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Bitcoin is over 185 million yen and is moving toward the December market!How long will the uptrend continue?


Bitcoin rises to the 185 million yen level!The uptrend in Bitcoin is also ongoing.It has soared from the strong resistance line of over 150 million yen to 186 million yen.From now on, there will be multiple important time zones for Bitcoin, so be careful about the trend change in the near future.

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The December market is likely to come again this year!This blog predicts Bitcoin's 6 million yen level as of JuneI was doing it! !!

I tried to explain the Bitcoin market price with Elliott Wave! Why is the high price of the third wave around 3 million yen?

The stock market is unlikely to stop this year!

The momentum of the stock market does not stop!

The Nasdaq market, which has been the driving force behind this global surge, quickly hit a record high,News of vaccine development for new coronavirus TheNew York Dow in the $ 30000 rangePut it on the platform ofNikkei averageWhen it comes to stock pricesHigh price update for the first time in 29 yearsIt has skyrocketed to that point.

I have no choice but to ask the market about the market price, but at present, shopping is endless in the absence of items for sale, so I heard about 30 years ago.I'm not scared if everyone crossesIt seems that we are approaching the situation.


The chart is a daily chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since February this year.

Compared to the Nasdaq market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was unable to hit the pre-corona shock highs.It fell in the October market, and the movement of W top and head and shouldersHowever, when the news of the successful development of the corona vaccine was announced in November, it rebounded, renewed the high price before corona, and could not be achieved before coronaAchieved to the $ 30000 leveldoing.

Let's also take a look at the Nikkei 225 monthly chart.


It is a monthly chart after the burst of the bubble of Nikkei 225.

As mentioned above, the Nikkei 225Renewed the highest price in 29 yearsWas a concernAfter breaking through the 24000 yen level, which was a strong resistance line, it quickly surpassed the 26000 yen level.We come.

TSE First Section MarketShort selling ratio is in the 35-36% rangeIs continuing, and it is at an abnormally low level.

In other words, I'm scared and can't sell, in the faint for saleMarket price rises due to buying by foreign investors (institutional investors and hedge funds)I feel like I'm doing it.

In the stock market, "Blue sky ceilingHowever, there is no sign that the rising market will stop in a situation where there is no cloud (extremely few items for sale).

さ ら に,At least this market will continue until mid-December, when the settlement periods of major SQs and many institutional investors and hedge funds are concentrated.It seems.


Is Bitcoin finally locked on to the 170 million yen level, the highest ever?


It's not just the stock market that's rising.

Especially the one that is showing a tremendous riseBitcoin.

Currently, as the stock market was driven by the Nasdaq market and the Japanese Mothers marketBitcoin is attracting the most attention as a safe asset for risk hedgingYou can say that.

The rising market continues to replace the gold market, which has hit a record high and is taking a break.

In this blog, the aboveElliott wave propulsion 3 waves,and,Time theory of Ichimoku balance tableからBitcoin's high price may reach 2020 million yen or more in the December 12 marketI explain about
Indeed, Bitcoin is on the rise towards December.

I've pointed out many times here too powerfulBreak through the resistance line of 150 million yenHowever, in fact, in the Bitcoin turbulent market from December to January 2017,There are very few transactions in the 150 million to 200 million yen range, and this price range is a vacuum zone.It is possible that

If an uptrend occurs here, it is very likely to rise.Indeed, the current situation is that, and after exceeding 150 million yen, it will rise even if there is no such big shopping.

Bitcoin at the time of writingTransaction for around 185 million yenIt is done.

It was thought that I would never wear it againBitcoin's 200 million yen level is just around the cornerIt's approaching.

Bitcoin market price from the viewpoint of time theory ①


By the way, this blog has been predicting the December market price of Bitcoin for a long time, and there are two reasons.

Bitcoin December Anomaly (High or low is likely to hit every December due to Bitcoin's past movements)

Hedge fund, which is the leading player in the Bitcoin market this time, will settle once in December

Bitcoin seen from the theory of time! Why it's likely to start this week


What I want to emphasize in particularBitcoin time theory.

