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A public disclosure of how to increase assets by receiving Bitcoin every day with Amanpuri dividends!

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Hello, Haru! everyone isRecently opened and daily bitcoindividendCan getAmanpuriCrypto exchangeDo you know?

Cryptocurrency trading is characterized by high volatility.It is easy to make a profit even with a small amount of money by using severe price fluctuationsOn the other hand,Always with high riskright.

However, this timeOne of the benefits of the Amanpuri Exchange is "Bitcoin Dailydividend'If you receiveRecommended because it has less risk than trading and can increase bitcoin naturally.

Register for Amanpuri, where you can get bitcoin dividends every day and increase your assets steadily

Amanpuri, dividend

First of all, to get a bitcoin dividend every day,Need to open an account on Amanpuri crypto exchangeThere is such hereBenefits of using AmanpuriLet's take a look.

Trade with just one email address!


AmanpuriOpen an account in about 1 minute with one email addressHas become! !

To open an account with AmanpuriSpecial benefits when you register hereIs attached.

Amanpuri dividend returns 5% on exchange profits

Basically, in order to receive daily Bitcoin dividends at Amanpuri,It is assumed that Amanpuri has 10,000 unique AMAL tokens after opening an accountIt has become.

Once you have it,A mechanism where 5% is returned from the profit of the exchange every day and can be obtained as bitcoinIt may be best for those who want to increase their assets.

How much will Amanpuri's AMAL token holding bonus pay? ?

Amanpuri, dividend

So how much bitcoin dividends will actually be available for holding Amanpuri AMAL tokens?

As mentioned earlier, Amanpuri is an emerging exchange that has just opened, but it is expected to have very high future potential,Consider a bitcoin dividend that can be assumed if the trading volume is the same as a major exchangeLet's continue.

The important point for the dividend that can be obtained by Amanpuri is the trading volume of the exchange

Amanpuri's AMCO token holding bitcoin dividendExchange profit, that is, the higher the trading volume, the higher the dividendIt will be a thing.

It is not simply calculated as “exchange profit 5% dividend = exchange trading volume”, but stillIf the liquidity of the exchange increases, the visibility will increase, the number of users will increase, the transaction volume will increase, and as a result the profit will increaseThat's why.


Well,It is assumed that the trading volume of Zaif, a major domestic exchange, and that of BitMEX and Binance worldwide will be overseasLet's try! !

Amanpuri Bitcoin Dividend Calculation Formula

Amanpuri's dividend will be distributed "5% of profit",2.5% will be paid every day and the remaining 2.5% will be paid at the end of the monthIt becomes.

The following formula is used to calculate the dividend this time.

  • Daily dividend = (daily trading volume x 1% (transaction fee)-expenses) x 1%

In practice, the dividends will be profits after deducting exchange costs, but we will not deduct costs here.

In addition, the daily dividend varies depending on the number of AMAL tokens held, and is greatly affected by the trading volume on the Amanpuri exchange.

This time, to make it easier to understand"$ 1 = ¥ 100", assuming that the minimum 10,000 AMAL tokens are held, calculate the holding rate per 10,000 as "0.007936507%"To do.

① Dividend when Amanpuri turnover becomes the same as "Zaif"

Amanpuri, dividend

First of all, Zaif is a major exchange in Japan,Looking at the world trading volume ranking, the trading volume of “118th place” as shown in the above figureHas become.


Assumes that Amanpuri will have the same transaction volume as Zaif in the futureLet's calculate the dividend! !

According to CoinMarketCap,Zaif's 24-hour Bitcoin volume is $ 13,877,810So, when applying it to the above formula and calculatingAbout 0.08.26 dollars (about 8.2 yen in Japanese yen)".

In other words, if Amanpuri becomes an exchange with the same turnover as Zaif,Bitcoin of 8.2 yen every day, 246 yen each month as a dividendIt will be calculated.

(XNUMX) Dividend when Amanpuri turnover is the same as "BitMEX"

Amanpuri, dividend

Then furtherAmanpuri grows and becomes as much volume as current BitMEXAnd what about dividends?

As shown in the figure above, BitMEX's 24-hour Bitcoin turnover is "$ 13,877,810", so the daily Bitcoin dividend is"About $ 19.77 (about 1,980 yen in Japanese yen)", a monthly dividend of "about 59,310 yen"It will be calculated.

③ Dividend when Amanpuri turnover is the same as "Binance"

Amanpuri, dividend

Amanpuri is said to be the world's largest in the future because it aims to be the ultimate exchangeDividend if it grows to an exchange like BinanceWhat will happen?

As shown in the figure above, Binance's 24-hour Bitcoin trading volume is "$ 4,508,907,666‬", so the daily Bitcoin dividend is"About $ 26.83 (about 2,683 yen in Japanese yen)", a monthly dividend of "about 80,490 yen"It will be calculated.

onlyYou can receive bitcoin as a dividend as much as 10,000 yen a month just by holding 8 AMAL tokenIt can be said that there is no more attractive.

However, at the moment, the trading volume of the Amanpuri exchange has not reached that much, so if the name recognition increases and the trading volume increases in the future,It is expected that the value of the AMAL token you have will increase and the dividend will also increaseWill be


In other words, by opening an account with Amanpuri and purchasing AMAL tokens nowReceive "first-mover advantage"That's why! !

How to increase assets by receiving bitcoin every day with Amanpuri dividends Summary

This time, looking at crypto exchanges around the world is one of the fewAMAL Token of Ama Puri Exchange where you can get Bitcoin dividend every dayWas introduced.

For beginners,Virtual currency trading is also attractive because it has large risks and profits are large and `` high risk high return ''However, many people are not very confident in trading and are concerned about the loss of important assets.

For such people, I introduced this timeAttendance on AMAL tokens by registering at Amanpuri on overseas exchanges and increasing bitcoin (asset) with minimal risk is attractive dividend incomeIt can be said.


Do not miss this chance,Open an account on the Amanpuri Exchange, which is highly expected in the futureWhy don't you try! !

In the article below,A very attractive BitMEX account opening that will receive a referral dividend as well as Amanpuri and get a further 10% OFF commissionPlease check it out as well.

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I'm a college student since this spring o (^ ▽ ^) o The future of cryptocurrencies is a bit uncertain, and I started studying investment. The goal is to welcome cats! Virtual currency has fun.
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