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[Market price forecast for 9/30 (Wednesday) today] What will happen in the future? UNI market price!

Today's UNI price forecast is released!Coingirls official traders have released a strategy to keep up with the future trend of virtual currencies!

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Today's UNI / USDT market forecast

Until now, we have analyzed the market price of XRP / USD, but since the recent Ripple market has no volatility and demand is decreasing, we will explain the market price with a new currency pair.

In the future, we will analyze the unique governance token "UNI" launched by Uniswap, a major crypto asset (virtual currency) decentralized exchange.

What is your long-term perspective? Analyze the time bar!

The above image is an hourly chart of UNI / USDT.

UNI is a cryptocurrency that was just listed on September 9th, so the chart has not been completed yet.

I will explain the latest chart mainly on short-term legs.

The image above is for 30 minutes.

You can draw a Sanson neckline around $ 4.70.

At the bottom, you can draw a support line around $ 3.78.

There is no sense of direction, but there is a possibility of promising coins in the future, so considering that it will rise, it is a market price that I would like to aim for buying.

It's just listed this month, so it's not very technical, but I think it's a good idea to buy it for long-term investment.

For the time being, I will take a little more time to analyze the chart carefully.

To conclude, it is a “quiet view”.

Conclusion: Are you buying UNI now?Is it for sale now?

Quiet view.

This concludes today's market analysis.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

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