In fact, there are many Bitcoins from late November to December.Important time zoneIs coming.

Similarly, many investors are paying attention to the 185 million yen level above 200 million yen and the record high of 2017 million yen level set in December 12.programIt becomes.

If it seems to hit a record high of 200 million yen at an important time, many investors will be tempted to keep profits.

Let's first look at that time zone from the monthly chart.


It is a monthly chart of Bitcoin since 2017.

In the time theory of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, 9, 17, 26, 33, 42 ... are important.Will be

And the following two things are likely to occur at the important time of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

1. XNUMX.Form high or low prices

2.The market starts to run up or down

Let's take a look at the Bitcoin monthly chart.

It hit a record high of 2017 million yen in December 12, but then plummeted to the 237 yen level, returning to just under 30 million yen, which had long existed as a strong resistance line in the June 2019 market. I have a high price.

このDecember 2017-June 12Up to, one month difference from the basic value 17 in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo18 monthsIt has become. (One month on a monthly basis is within the margin of error)

Furthermore, thisFrom the return high in June 2019 to the current November 6 The17st monthFrom here, it is thought that the Bitcoin market price clearly exceeded 150 million yen and started running.

Another interesting thing is the March 2020 low of 3 yen, which was added after the corona shock.

March 2020 is the 3th month from December 2017 above.It is one month different from the basic value of 26 months in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

Bitcoin hit a year-to-date high in February 2020, just before the corona shock, and here26st monthAlthough it is,The low price (2019nd bottom) in the 6th month, probably due to the error of 1 month in June 27Was attached.

The current November 2020 is the 11th month from June 2019However, when an error of one month is addedNext December will be the 12th month from June 2019And,Equivalent to the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo for 2017 months from December 12 to June 2019From the monthly foot, it can be seen that the period from November to December is a very important time zone.


Bitcoin market price seen from the time theory ⓶

Next, let's check the important time zone from the Bitcoin weekly chart.


On the weekly chart, Bitcoin53 week cycleIs confirmed.

The highest price ever in the 237 million yen range2017 weeks from December 12 to December 2018, when it hit the bottom,thisYear-to-date lows in December 2018, the 12rd week from December 53Is attached.

There will be a plunge due to the corona shock,2019rd week from December 12IsThe week of December 2020, 12, which is a time of interestIt seems to be.

This 53-week cycle is almost a one-year cycle, which can be rephrased as Bitcoin's December anomaly.

Let's look at another same weekly chart.


What I would like to pay attention to here isFrom the June 2019 high to the February 6 high just before the corona shock is the basic figure of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 2020 weeksConsistent with, a corona shock occurred from here,In March of the 37th week, it fell to the low of 3 yen levelTo do.

In other words, it hit a year-to-date high in February 2020 and plummeted to a second bottom in the 2th week.

The important thing is thisBitcoin has started running from the week of October 2020, the 3rd week from the March 33 low.So it's the starting point hereIt surpasses just under 150 million yen at onceabout it.

This happens when,I'm worried about the 2020th week from the March 3 low, which is an equal figure.That's why this timing is from the time of writingNext week (November 11rd week)It becomes.

It implies that Bitcoin could hit 200 million yen next weekIt looks likeIf you put it on, be careful of the possibility of running further or becoming high once.It becomes.


Beware of a plunge that will change the trend

Buy sign

The current Bitcoin market isOn the way to the three propulsion waves in Elliott waveI think, so nextAdjustment 4 wavesYou need to be careful.

If it is a long-term investment, this may be a level that can be ignored, but in the case of a short-term investment, it is important to pay attention to the trend change.

What is Bitcoin trend change?A plunge with a price rangeOccurs,When the closing price breaks below the + 1σ line of the Bollinger bandI think it is good to assume such things.


The rising stock market is also on the second Friday of DecemberMajor SQIs waiting for you, so it seems better to consider the possibility of making adjustments from here.

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