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Easy-to-understand explanation of GMO coin fees! Important points are four trading services!

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GMO coin, fee


Hello, this is Saori.GMO coinI do not understand the commission of a complicated system well.
But,If you trade a little bit, You should have a good understanding of commissions.


This time it's hard to understand GMO coins

"CommissionAbout even beginners

I would like to explain clearly!


"I want to compare GMO coin fees with other companies!'

If you are, this article is recommended! ↓↓


List of commissions for virtual currency exchange GMO coins

GMO coin, fee

GMO coinCommissionTrading servicesEvery

I tried to put it together clearly!


Exchange Fees

GMO coin "exchange" commission

  • Japanese Yen Deposit Fee: Free
  • Japanese Yen Withdrawal Fee: Free
  • Transaction fee (maker): -0.01% of transaction amount
  • Transaction fee (taker): 0.05% of transaction amount
  • Japanese Yen Instant Deposit Fee: Free

GMO coinThen the commission of the maker transaction

Because it is negative, for the user

It is very profitable.


As much as possible in maker trading

If you order so that

In some cases, that alone can make a profit.



Free deposit and withdrawal fees for Japanese yen and instant deposit feesTherefore, it is a nice point for beginners to be able to easily transfer funds.


■ About Maker and Taker

The maker places the order on the board



Taker, with the order on the board

The deal is closed immediately.



Using the actual trading board of GMO coins

I'll explain it clearly.

GMO coin, fee

This is a trading board of Ripple (XRP).


Looking at the screen, the current XRP price is

It is "46.6 yen (blue frame)".


In the left panel (quotes),

  • Sell ​​orders are lined up in the upper left
  • Buy orders are lined up at the bottom right

It is displayed.


Looking at the current board, it costs 46.7 yen

You can see that the sell order is out.


At this time, if you place a buy order at "46.7 yen"

Since the transaction is completed immediately without being put on the board,

"Taker tradingIs established.



If you want to buy a little cheaper,Order at a price below the current priceOut.


For example, in the image above, the current price is 46.7 yen

If you place a buy order for 46.0 yen,

Transactions do not close immediatelyBecause

Order placed on boardIt will be.


As it is now the price has dropped

If your order is closed

"Maker tradingIs established

It will be said.



It may be difficult at first,Once you get used to, you can place a sales order in secondsIt will be like ♪


"Seller" commission (spread)

The fees required at the GMO Coin “Sales Office” are as follows.

  • Japanese Yen Deposit Fee: Free
  • Japanese Yen Withdrawal Fee: Free
  • Transaction fee: Free
  • Instant deposit fee: free
  • Spread: floating


At the GMO coin sales office,

"I want to buy a bitcoin"

Even if you are a beginner

Completely free commissionCan be purchased quickly.



Just at the sales officeSpreadBecause there isThis isSubstantial feesIt becomes.


■ What is a spread?

What is a spread?

Price difference between buy and sell pricesRefers to that.


There is no order board at the sales office,

thingTraders (GMO coins) set their own

Bid and Ask pricesThe transaction takes place in.



Since two prices, a bid price and a sell price, are presented,2WAY price methodYou're called. "


At this time, GMO coins are used for both buy and sell prices.

Set the price difference (spread) on purposeHave been

The difference is the profit of GMO coin

We have adopted a mechanism.


For example, suppose that the price of Bitcoin is 100 million yen,

  • Selling price: 105 million yen
  • Purchase price: 95 yen

It means that you are setting like that.



If I buy bitcoin for 105 yen, it means that 5 yen (105 million yen-100 yen) will be the profit of GMO coin.


* Actually, it is often set at 3 to 10% of the transaction price


As long as there is a system called spread,

Users who used the sales officeAbsolutely

Disadvantageous transactionHave to do.


Just choose whether to buy or sell

The 2WAY price where you can trade is

Easy to understand for beginners

There is a merit that.



Even when soaring or falling, the exchange order board is confused,Easy to buy at a sales officeThat's strength.


