday '', eventually losing most of the assetsIt is said that.


So always make yourself before trading"Setting a price to stop loss" is an essential task to continue to make profitYou can say ♪ (* ^ ω ^ *)

② Be sure to check the latest information! Let's analyze past charts etc.

The virtual currency market isThe feature is that the price fluctuates in real time at all times, and the original fluctuation range is very large.

In addition, the spread of the latest news and rumors further widens the fluctuation range, and it seems that there are many cases of a sudden surge and a crash.

If you forget to check out these news, you'll miss out on making moneyIt also leads to things.


for that reason,Always check the latest news such as bitcoin, which is the key axis, as well as the virtual currency you purchaseLet's do it ♪ ('∀ ` *)

③Let's determine profits as soon as unrealized profits appear

The psychology is similar to the loss loss mentioned above, but the virtual currency price that you traded fluctuatesIf you make a profit, it is one way to determine the profit as soon as possible.

When the price of the cryptocurrency you own goes up,Most people may lose the chance to make a profit because of the psychology that "it may go up a little more."

Even if the price rises after the profit is taken, the opportunity can be aimed at again at that time, so if you are short-term trading, continuing to take profit early will lead to an increase in assets.

[Intermediate / Advanced] Let's try this if you get used to trading

As you become more and more familiar with cryptocurrency trading, you will be able to gradually predict the price of cryptocurrencies you will buy to some extent from past charts, current real-time rates, economic conditions and the latest news.

Of course, it is not 100%, so overconfidence is prohibitedHowever, the trading method that I would recommend to those who are used to trading is "How to earn money with negative feesIs ".

For example, in GMO coins and bit banks, the Maker fee on exchanges is set to a negative value, and the more you trade, the more the fee you paid will be returned.


That is, "Fees are profitable by repeating trading when the fluctuation range is small and the market is stable, So you can make a profit while reducing the risk, so let's try it ♪ (o ^^ o)

Also, if you raise profits, the amount of investment will naturally increase.

there,In addition, those who have surplus funds can make large profits even at small floating prices by turning them into investment moneyIt is

100% of 1 million yen is 1 yen, but if it is 1,000 million yen, it will be 10 yen, so the point is that the bigger the funds, the more carefully and steadily the profits will be generated.

Three public cryptocurrency exchanges for beginners! First, open an account here!

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

So far, we have introduced the important points related to cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

However, since there are more than 100 virtual currency exchanges not only in Japan but also in the world,I don't know where to choose the first exchange to chooseSome people will say.

Here, we introduce three recommended cryptocurrency exchanges that should be opened first in Japan for such beginners.

Exchange for beginners① [coin check]

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

Coin checkHas joined a subsidiary of a major Monex Group in Japan, storing all customer assets in a secure cold wallet.A cryptocurrency exchange that is gaining in popularity with a new security system.


Since the number of virtual currencies handled is 11 and the largest in Japan,Recommended exchanges for beginners to open an account firstIt is ♪ \ (^^) /

In addition, trading tools and smartphone apps are easy to use,In addition to trading, there is also a lending service (lending of virtual currency) that also supports altcoinSo it is a good idea to register your account here first.

Exchange for beginners② [GMO coin]

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

GMO coinIs a virtual currency exchange operated by the GMO Internet Group "GMO Coin Co., Ltd.", a domestic company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

It is a recommended exchange that is not exaggerated to say No. 1 for beginners on the Internet,A major feature is that all fees for trading are almost free.

In addition to physical trading, the virtual currency FX equipped with a dedicated smartphone application "Bitre-kun" is also very popular, so it is an exchange for beginners who want to get used to trading and do FX trading later.

Exchange for beginners ③ [DMM Bitcoin]

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

Famous for using actress Laura as a signboard of the exchangeDMM bitcoinIs a virtual currency exchange that is popular only for beginners because it is only a sales office, but it can do both physical and leverage trading.

The number of virtual currencies handled is as large as 7 types, and in trading using trading tools and smartphone applications, DMM Bitcoin original 5 orders are possible, recommended for beginnersHas become.

[For beginners] Summary of what you need to earn in virtual currency trading

Cryptocurrency, beginner, for

This time, from now onFor beginners who start cryptocurrency trading, what should be done to earn money efficiently and important points when choosing an exchangeWas introduced.

When you have just started virtual currency trading, there are many people who do not understand words and many people can not easily make profits by tradingIt will be.

However, after repeating the trade several times, you will be able to understand what the “investment method to make profit for yourself” is, and what is wrong with your own investment method.


Then,Gradually find out which exchange is best for nature and your investment method and assets♪ (≧ ▽ ≦)

Therefore, I first introduced it hereOpen accounts on three virtual currency exchanges and try to actually trade everything with a small amount of moneyLet's start with things.

In addition, in the following article, we have set up a virtual currency exchange for beginners in an easy-to-understand manner, so please refer to this article together.


✓ To you who read to the end ♪
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