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[BTC market analysis] Up to $ 13000!Looking back on long profits!Why is the trend happening? [2020/10 / 19-10 / 25]

Today's BTC price forecast is released! Coingirls official traders open their strategies to keep up with the upcoming virtual currency trends!

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Last week's Bitcoin quote review

We will analyze and review the market price of BTC/USD from June 10st to June 19th.

Last week's highlights

Looking back over the past week, the points I would like to pay attention to areA big rise occurred, renewing the previous high of the long-term barThat's the point.

The above image is a daily chart of BTCUSD.

In last week's article, I wrote, "I have a buy position from $ 11150, so I will set the loss cut at the quoted price of $ 11150 and expect it to continue to rise." And it has grown to $ 13000.

Also, regarding the "moving average line method"Last week's articleIt is explained in, so please refer to it.

Looking back on this week, we first profited one-third of our position when we reached $ 12000.

Regarding the announcement that "I will make a profit for $ 12000", I wrote in the article on 10/16 (Friday).

After that, BTC, which exceeded $ 12000, rose to the milestone line of $ 13000, where it regained one-third of its position.

I wrote about the profit margin at $ 13000 in the article on Friday, October 10, so please look back on it as well.

Why trends occur

TodayWhy trends occurI would like to introduce.

By the way, last week's article"Moving average"Is explained, so please refer to that as well.

First, as a major premise,There are two factors that cause an upward trendI think.

① New buy order
② Payment purchase order

The seven.

New purchase order for ①Is a trend follow order due to the occurrence of a trend. I think this is easy to understand.

② Payment purchase orderWhat isLoss cut or profit buyback order for people who have a selling positionis what it means.

The trend is caused by these two, but it is ② rather than ① that greatly changes the market price.

The above image is one hour.

A strong uptrend has emerged after breaking above the triangle.

As you can see from the image, in the light blue area, there are lots of loss cut orders for selling positions.

As you approach this area, your orders are filled at once, triggering further increases.

Then, due to the trend, new buy orders are flooded, and a further trend is generated.

Only by understanding this market psychology, your trading skills will improve overwhelmingly.

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Outlook this week

I will explain the market outlook for this week.

First, please see the daily chart below.

It has been on the rise since last week and holds the remaining 11150/1 of the long positions it holds from $ 3.

Possible future scenarios are

(137000) The channel limit rises to around $ XNUMX
② As it is

Is not it.

The image above is for 30 minutes.

In the short 30-minute bar, we can draw a line around $ 12737, and we may make head and shoulders from now on.

When it breaks down the line, it is likely to turn down significantly.

At present, the long price is dominant because the high price is still being updated and the low price is being rounded up.

For the time being, we will continue to observe the market while holding a long position.

This is the end of this week's market price analysis and review.


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By the way, the exchange of the chart used in the market analysis is "Amanpuri Exchange".

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