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Editor-in-Chief Takashima

[2019 full version] Recommended domestic and world rankings of virtual currency exchange! Asked tens of thousands of virtual currency users (including Japan and overseas)

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Virtual currency, exchange, ranking 000

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Hello - it is Takashima!

There are many virtual currency exchanges around the world! There are many people not only in Japan but also overseas, and I think there are many people who do not know where to register.

So this time,Recommended virtual currency exchange world rankings [2019 latest version]I'd like to introduce_______

In the fun virtual currency girls' association, we take various questionnaires on Twitter, but in that,A ranking that collects the voices of about 8 users in totalI tried to make

[2019 full version] Recommended domestic ranking of cryptocurrency exchange

Here is the comprehensive ranking of domestic exchanges ↓↓

Ranking Exchange cost reliability Features Open an account
Ranking "GMO coin logo"
GMO coin reliability GMO coin reliability Overwhelming popularity No.1! At first from here! To official HP
bitpoint logo
bitpoint cost bitpoint reliability Safe and secure! Enhanced support To official HP
DMMBitcoin logo
DMMBitcoin cost DMMBitcoin reliability Here is Bitcoin FX! To official HP
bitbank logo
bitbank cost DMMBitcoin cost Easy to use charts and apps To official HP
Liquid by Quoine logo
Liquid by Quoine cost FX Prime Cost Active community To official HP

Check here for details on domestic exchange rankings ↓↓

If you are looking for an exchange in Japan, you will find one that is right for you!

[2019 full version] Recommended cryptocurrency exchanges (overseas) worldwide ranking

Ranking Overseas exchange Transaction volume Currency type Features Recommended degree Official Website
DMMBitcoin cost bitpoint cost Japanese correspondence of relief! Click here for transaction fees! DMMBitcoin cost here
bitpoint cost DMMBitcoin cost No.XNUMX in trading volume ♪ You can buy Binance Coin, one of the strongest candidates! GMO coin reliability here
FX Prime Cost DMMBitcoin reliability Here if you want to soar with grass coins! DMMBitcoin cost here
(Crypto GT)
bitbank cost DMMBitcoin cost Leverage up to 200 times! GMO coin reliability here
DMMBitcoin reliability FX Prime Cost If you want to enjoy FX without additional proof, click here! DMMBitcoin cost here

After all, the exchanges with the highest trading volume such as Bissam and Binance seem to be popular.

Let's take a closer look!

World ranking high! Recommended Overseas Exchanges①Bithumb

bithumb is a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts the top position in the trading volume ranking!

bithumb is an exchange based in South Korea, and it is a nice advantage for us Japanese that we have Japanese language support. There is also a staff who can speak Japanese at the support center, so it is safe!

Transaction fees are another popular factor.

For more information about Bithumb, see this article!


World ranking high! Recommended Overseas Exchange Binance

It's no exaggeration to say that Binance is the world's most popular crypto exchange! With that as evidence, Twitter's follower count and Alexa Rank are both first and foremost (≧ ▽ ≦)

It is said to be one of the three major exchanges in China, and although it seems to be a long-established store, the service started in XNUMX and is actually an exchange that has just started recently.

That's the flipside of why there are still a lot of reasons for being a young exchange but still having a lot of supporters!

The reasons why Binance is so popular and how to explain its accounts are described in detail in this article!

World ranking high! Recommended overseas exchanges ③ Huobi

Huobi, like Binance, is one of the three major exchanges in China, and it is the second largest exchange in China after Binance.

The attraction of Huobi is that it supports Japanese, which is rare overseas, and that there are many types of cryptocurrencies. Also, there are many newly listed virtual currency brands!

Huobi is still more attractive, so read this article for more information!

The cryptocurrency exchange world rankings can be found here! !

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
If you have just started cryptocurrency and have traded several times, you will think, "Is there a better exchange than the cryptocurrency exchange you are currently using?"

Then you will be wondering which virtual currency exchange is the best!

If you search for "virtual currency exchange ranking", rankings are written on various sites, but you will not know which one to refer to (-_-;)

So, this time, we will pick up how much is traded, the trading volume of each virtual currency exchange!

The site used to view the trading volume of each virtual currency exchangeCoinGecko.

Simply put, CoinGecko is a "coin gecko" that allows you to view various items such as the trading volume and cryptocurrency trends of each cryptocurrency exchange around the world in a ranking format, as well as the latest information on ICOs and overseas exchanges. Site that provides information. "

Thorough explanation of the virtual currency ranking tool [CoinGecko]!

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
If you are serious about working with virtual currency, please use CoinGecko. Because CoinGecko can provide enough information about cryptocurrencies!

It is a competent site where you can get information on not only typical coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), but also altcoins and super-minor so-called grass coins that will become popular.

Here's a rough overview of what you can do with CoinGecko!

・ More than 3000 kinds of coins are handled
・ Understand exchange rates and charts around the world
・ Chart display for on-the-fly calculations
・ You can immediately display only the coins you care about in My Page
・ Information such as virtual currency, official websites of domestic and overseas exchanges, SNS URLs, etc.
・ You can see which virtual currency and which virtual currency pair are traded
・ Although it is an overseas site, Japanese language support

For the time being, I have listed only seven features of CoinGecko, but it is a useful tool that can be mentioned more. Now, let's get a little bit more into the basics of CoinGecko.

Cryptocurrency exchange rankings seen on CoinGecko [Basic usage]

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
First, let's take a look at the CoinGecko site!

