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Virtual currency recommended exchange ranking! Thorough comparison of security, fees, and ease of use of exchanges where bitcoin and ripple can be purchased

Cryptocurrency exchanges and sales places


People worried about choosing a virtual currency exchangeFirst, please choose from these three companies!

All three exchangesRegistration of FSA cryptocurrency exchangeIs a very easy to use and reliable exchange (* ^-^) ニ コ

Recommended crypto exchange 5 company ranking comparison table

Comparison points when choosing a virtual currency exchange
XNUMX. Cost : Basic fee is freeBeing
XNUMX. Reliability:Company'sRecognitionIs highSecurityTrust of

Ranking Exchange cost reliability Features Details Open an account
Ranking "GMO coin logo"
GMO coin reliability GMO coin reliability Overwhelming popularity No.1! At first from here! here To official HP
bitpoint logo
bitpoint cost bitpoint reliability Safe and secure! Enhanced support here To official HP
DMMBitcoin logo
DMMBitcoin cost DMMBitcoin reliability Here is Bitcoin FX! here To official HP
bitbank logo
bitbank cost DMMBitcoin cost Easy to use charts and apps here To official HP
Liquid by Quoine logo
Liquid by Quoine cost FX Prime Cost Active community here To official HP

1st place: GMO Coin (If you get lost, just here!)

The appeal of GMO coins

  • As of April 2019 `` Popular No. 4 ''
  • GMO Group (9 listed companies, 110 group companies) operatedSafe and secure!
  • Basic fee isAll free!
  • Spread commissions are also small
  • Sales office,Exchange,Leverage tradingCompatible with all

If you are new to buying cryptocurrencies for the first time,GMO coin if you get lostIs recommended!

GMO campaign

If you register for GMO Coin now, you will receive 20,000 Satoshi bitcoins, so let's buy a virtual currency ripple that is expected to soar with the bitcoin you just got!

⇒ Check the campaign details on the official website now! !

Why choose GMO Coin

Commission Prices
Deposit fee Free
Withdrawal fee Free
Remittance fee Free
Sales commission Free
Exchange fees Almost free
Leverage fee 0.05% / day per open position

At GMOAnyway, the commission is freeRecommended virtual currency exchange!Deposit fee,Withdrawal feeAndSales commissionWill be free.Exchange feesIt costs almost nothing to ignore and is almost free!

さ ら に,Remittance feeAlso completely freeis! When using multiple exchanges with virtual currency, remittance to overseas exchanges, wallets, etc., it is very convenient if the remittance fee is free. Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges with higher remittance fees, so GMO coins with no remittance fees are very attractive.

With GMO Coin, you don't have to worry about commissions when trading virtual currencies!

With GMO Coin, you can also trade leverage on virtual currency. In Bitcoin10x leverage, With altcoin5x leverageYou can trade with

GMO coins are issued"Bittre"This smartphone app is very popular because it allows for virtual currency FX trading and is very easy to use!

Since virtual currency has a very large price fluctuation compared to other stock investments and FX,Even a 5x or 10x leverage trade can make a lot of money.

Bitcoin,RippleThis is a highly recommended cryptocurrency exchange for those who want to earn pounds with leverage trading.

With GMO Coin, the following eight types of financial institutionsInstant deposit is completely freeIt can be used with.Available at major banksSo it is very convenient!

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,Mizuho Bank,Resona Bank,Saitama Resona Bank,Rakuten Bank,Sumishin SBI Net Bank,Japan Net Bank

By making an immediate deposit, you can deposit Japanese yen on the spot as the name implies, and immediately buy virtual currency. Because virtual currency fluctuates in price,Deposit immediately when you need itIt is very encouraging to be able to purchase cryptocurrencies smoothly!

The GMO Group is a very large group with many listed companies!9 listed companiesIn the virtual currency field, where regulations are still weak, GMO coins with a stable base and management are very reassuring.

Because it is a company that deposits important assets, it has more history and achievements than new start-ups that only do virtual currency businessGMO group GMO coins can trust and deposit moneyIsn't it?

Hacking incidents and server downs, which are often problems in the virtual currency industry. In the past, virtual currencies held on exchanges were lost due to hacking damage, when the price fluctuation was large, user transaction volume was large and servers went down and trading could not be done It has happened many times in the currency industry.

