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What is the reputation of DMM Bitcoin? I analyzed good and bad reputation! The advantages and disadvantages are also explained!

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Hello, this is Haru! Cryptocurrency exchange that you tend to choose only based on popularity and ranking. This time it is very popular among domestic exchangesThe actual word of mouth and reputation of DMM BitcoinBased on, I analyzed DMM bitcoin! !

A number of crypto asset exchange rankings are published on the net, but it is ranked high among them"DMM Bitcoin".

However, before opening a DMM Bitcoin account,

  • "What is DMM Bitcoin's reputation?"
  • "I want to know how DMM Bitcoin is rated by the public."

Many people think that.

There are many articles about DMM Bitcoin's reputation on the internet and on Twitter,Searching for word-of-mouth and reputation that you can trust is a daunting task.

Therefore, this time, for such a person, as a crypto asset exchange of DMM BitcoinFeatures,Good public reputation, bad reputationBased on this, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of DMM Bitcoin.


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Features of DMM Bitcoin (bitcoin), which is well-known on domestic crypto asset exchanges

DMM Bitcoin, Reputation

Currently, there are 19 crypto asset exchanges in Japan that have been approved by the Financial Services Agency.Reputation and characteristics of popular and well-known DMM BitcoinLet's take a look at

Basic information and overview of DMM Bitcoin

First, I summarized the basic information about DMM Bitcoin as a crypto asset exchange.

Crypto Asset Exchange DMM Bitcoin Basic Information
Exchange operating company DMM Bitcoin Inc.
Date of establishment 2016/11/7
Capital 12 million yen
FSA registration Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00010
(Crypto Asset Exchanger)
Format (Exchange / Sales) Sales office format only
Transaction fee Free
Leverage transaction fee When carrying over the next day: 0.035%
Deposit and withdrawal fees Free
Cryptographic assets handled 7 type
Transaction type Cash transactions
Leverage trading
Minimum trading unit 0.001BTC / JPY
Japanese support There
Smartphone compatible There
Security system Compatible with cold wallet
Multisig not supported
Contact & Support Contact form
Inquiry from LINE

Features of DMM Bitcoin as a crypto asset exchange

DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was originally named "Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange", but changed its name to "DMM Bitcoin Co., Ltd." in December 2017, and the current DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was born. Did.

It became a big topic at that time that the famous DMM group entered the crypto asset industry,Advertises extensively using famous talent "Laura".


Not only in-kind tradingIt has a good reputation for being able to leverage popular leverage, freeing out withdrawal fees that are often paid on other exchanges, and having LINE supportis not it! !

Thorough analysis of the benefits understood from the reputation of DMM Bitcoin


First of all, people who use DMM BitcoinBenefits from word of mouth and reputationWe will introduce ♪

Benefits from reputation① Transaction fees are overwhelmingly low

DMM Bitcoin as a sales officeCan buy and sell physical crypto assets.

There are two types of crypto assets that can be bought and sold with DMM Bitcoin: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).Free commissionSo it's a reputation that customers are increasing.

In addition, DMM Bitcoin supports quick deposit, and in addition to that the commission is free, so it is convinced that users have a good reputation.

When withdrawing Japanese yen with profit, DMM BitcoinJapanese yen withdrawal fee is freeHas become.

Benefits understood from reputation②Altocoin leveraged trading is possible

DMM Bitcoin allows leverage transactions in seven currencies such as bitcoin and altcoin.

The fact that users can leverage transactions has also gained a high reputation from users.

The following 7 crypto assets support leveraged transactions with DMM Bitcoin.

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • NEM (XEM)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH, BCC)

Most popular among crypto assetsAlso supports Ripple (XRP) leverage transactionsFor,High reputation.

The standard withdrawal limit is 2,000 yen, but it is possible to withdraw only if you want to withdraw the full amount.

Benefits understood from reputation ③ Operator can be relieved at a major company

The company that operates DMM BitcoinDMM.comAnd, as you know, it is an ultra-leading company that conducts Internet business in various fields such as e-book and game development, online salon and FX!

Moreover, securities operated by DMM.com"DMM.com Securities"It is,No.1 in FX accounts in JapanAnd is famous for its reputation.

The fact that a large company with a strong reputation in the FX and trading industries, such as FX, has a thorough support system and can be contacted directly at any time is a major factor in getting a good reputation.