■ View CoinGecko in Japanese

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
When you open the CoinGecko site, you will see a screen with various virtual currencies displayed in a ranking format. At first, I think it is basically written in English, so if you are not good at English, press "English" at the top right of the screen and change it to "Japanese"!

On this page, I mainly use it to see the trading volume ranking of the virtual currency over time and the current price! In the filter just above the ranking, you can also change the currency unit to display in BTC or ETH virtual currency or fiat currency conversion such as yen and dollar.

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world

Click on a cryptocurrency symbol to see an overview and detailed charts for that cryptocurrency.

This chart can be saved as figures in jpeg or pdf format, as numerical data in csv format, or you can view data from more than a year ago.

■ View ICO information

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world

Next, click on "ICO" in the margin at the top of the site to see a list of ICOs that have been held recently. ICO refers to the financing of cryptocurrencies for companies and others to achieve new projects.

The ICO is a virtual currency reserve army, and if the project is successful, the investor will benefit greatly, so it is popular even in a situation where the value of major cryptocurrencies is weak.

If you want to know more about ICO, please see this article!

■ See the ranking of global exchanges

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
Click "Exchange" at the top margin of the site to display the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges by current trading volume.

Rankings can be sorted by the types of virtual currencies and pairs that are handled, the number of followers on SNS, and the popularity of access on the official website.

In fact, let's look at Binance, the world's most popular exchange.

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking 5
When you open the page of the virtual currency exchange, you can not only see the overview of that exchange, but what is personally useful is the URL of the official website and SNS of the exchange at the top Yeah! (Because it is troublesome, it is troublesome to search one by one ... lol)

■ It is also possible to see only your favorite virtual currency!

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
By registering with CoinGecko, you can also monitor your favorite cryptocurrencies on your dashboard. CoinGecko is a tool, not a virtual currency exchange, so you can easily register with just your email address.

Since CoinGekco handles a lot of virtual currencies, it may be a little troublesome to find information on the desired virtual currency. Therefore, it is convenient to check the virtual currencies you want to follow and the virtual currencies that you want to follow a little, so that you can immediately grasp the situation!

Try to register with CoinGecko

If you find CoinGecko a useful tool, let's register now! It takes about XNUMX minutes! Click "New Registration" in the upper right corner.
Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world

As shown in the image above, enter your "e-mail address" and "password" and click the checkbox to check it.

Make sure the information is correct, and click "Account Registration"!

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
Check that you have received an email from CoinGecko to the email address you registered.

Once confirmed, click "Verify Account".

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
You will be taken to the login screen, enter your registered address and password and click "Sign up".

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking 10
When the above screen is displayed, registration and login are completed!

Let's pick up the virtual currency you care about!

Then, let's register the virtual currency that you care about. Click "Add" at the top right.

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
Enter the name of the virtual currency in the search field.

For example, in the case of Bitcoin (BTC), the search will be caught for both "Bitcoin" and "BTC".

If you don't know much about virtual currencies and you are looking at the rankings and find a virtual currency that you are worried about, click on the ☆ mark to add it to your favorites.

What are the features of the world's top virtual currency exchanges?

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking, world
What kind of exchange is the top ranking of CoinGecko's cryptocurrency exchange? After all there are reasons for the top exchanges. Find out what they have in common!

Abundant types of cryptocurrencies

Looking at the top 15 exchanges in the ranking, including domestic and overseas, only 100 exchanges handle less than 2019 types of cryptocurrencies. (As of June 6)

The more types of virtual currencies you are dealing with, the more you can compare with other virtual currencies and have the advantage of finding the coins you want.

Above all, it seems that exchanges that handle many virtual currencies seem to be exciting (≧ ▽ ≦)

There are many established cryptocurrency trading

Looking at the years of establishment of the cryptocurrency exchanges that are ranked high in the world ranking, there are several exchanges that started around 2013.

Of course, recently established exchanges are also ranked high, but veteran exchanges also seem to have a lot of security from users!

Supported all over the world

Have you seen the official Twitter of cryptocurrency? Exchange information will be delivered in real time, so please follow it! CoinGecko also ranks official Twitter followers.

In addition, there is a service called "Alexa Rank" that measures how popular the company's homepage is. You can also see Alexa Rank on CoinGecko's ranking.

The number of followers and the rank of Alexa Rank also affect the year of establishment, but it seems that the exchanges with the highest ranking tend to rank accordingly!

It seems that exchanges, which are also exciting, have a large number of users and can easily lead to security even for beginners of virtual currency!

Domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges-summary of recommended rankings of the world

There are plenty of sites introducing recommended exchanges. I think it's so overfilled that I sometimes lose track of which one to trust.

In such a case, it is better to check CoinGecko with your own eyes once (^^ ♪ The ranking of exchanges will change more and more over time.

Trading cryptocurrencies carries a great deal of risk. Don't be fooled by the uncertain information around you, let's have a good deal of your own with the reliable information!

"I knew overseas crypto exchanges were popular, but I'm not confident in English ..."
This article introduces "exchanges that do not require English" that are recommended for such people, so please refer to them.

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
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Thank you for always reading Coin Girls article ♪

We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

By the way,Have you registered your exchange yet?Exchange registration is completed in about 3 minutes, but you have to wait about XNUMX days before it can be used.What is it?

The biggest attraction of cryptocurrencies is"Sudden soaring"is. Shouldn't we be ready to buy it right away when we say "It's time to buy now!"

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Last Updated Date: 2019/06/29

[Women's association member who wrote this article]

Editor-in-Chief Takashima
I am Takashima, the editor-in-chief of the virtual currency girls' association! We will do our best to make Japan's most fun virtual currency media, thank you!
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