In that regard, the GMO Group hasCompany specialized in server businessAnd security and server strength become importantFinancial businessThere are many companies that runSuch know-how is utilized in GMO coinsYou can say.

At the beginning of the cryptocurrency that conveys importanceSecurityAs forRecommend GMO with confidenceI can do it!


Speaking of GMO, in the Internet businessOutstanding reliability and securityright! Even on my personal blogGMO Lollipop Server and Moomoo DomainI use


I like the fee is free and you don't have to worry about it at all! This time, what is the commission percentageIt's troublesome. With GMO coins, you don't have to think about that,Because it is free, you can easily trade cryptocurrencies!

2nd place: Bitpoint (here if you choose with a fee!)

* Separate swap fee will be charged for bitpoint MT4 transactions, and open interest management fee will be charged for leverage transactions.

Bitpoint TheEnhanced customer supportDoingExchanges loved by beginnersis. For beginners, the cryptocurrency industry is often difficult, but Bitpoint, who can easily provide telephone support at such times, is a reassuring ally.

Familiar with those with experience in FXMeta Trader 4 (MT4) availableIs also the charm of Bitpoint!I want to trade with MT4Bitpoint is recommended for those who say!

⇒ Check the details on the official website now! !

Why Bitpoint

Bitpoint may be more worried than GMO Coin in terms of being a company that only engages in cryptocurrency-related businesses. However, BitpointInformation security rating companyFromTrust "Ais" ratingAnd have never fallen down in the pastVery safeYou can say.

Commission Prices
Deposit fee Free
Withdrawal fee Actual cost burden
Remittance fee Free
Cash Transaction Fee Free
Leverage fee 0.035% / day

For those who want to use overseas exchanges, only GMO coins and Bitpoint are adopted.Free remittance feeIs highly recommended!

In order to trade on an overseas exchange,Deposit on domestic exchange to purchase virtual currency and remit to overseas exchangeThat is common. Every time you send a virtual currency to an overseas exchangeIt's ridiculous to get a commission every timeIs not it!

In general, while Bitcoin fees are cheap,Altcoin fees are expensive.

But at Bitpoint,There are no sales outlets with higher commissions. Since you can buy altcoins on exchanges where commissions are cheap,You can buy alt coins cheaplySo it is.


IBuy cryptocurrencies for the first timeIt was Bitpoint! I didn't know too much at first and just called Bitpoint support. Customers alwaysI was glad that they responded politely and kindly.

3rd place: DMM Bitcoin (here for Bitcoin FX!)

DMM Bitcoin isExchanges suitable for conducting leveraged tradingIt becomes. Leverage is4 times as safeConsidering the large price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies,Aim for maximum profit with minimum riskIt can be said that there is an advantage.

Handling currencyHowever, the richness compared to GMO Coin and Bitpoint is a great attraction. BTC and ETH, of coursePopular currencies such as XRP and NEMCan be traded.

Exchange, ranking

As the latest campaign in 2019, "DMM Bitcoin Spring XNUMX Big Campaign" is being held!

Free account registrationIf you meet these conditions, you will receive a maximum of 1 yen. Let's register at this opportunity!

⇒ Check the details on the official website now! !

Why choose DMM Bitcoin

As an exchange for leverage tradingStrong serverIs very important, but with DMM Bitcoin you can use that with confidence.

It is very dangerous to conduct leverage trading on exchanges where the server is weakis. When major price fluctuations occur, access is concentrated at onceServer downOrTransaction restrictedThat happens frequently on exchanges with weak servers.

Leverage trading has the advantage that the profit fluctuates greatly in just over XNUMX seconds, but conversely, the loss also fluctuates greatly, so care must be taken.You will not be able to trade at the critical timingI think you should definitely stop doing leverage trading on such weak server exchanges.

DMM Bitcoin specializing in leverage tradingThat's why a robust server is very reliable.

Whenever you want to do leverage trading, it's only natural that you want to trade in cryptocurrencies with high future potential!

Ripple that is overwhelmingly popularso,Leverage tradingThat's a big attraction of DMM Bitcoin.

