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  • BTC
    the latest news

    Bitcoin soars!Is the capital inflow into the virtual currency market due to the plunge in the Mothers market?

    Virtual currency cat

    Bitcoin has surpassed the strong resistance line of 132 million yen and has skyrocketed to 144 million yen.Meanwhile, the stock market is about to fall into turmoil as the US presidential election is imminent.What happens to Bitcoin!Pay attention to the US presidential election and the movement of the dollar

  • Exchange

    [PR] VERTEX announces trading platform

    Editor-in-Chief Takashima

    "Global Community" Oriented Trading Platform Vertex, a leader in Hong Kong's well-known blockchain community, will change its "Global Community" oriented trading platform on October 2020, 10, Hong Kong time.

  • Digital gold
    the latest news

    Bitcoin soars to the 129 million yen level, but a powerful selling sign lights up in the Mothers market!What it will be?

    Virtual currency cat

    Bitcoin is rising to the 129 million yen level, and has reached the level of 3 yen until the year-to-date high.Meanwhile, there are disturbing movements in the Mothers market, which has been driving the domestic stock market. Attention is paid to how Bitcoin will move toward the presidential election approaching November 11

  • Bitcoin, profit, company
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    What is a DeFi token that attracts the eyes of investors?Don't miss the new tide of cryptocurrencies!

    Virtual currency cat

    In the summer of 2020, tokens that attracted attention other than major currencies such as Bitcoin appeared in the virtual currency market for the first time in a while.That token is the DeFi token. DeFi refers to decentralized finance, and may change the way existing financial services and banks should be.

  • the latest news

    BitMex prosecution and Trump shock!What happens to Bitcoin?

    Virtual currency cat

    BitMex was indicted on November 110nd, and a few hours later, bad news that US President Trump was infected with corona caused the cryptocurrency market to be upset.ビットコイン相場も急落しますが、すぐに反発しており、レンジ相場から下降トレンドが発生することはありThe Bitcoin market will also plummet, but it is rebounding quickly and a downtrend may occur from the range market.

  • the latest news

    Relationship between Bitcoin and hedge funds!That Softbank G also lost about 150 billion yen before?

    Virtual currency cat

    Hedge funds are rumored to be a new player in the Bitcoin market.Hedge funds are funds that aim for high yields by using hedges, and Bitcoin may be bought as a substitute for gold, which has the highest price ever and is wary of high prices.

  • the latest news

    A feeling of cheapness for Ethereum! Why was the rate of increase higher than Bitcoin?

    Virtual currency cat

    Bitcoin quickly reached the pre-Corona highs after the Corona shock, but in fact Ethereum, which is second only to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization, had a nearly double rate of increase compared to Bitcoin. There is a clear reason why Ethereum has risen significantly above BTC.

  • the latest news

    Thorough verification of the possibility of exceeding 12 million yen in the Bitcoin December market!

    Virtual currency cat

    Bitcoin's August high of 8 million yen is likely to be a high for the time being and is likely to be adjusted for a while. I would like to carefully aim for entry timing while being aware of the presidential election on November 132. Bitcoin anomaly exists in December

  • For cryptocurrency beginners

    Why you should invest in the fintech industry now

    Editor-in-Chief Takashima

    Overview FinTech is an innovative technology that makes traditional financial services easy to use. As a result, the industry is currently one of the most profitable and returnable investment areas. Here are some reasons why investors should consider investing in this industry

  • the latest news

    Bitcoin plunge! What is the relevance to that SoftBank G option buying?

    Virtual currency cat

    It is rumored that SoftBank G's option strategy crashed the US Nasdaq market. Similarly, it has fallen sharply compared to the sharp decline of Bitcoin and the linked gold market price, but the hedge fund that had the high-tech stock of Nasdaq made a profit of BTC.

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