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    How to register and use Bityard exchange | Minimal spread and BYD token [PR]

    Editor-in-Chief Takashima

    How to register Bityard (Open an account) Enter your email address, click "Email verification number", and enter the code you will receive in the email.After setting the password, registration is complete. * Be sure to write down your password.Also, for security, XNUMXFA

  • Press release

    A crypto asset game with an exchange: What is BITBUUT?

    Editor-in-Chief Takashima

    What is BITBUUT Features of BITBUUT KINGDOM300 KINGDOM300 Tools Soldier Alliance (Guild) Big War BITBUUT Currency Guild Point Magic Coin BITBUUT Mini Game Farming Rush

  • Amanpuri

    [PR] Amanpuri releases leverage 200 times!

    Editor-in-Chief Takashima

    Press release distribution *Currently, the bot "Tororikopin" which can be used for ROE trade contest during the entry period and can be automatically traded can be used by adding the LINE formula. (There is also a free version.) Amanpuri is a platform renewal

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