"Cryptocurrency FX" commission

The following fees are required for GMO Coin “Virtual Currency FX”.

  • Deposit and withdrawal fee: Free
  • Order fee (transaction fee): Free
  • Leverage fee: 0.04% per open position / day
  • Loss cut fee: Free


■ What is open position?

Virtual currency FX and leverage trading

In a settlement transaction,

The state of buying virtual currency

The state of being sold

"I have a position."Is called.


Open interest is sometimes called position,

  • Long position when bought
  • The short position that is sold

Is called.


■ GMO coin spread

0.04% of holding a position

There is a leverage fee,

No loss cut feeHas become.



The important point is,Transaction fees are free, but spreads are set".


Virtual currency FX is like a sales office

Because it is a 2WAY price transaction,

GMO coins in advance to buy and sell prices

Set spreaddoing.


■ How to order virtual currency FX

GMO coin virtual currency FX

Trading methods (ordering methods) are very rich.

  • Speed ​​ordering: Market order is possible just by tapping the trading volume and "buy or sell"
  • Market order: How to place an order by specifying the quantity you want to trade without specifying the price
  • Limit order: The normal ordering method for specifying a price and quantity
  • Stop order: buy when it goes up, sell it when it goes down, the opposite ordering method to the limit order (useful when losing or forming a trend)
  • OCO order: Order method to place limit order and stop order at the same time (if one is established, the other will be automatically canceled)
  • IFD order: An order method that allows you to place a settlement order at the same time as a new order
  • IFDOCO order: An ordering method that combines IFD and OCO (a limit order and a stop order can be placed, and a settlement order can be entered at the same time)


"Leverage transaction" fees

The following fees are required for "leverage trading" of GMO Coins.

  • Deposit and withdrawal fee: Free
  • Order fee (transaction fee): Free
  • Leverage fee: 0.04% per open position / day
  • Loss cut fee: 0.5% per open position
  • Cash / delivery fee: 20% per open position


■ What is open position?

Virtual currency FX and leverage trading

In a settlement transaction,

The state of buying virtual currency

The state of being sold

"I have a position."Is called.


Open interest is sometimes called position,

  • Long position when bought
  • The short position that is sold

Is called.


■ Explanation of leverage transaction fees

In leverage trading of GMO coins,

Of a deal (order) to have a position

Fee is free.


However, if you hold a position,

As leverage fee

1% commission per dayTo do.


Also, if margins run out due to price fluctuations,

It will be automatically cut (loss cut),

That time0.5% loss cut feeTo do.


■ About GMO Coin “Present / Current Delivery”

In leverage trading of GMO coins,

"Present / present delivery" is available.


After having a position in the cash settlement transaction,

One set until the position is canceled

That is the basic.


However, if you do "cash / delivery",

Changed to "in-kind" transaction on the waycan.


What is "current delivery / delivery"?

  • A cash register (genbiki) means that you have a long position (buy position), settle in Japanese yen,Receive virtual currencymethod.
  • The current delivery (Genme) means that you have a short position (open position)Pass the actual virtual currency (the same brand / same quantity) you own to GMO Coin and receive Japanese Yen as the priceこと.

Simply put, pay the commission

From cash settlement transaction to spot transaction

That is to force it to change.


"Cash on the spot" buys virtual cryptocurrency

Selling the virtual cryptocurrency if it is “existing”

The composition is as follows.


However,The commission at that time is

Very high, 20% of open interestBecause,

As long as you do "distribution / delivery"

It is better to do spot trading at exchanges and sales offices

Overwhelmingly advantageous.



To apply, you must apply from the GMO coin inquiry form.


* With virtual currency FX, "cash / cash" is not available.


Instant Deposit Service (JPY) Fee

GMO coin deposit fee is basically free,

The transfer fee required by the bank is

You have to bear it yourself.


Since all exchanges have the same system,

Save on commissionThere is no doubt that.


Furthermore, with GMO coins,

If it is from a partner bank

Fee is completely freeIt will be.


In other words, no bank transfer fees

about it.