In addition, DMM Bitcoin has been licensed by the Financial Services Agency, which has led to its reputation as one of the trusted exchanges.
(Cryptographic Asset Exchanger Registration No. Kanto Finance Bureau Director No. 00010)


Fees are cheap, leverage trading can be done, and since the operator is a major company, you can trade with confidence ♪

Thorough analysis of demerits understood from DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) reputation

DMM Bitcoin Reputation Bitcoin


Next, I will explain the disadvantages and points to be noted from the word of mouth and reputation of people using DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) ♪

Disadvantages understood from reputation①Only sales office format, not exchange format

DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is now a “Sales Office”, not an “Exchange”So when you buy crypto assets,Price is slightly higher than other exchangesIt will be.

However, since the transaction fee is free, it is easy to understand the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For those who trade frequently,The “transaction fee (spread at the sales office)” is very important. Such people would prefer to choose an exchange instead of a store.

Sales offices are easier to operate than exchanges, so if you do not trade so often, sales offices are recommended.

Item Exchange Sales office
Transaction fee Low None
Spread None (almost none) large
Operability It's hard to get used to Anyone can easily understand
Easy to earn
Speed ​​of trading Market order: early
Limit orders: sometimes late

Please refer to the following article for details on the differences between exchanges and sales offices.

Disadvantages from reputation ② Spread spread

Trade by multiplying the normal trading price by a predetermined ratio on the exchangeSpread (difference between bid and ask) is very important in leveraged tradingIt becomes.

DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin)This spread is set wide compared to other crypto asset exchangesFor,Transaction fees are free, but costs are substantially higher due to wide spreadsThere seems to be many bad reputations.

The spread fluctuates in real time depending on the market price of crypto assets and the price of each issue,It is slightly higher than other exchanges that can leverage tradingIt seems.

For this reason, there are many cases where people who do not understand this spread will lose money when buying and selling at the sales office.

Disadvantages understood from reputation ③ Low maximum magnification at leverage transaction

DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) leverage trading, the maximum magnification is 4 timesIt is set at a much lower magnification than other exchanges.

By the way, some cryptocurrency exchanges overseas can use tremendous leverage, such as 100 times that of BitMex and 200 times that of Crypt GT.

Even when compared only to domestic crypto asset exchanges,Poor reputation for those who value leverage multiples because they feel a bit unsatisfactoryIt seems.

However, there are merits such as the fact that the lower the magnification makes it harder to make a large loss, and the loss cut does not have to be accelerated.

The Financial Services Agency, which is focusing on user protection, is also working to control leverage multiples, and it is highly likely that the number of exchanges with lower leverage will increase in the future.

DMM Bitcoin is not enough for advanced users but careless for beginnersRest assured that there is no risk of failing with high leverageThere is also a reputation.

Demerits understood from reputation ④ Loss cut is fast

When performing a leverage transaction, if the deposit deposited falls below a certain line set on the exchange,"Loss cut" to forcibly end the transactionthere is.

This loss cut varies depending on each crypto asset exchange and leverage ratio, but basically "Rules for avoiding large lossesIs set as "

In DMM Bitcoin leveraged trading,Since the loss cut line is very fast, "If the deposit drops below 80%, the loss will be cut immediately", the timing of forcibly terminating the transaction even earlier than other exchanges is earlierIt is not a very good reputation.

For this reason, even if you are dealing with leverage,There is a lot of reputation that loss cuts are forcibly made more than I thought and I can not earn as I thoughtIt seems.

However, also from the viewpoint of user protection, this is part of measures to completely eliminate the risk of not being able to cut loss and having debts, so it may be a safe point for beginners.


Depending on your thinking,
・ If you win, you can earn more and more
・ If you start losing, you will immediately lose

That's right!

[Must See] How to choose a crypto asset exchange | What is the reputation of DMM Bitcoin? ?

DMM Bitcoin, Reputation

What do you emphasize when choosing a crypto asset exchange?

Of course, how you choose depends on your investment method and initial funding, but hereSome important points about how to choose a basic crypto asset exchangeI will introduce you.

How to choose an exchange-Is the security (security) function high?

DMM Bitcoin, Reputation

When you hear "cryptographic assets," many people are unfamiliar with the image of "= dangerous".It seems.

In fact, there are many such cases in the past, including cases where crypto assets have leaked from exchanges such as Mount Gox and coin check, and cases that can not be seen in the news.

There is always a risk of hacking such exchanges when doing crypto asset trading, so that's allThe security system and security of the exchange itself are very importantIt becomes.

In recent years, two-factor authentication has been introduced by most exchanges, mainlyThe point is whether there are the following security functionsIt becomes.

  • Multi-sig function support
  • Customer asset management with cold wallet

Multisig is a function to suppress hacking risk by generating multiple private keys when sending crypto assets, but it is anxious that DMM Bitcoin is not yet compatible with this multisig function. I will.

