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Bitcoin soars to the 129 million yen level, but a powerful selling sign lights up in the Mothers market!What it will be?

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Bitcoin is rising to the 129 million yen level, and has reached the level of 3 yen until the year-to-date high.Meanwhile, there are disturbing movements in the Mothers market, which has been the driving force behind the domestic stock market. It will be interesting to see how Bitcoin will move toward the presidential election approaching November 11.

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Bitcoin129 million yenSoaring to the table, butUS presidential electionI'm also worried!

Mothers market, the driving force of the market, which was said to be the return of the virtual currency market

Stock market

In the stock marketSteady movementCan be seen.

In particular, Japanese stocks have shown a development that is almost unaffected by a sharp decline in the US stock market, and it is a move that small profits can be expected as long as the low price is picked up.

For the Nikkei XNUMX,24,000 YenThere is a strong wall called a stand, but if the downside is so firm, you will want to expect that it will soon exceed the 24,000 yen level and generate an uptrend.

The symbol of the strength of this Japanese stock isMothers marketAnd because of the too strong uptrend, "Is it the return of the virtual currency market?It is said that.


The chart is a daily chart of the Mothers Index,Red lineIs the Nikkei average.

Like gold and Bitcoin, but more than that.Mothers index moves stronglyWas showing.

It quickly rebounded from the plunge caused by the corona shock, returned to the original level and continued to pursue the high price, and has just reached the high price since the beginning of the year.

I will make some squeeze after July, but hereProviding the perfect timing to buySince then, it has continued to rise significantly.

Although the Nikkei Stock Average has been stable, it has not yet returned to the level before the corona shock, and it is a strong movement at the upper limit of the range market.

On the other hand, the Mothers market continued to be very strong, with profits coming from exactly wherever you buy it.

However, this strongSigns of immediate market change in Mothers marketIt was.


Powerful sell sign lights up in Mothers market


Where in the current stock market is the background of the movement, all over the world due to the outbreak of the new coronavirusLarge-scale economic measuresThe world economy is entering an era of unprecedented surplus money, which has never been experienced before.

High stock pricesIt's easy to say, but I have some money left over, soInvestment market is difficult to fallIs followed.

However, this phenomenon of high stock prices is caused by the fact that money goes to the market.Movement under the condition that the world economy, which slowed down significantly in the corona, will return from the next fiscal year onward.

However, in reality, the new coronavirus has not yet converged, but ratherSomewhat expandingSo, the situation of the second wave or the third wave is occurring.

In particular, infections are spreading in the United States, India, Brazil, and more recently in Europe, and if this situation seems to continue, it will be new.State of emergency may be issuedThere will be enough.

In other words, the current situation of surplus money does not mean that the stock price phenomenon will continue forever, and it will not always continue.Fall riskIt means that there is a situation where you have.

In such a situation, you can see a phenomenon that you are worried about.

Has been the driving force behind the Japanese stock market mentioned aboveThere are some signs in the Mothers market that mean a change in the marketIt is

Let's start with this chart.

The chart is a weekly chart of the Mothers index, but the high price set in January 20181367 pointsIn October 10102 years and 9 monthsI pulled it out.

The high price on October 10th1368 points.

In other words, I updated only 1 point, but this 1368 point remains as it isImmediate high priceWhen it becomesRisk of a plunge in the marketComes out.

In the quote of the market, "A new price that is scarier than a demon", But in the Mothers market this timeHigh price update for the first time in 2 years and 9 months is a new priceHas become.

As of October 10, the Mothers market is on the decline at 21 points.

from now on,This anxiety disappears when the 10 points given on October 14 are greatly exceeded.However, if the high price is formed as it is, it is necessary to be careful of a sudden drop from the quote of the market.

Next, let's look at the daily chart.


There are also signs on the daily chart suggesting that 10 points on October 14 may have been high.

First of allEquivalent value in Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

From the low on March 3 after the corona shock to the high on the reversal (June 13)70 business days, From the low 941 points (July 7nd) to 2 points on October 10th68 business daysSo, it became a level close to the equivalent value of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. (1 to 2 day error is a common tendency)

in this wayHigh price is 68 business daysAlthough it is attached with, after thatOn the 70th business day, it broke below the + 1σ line of Bollinger Bands.is.

You can also see another sell sign on the daily church.


Of the daily chartMACD.

There is a high level of dead crossing and you need to be careful here.

in this way,There are multiple sell signs on the weekly and daily barsHowever, it is necessary to pay close attention to the latter half of October, and if the Mothers market falls, it will lose the driving force of the Japanese stock market.


Bitcoin soars to the 129 million yen level


Bitcoin is in a strong market as of October 10, amid uncertain movements in the stock market.129 million yenAscended to the highs on August 8th132 million yenWe are approaching the platform.

The rise in Bitcoin this time is different from the past, and it is a single step of Bitcoin.

It is possible that investors who sensed the disturbing movements of the stock marketRisk hedge buying is concentrated in Bitcoin among cryptocurrenciesIsn't that that?

It is a very strong move, and it seems that it is only a matter of time before catching up to the 132 million yen level, but will it pull out smoothly and rise further, or will it set a new price like the Mothers market? It will be noticed.

Will the fall in the Mothers market affect the Bitcoin market?


What is worrisome here isWill the signs of decline on the Mothers market affect the Bitcoin market?about it.

There are markets that have behaved very similar to the Mothers market since the Corona Shock.USANasdaq market.


Comparing from the latter half of January just before the corona shock, it showed almost linked movement until around September.To put it simply, both were very strong markets.

Regarding the Bitcoin market after the corona shock,Buying safe assets by a hedge fund that invests mainly in Nasdaq stocksI have pointed out many times that it is being invested as a company, but this seems to be an important point.

Already, the Nasdaq market is bleak, butThe fall in the Mothers market may signal the arrival of a safe haven marketThere is a possibility that high-tech stocks and bio-related stocks in the stock market will be sold and flow into what is considered a safer investment target.

When the US Nasdaq market and the TSE mothers market, which have been the driving force of the stock market since the corona shock, decline, funds may flow to financial stocks that are considered safer even with the same stock, and the same is risk hedging. As an investment, it is conceivable that it will flow to virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, or gold that is absent from the soaring market for a while.


Judgment day is finally here! November 11rd

Normally, you would consider developing from the latter half of October to the December market, but in this year's caseUS presidential election on November 11There is an event that is too big.

Including the stock marketInvestment money around the world is moving towards this November 11rdIt seems that there will be big fluctuations depending on the result, or there is a possibility that it will move significantly from here toward November 11rd.

The most important thing to pay attention to as a Bitcoin holder isFlow of cashing from the stock market crashSo, in this case, Bitcoin could also fall sharply.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trying to get a year-to-date high in the midst of turmoil in the stock market.

We need to look carefully at what this trend will look like towards November 11rd.


Thorough verification of the possibility of exceeding 12 million yen in the Bitcoin December market!


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