With leveraged trading, you can make money even when prices are falling. By doing leverage trading with ripple,While making profits in leveraged transactions every day, in the long run the ripple price itself will also rise and gain big profitsMay be able to do it!

Of course nobody has heard of the company name DMM, right? DMM Bitcoin has a wide variety of companiesDMM dot comIs one of the companies that operate.

From the accumulated achievements and a sense of security,I want to register if it is a DMM exchange!There are many users.

Commission Prices
Deposit fee Free
Withdrawal fee Free
Transaction fee Free
Remittance fee Pay
Leverage fee 0.04% / day

Even with DMM Bitcoin, the basic fee is of course free!

The remittance fee will be slightly charged, but in the first placeDMM Bitcoin registered to make money in leveraged tradingIt is not necessary to transfer cryptocurrency to other exchanges and wallets.

If you are sending money to other domestic exchanges, overseas transactions, virtual currency wallets, etc.Free deposit and remittance feesIt is OK if you register for GMO Coin or Bitpoint.DMM Bitcoin only leverage tradingTo doProper useIf you go, there will be no problems!


Because I like ripple, with DMM BitcoinRipple leverI'm doing it! Sometimes when it soarsThe tension goes up! !


DMM Bitcoin is one of the few,My Nem-chanIt's an exchange where you can trade.It is daily routine to look at Nem-chan's chart every morning!

4th: bitbank (chart is easy to use!)

bitbank surveyed CoinMarketCap in September 2018,No.XNUMX domestic virtual currency trading volumeIs an exchange!

Contains useful tools for technical analysisCharts are very popularIt is loved by many cryptocurrency traders.

Smartphone apps are easy to use and convenient,Trading in earnestIt is a good idea to register if you are going to do it.

5th place: Liquid by Quoine (Community is very popular)

Liquid by Quoine isAsia's largest cryptocurrency exchangeIt will be an exchange derived from QUOINEX.

As a virtual currency exchangeHas a history and achievementsTherefore, it can be said that it is a reliable exchange in terms of security and server as a major exchange.

Four Exchange Selection Points Important for Profit

Up to this point, we have introduced recommended exchanges, but from here on, "important to make profits in cryptocurrency tradingFour exchange selection pointsI would like to explain!

You are still wondering which exchange to chooseWhat kind of point of view should you choose for an exchange?Important criteriaI hope you get to know.

Low commission

Surprisingly expensive on some exchangesThere is a possibilityCommission.

Common types of fees include:Deposit / withdrawal fees in Japanese yen,Transaction fee,Virtual currency remittance feeAnd so on.

Basically,Exchanges where all these fees are freeI think it is best to choose

Handling of three major currencies

The three major currencies are hereBTC, ETH, XRPIt is.XRPHas been featured frequently in the news in recent years, so many people know it.Very popular coin.

BTC and ETH can be traded on most exchanges,The exchanges where XRP can trade are still limited.So, at the exchange you plan to registerWhether popular XRP is available for purchaseShould be checked.

Altcoin richness

The interesting thing about virtual currency is that not only bitcoin but also various altcoins exist. Even when the price of Bitcoin is falling,Popular altcoins with rising pricesThere are many.

for that reason,I want to make a little more profitIfA rich exchange of altcoinsIt's a good idea to sign up for a lot of opportunities


What is very important in selecting a virtual currency exchangeSecurity.

I think you usually use a bank as a financial institution,I do not think that the money in the bank will disappear!

But in the virtual currency industry,Fear of getting up unexpectedlythere is.

It's important to choose an exchange!That is why I emphasize it many times,Live a fun cryptocurrency while protecting your precious assetsI would be glad if you could think about what to do.

■ Recommended exchange summary

"Top 5 most recommended cryptocurrency exchanges nowThank you for reading to the end!

Find one of your favorite exchanges,Fun cryptocurrency lifeI hope you take the first step! !

Finally,Two recommended exchanges in Coin GirlsI want to introduce it again and end it.

See the detailed information of the first place on the recommended virtual currency exchange, "GMO Coin"

See the detailed information of the recommended cryptocurrency exchange ranking second place "Bitpoint"

If you're worried about how to register for an exchange or buy a virtual currency, this article is also recommended!

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