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A feeling of cheapness for Ethereum! Why was the rate of increase higher than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin quickly reached the pre-Corona highs after the Corona shock, but in fact Ethereum, which is second only to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization, had a nearly double rate of increase compared to Bitcoin. There is a clear reason why Ethereum has risen significantly above BTC.

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Ethereum increase rateIs it a great feeling of being late? OrNew buyerI wonder if it has appeared!

The rate of increase after corona is 5 times for Ethereum and 3 times for Bitcoin.

Speaking of virtual currencyBitcoin (BTC), Many people have heard of the name Bitcoin.

On the other hand, although it seems to surpass Bitcoin in terms of ability, it ranks second in the virtual currency ranking every year.EthereumIs significantly inferior to Bitcoin in terms of name recognition.

From 2020 onwardsBitcoin with a market capitalization of about 20 trillion yen will be invested with funds from hedge funds as a safe asset for risk hedging.It has come to move in conjunction with the gold market, which is said to be the original safe asset.

And, just as the virtual currency market moves when Bitcoin moves, many altcoins also move in conjunction with Bitcoin. The representative isEthereum, the second largest cryptocurrency market capitalization (market capitalization approx. 2 trillion yen).

Somehow, Ethereum is often compared to Bitcoin, but in the investment market, it was hidden behind Bitcoin, or it was not so conspicuous.

However, looking at the rate of price increase from the low corona shock,Bitcoin's rate of increase is about 3.3 timesWhereas it wasEthereum rises about 5.7 timesdoing.

Take a look at the Ethereum and Bitcoin charts.


Both are used with Binance for easy comparison.

This chart is the Ethereum weekly chart, which is about 5.7 times higher than the corona shock low.



It is a weekly chart of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a high return from the low corona shockAbout 3.3 times increase rateHas become.


Both Ethereum and Bitcoin have risen far above the highs just before the corona shock, and the same movements as the gold market have been seen around here, and it can be seen that the market has returned rapidly compared to the stock market.

In other words,The fact that Ethereum and Bitcoin have returned very quickly since the corona shock compared to other investment markets.Is here.


Why silver and platinum are more noticeable than gold


The same phenomenon is occurring around the gold market.

In the Bitcoin holder, "Digital goldBecause it is saidCorrelation with gold marketMany people are watching.

However, when it comes to silver and platinum prices, aren't they supposed to be related to commodity futures?

Basically, gold, silver, and platinum are often considered as gold prices as a whole, but when it comes to after the corona shock, there are actually big differences, and the relationship between Ethereum and Bitcoin. the same asDifference in rate of increaseIs out.



The chart is a weekly chart of the gold market.

For the gold market, which was already on the riseTemporary plunge due to corona shock provides a great place to buyWill be done, in AugustUpdated the highest price everIt has risen to the $ 2,000 level.

This was widely covered in the press,The rate of increase from the corona shock low is 1.4 timesThe rate of increase is not so large, as it has already increased.



This is a weekly chart of the silver market,The rate of increase from the corona shock low is about 2.6 timesIt can be seen that the price was actually higher than the gold price.

Compared to the gold market, which investors around the world are paying close attention toWhy the silver market showed a higher rate of increaseWhat is

of course,There is no doubt that there is a feeling of delay, but more than that, the global investment market is changing before and after the corona.It is also considered.

This change is whatUS Fed Monetary PolicyAnd so on.


Palladium market price that was already soaring


Let's take a look at palladium as well as gold, silver and platinum.

The reason is that this is actually the most popular safety asset in recent years.palladiumThat's why.

Let's look at the palladium chart with evidence rather than theory.


It is a weekly chart of palladium,It started to rise around 2016, and just before the corona shock, it had already developed a big market and had risen nearly 7 times from the low price..

The price movement of Bitcoin is similar to that of December 2017, but the rate of decline was so severe that it plummeted during the corona shock.

Crash of about 50%However, although the rebound started from here and the high price before the corona shock was not updated,Approximately 1.8 times from the low price after the corona shockI'm putting it back.

By the way,Palladium is one of the platinum group metals like platinum, and is a rare precious metal that is harder than platinum, does not hurt, does not discolor more than silver, is lighter, and produces about one-fifteenth of gold annually..

It was not only the gold market that was the safe asset market that brought up the story of the palladium market, but in fact the palladium market had risen above the gold market for some time, and even after the corona shock, the silver market was higher than the gold market. I wanted to introduce you to the fact that it has risen significantly.


Safe asset market coming due to US Fed monetary policy shift


Economic reports in Japanese newspapers and television are paying attention to whether the Nasdaq market will hit a record high or the Dow Jones Industrial Average will hit a record high.

Actually,Market prices have risen significantly outside the stock marketYes,Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc., which are said to be safe asset prices, also rose significantlydoing.

Normally, if the stock price is high, the safe asset is sold, but since there is a surplus of money all over the world, when the stock price rises, the safe asset is purchased as a risk hedge.

Of particular note isUS Fed Monetary PolicySo, as long as monetary easing and stronger anti-reflation measures are taken, this market is expected to continue.

In monetary policy after the corona shockA situation where a large amount of dollars are offered to the marketWill continue, soThe value of the dollar will fall relatively and money will flow into the investment marketI will continue.

That said, it has been said that the stock market will be the ceiling when Apple's market capitalization exceeds 100 trillion yen, but it is already 100 trillion yen.200 trillion yenHas broken through.

As expected, many investors are wondering if it is okay to buy stocks from here onward.

AndThe destination of the funds is the safe asset marketIt is supposed to be.

The world principle of investment is diversification.

When investing in the stock market, we also invest in the gold market, which is considered a safe asset as a risk hedge.

of course,Risk diversification in the safe asset marketIs doneBesides gold, silver, platinum, palladiumWill be invested in.Furthermore, in 2020, it is remarkable that these money are flowing into the virtual currency market.about it.


Ethereum is also invested as a risk hedge


Alto coin is not suitable for long-term investment!

Looking at the Alto coin market after 2018, it seems that it is unavoidable to think this way, but now that the corona shock has passed in 2020, that idea may not be valid. ..

Cryptocurrency market has been greatly revised from the stock market to the safe asset market, gold, silver, platinum and palladiumI'm trying.

If you want to move a large amount of money such as a hedge fund, you need a market with a reasonable market capitalization.

In the virtual currency market, Bitcoin with a market capitalization of 20 trillion yen, which boasts an overwhelming share, has been the center of the market.

However, in the months following the corona shock, the rate of increase in Ethereum has already increased considerably, and there is a sense of security that the market capitalization is 4 trillion.It seems likely that investment funds will continue to flow into Ethereum..


Summary of cheapness for Ethereum


ExpectedYear-end market price of virtual currency!

There is a feeling that it was hidden behind Bitcoin and was not exposed until nowEthereumLooks interesting.

In the global phenomenon of surplus money, hidden talented stocks (investment targets) with a feeling of delay are rising one after another. I would like to expect the explosion of Ethereum, which has a sufficient market size as an investment target of 4 trillion yen and also has the ability.


Thorough verification of the possibility of exceeding 12 million yen in the Bitcoin December market!


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