A cold wallet is a method of securely storing customer assets online, usually inside an exchange, in an offline environment completely disconnected from the net.

Security function is greatly improved because it is kept disconnected from the InternetButThere is trouble to move assets at the time of trading.

Therefore, crypto asset exchanges that have been focusing on security in recent years areCurrently both are adopted and the wallet is used properly on a case-by-case basisSo, DMM Bitcoin also supports cold wallets.

Some exchanges store 100% cold wallets, so those who value security may want to use them.

How to choose an exchange② Is it easy to use the provided service tools?

DMM Bitcoin, Reputation

One of the important things in conducting crypto asset transactions isVarious service tools such as smartphone apps provided by exchanges and trading software on browsersIt will be.


In general, exchange apps that are easy for anyone to understand are very popular,Most of the investment methods and ease of use are hard to understand unless you actually touch them yourselfis! !

In recent years, smartphones have spread rapidly,Many crypto asset exchanges are focusing on not only the trading tools on the PC but also the functionality of the smartphone application, so they have a good reputation.It looks like

In DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin), there seems to be a smartphone application corresponding to "iOS / Android" as well as a trading tool on a personal computer.

However, app support is now mandatory at all exchanges and sales outlets, so it is not that important.

How to choose an exchange ③ Are various fees and spreads cheap?

Anyone who wants to buy crypto assets cheaply,It is good to choose a crypto asset exchange that has introduced the exchange format rather than the exchange format and has a low transaction fee (free, etc.)It will be.


Transaction fees are charged every time you trade,A very important factor directly related to the profit and loss you have madeWill be! !

In addition,People who frequently deposit and withdraw profits from trading between exchanges and designated bank accounts should pay attention to withdrawal feesIt will be.

Since DMM Bitcoin is a sales office, spreads are set wider. Know that this is not an exchange for those who want to trade frequently.

How to choose an exchange ④ Are there many types of crypto assets handled?

Looking at only domestic crypto asset exchanges, the types of stocks handled differ from each other.

Those who trade around major major stocks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple do not have to worry too much,Tokens issued by exchanges can only be purchased on that exchange.


Also, even reputable alt coins"MONACOIN", "NEO", "DASH"Are becoming less common in Japan! !

for that reason,Check in advance whether the exchange handles the crypto assets you want to tradeLet's do it.

DMM Bitcoin is a leverage deal, but its major strength is that it can trade Ethereum Classic and Nem in addition to the five major currencies.

How to choose an exchange-Is the operating company and management system reliable?

Last but not least, how to select an exchange is related to security functions."Company operating the exchange" and "Exchange internal management system".

In recent years, in order to run a crypto asset exchange business (exchange) in Japan, the permission of the Financial Services Agency has become essential,Exchanges approved by the FSA have cleared the minimum management systemdoing.


However,A company that actually operates a crypto asset exchange has a large scale, or an exchange that is likely to have enhanced services in the future is highly reliable.You can say! !

Also, in accordance with the prescribed laws and regulations, firmlyWhether the assets received from customers and the funds managed by the exchange are managed separately, and whether a management system is in place to check daily for excess or deficiency.Is also an important point.

Also, in recent years, if an exchange has been hacked or otherwise damaged customer assets,Exchanges with insurance services to compensate for this increaseThese exchanges can trade with confidence.

DMM.com, the parent company of DMM Bitcoin, is not listed, but is a large company operating a very wide range of industries. There are experts who do not list the cost, but analyze that they are capable.

Originally, stock trading and FX trading were also DMMs as industries, soWe also have sufficient know-how to handle financial products of crypto assetsIt is considered.

From such a viewpoint, it may be good to use the main exchange as a major GMO coin and the DMM Bitcoin as a sub exchange (sales exchange).


Rather than just judge by word of mouth and reputation,It is important to try it yourself ♪From the following official websiteOpen an account for free and use it ♪

DMM Bitcoin (Bitcoin) analysis of good reputation and bad reputation & advantages and disadvantages Summary

DMM Bitcoin, Reputation

This time, the crypto asset exchange is very famous and popular in Japan.Analysis focusing on advantages and disadvantages that can be understood from the reputation of "DMM Bitcoin"And introduced.

Looking at word of mouth and reputation, there were good and bad reputations, but I think that it is a pretty good sales point personally because it is also a measure to protect users.

If you are in doubt, please register for DMM Bitcoin at this opportunity, because the sales office can perform quick transactions even if the altcoin suddenly rises or falls.
"DMM Bitcoin" official website specialized for sales offices

If you are a beginner and you are still unsure of the best temporary crypto asset exchange for you even after reading the article, why not try choosing the "Cryptographic Asset Ranking" article below.

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