Moreover, since the deposit is reflected immediately,

It is very convenient to have a partner bank account.


GMO Coin is affiliated with the following banks.

  • GMO Aozora Net Bank
  • Rakuten Bank
  • Sumishin SBI Net Bank
  • Japan Net Bank



The following banks are also affiliated, but only for pazy.

  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Resona Bank
  • Saitama Resona Bank


■ What is Pazy?


The financial institution and the transferee's organization (storage institution)

A payment system to connect.


We are affiliated with tens of thousands of organizations nationwide,

The exchanges where pazy can be used have increased.


Pazy is one of the "payment methods",

Deposit Japanese yen to the exchange (transfer)

You can use it when you want.


With Pazy,

  • Instant deposit possible
  • Free commission

There are advantages such as.


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, etc.

If you only have an account,

It is recommended because there is no commission fee when using Paisie.


Virtual currency deposit and withdrawal fees

What are virtual currency deposit and withdrawal fees?

Virtual currency deposited on other exchanges

When depositing into GMO coin, or

From GMO coins to other exchanges and wallets

This is the fee that will be charged when you withdraw money.


With GMO coins, virtual currency deposit and withdrawal fees are

All are free.


However, at the time of deposit

You need to pay a "minor fee".


■ What is a minor fee?

Minor fees are bitcoin and

Virtual currency such as Ethereum,

To another wallet (exchange, etc.)

It is a fee required at the time of remittance.


This minor fee is

It ’s not a commission you pay for your sales outlet,

Manages blockchain

The commission paid to the miner.



Miners are the miners who manage the blockchain that is the basis of cryptocurrencies, and people who call them computers.


The amount of the minor fee is basically

You can decide freely.


However, miners are not

Since we send money preferentially,

If you set your commission too low,

Remittances may take some time.


Basically, exchanges and sales offices

Since we have a minimum minor fee,

Make sure to send money accordingly.

(* Depending on the status of the blockchain

The required minor fee varies. )


[Basic Fees] What are the four trading services of GMO Coin?

GMO coin, fee

GMO Coin has four trading services.

The trading service to use depends on the purpose of trading the virtual currency. Each commission has a different fee, so before looking at the commission, let's first look at what trading services are available.

  • For beginners of virtual currency, first try purchasing at a simple `` sales shop ''
  • If you get used to buying and selling, try ordering a board trade at `` Exchange ''
  • People who want to earn with leverage also try "virtual currency FX" "leverage trading"

The fact that GMO coins are popular because GMO coins can be bought and sold in various ways depending on their own level of investment and the purpose of use may be something like that.

GMO coin trading service ① “Exchange”

The exchange uses the “trading board (order board)” prepared by the virtual currency exchange in advance,How users trade with each other.


Basically, the virtual currency exchange only provides a place for trading (trading board), and the point of actually trading is between users.

Generally speaking, cryptocurrency trading often refers to this "exchange"!

Exchange points

  • `` Spot trading '' that can actually own virtual currency
  • Transaction using order board between users
  • You can do real trading while looking at charts and quotes

GMO coin trading service ② “Sales Office”

Sales offices, unlike exchanges,A place to buy and sell virtual currency from `` GMO coin '' which actually operates a virtual currency exchange.

One of the features of the sales office is that the trading price of each virtual currency is preset by GMO Coin. The difference with the virtual currency price that moves in real time opens.

Users make transactions by seeing two prices, "buy price" and "sell price", set by GMO Coin. The method of trading at these two prices is sometimes called the "2WAY price method."

Also, remember the difference between the selling price and the selling price at the store because it is called a "spread." Of course, this spread is set by the operator (GMO coin) and serves as a substantial commission.

These spreads are sometimes called "hidden commissions" because there are no open transaction commissions.

Point of sales office

  • `` Spot trading '' that can actually own virtual currency
  • Trade at the price (2WAY price) decided by the business without using the trading board
  • Simple transaction screen easy for beginners to understand

GMO coin trading service ③ Virtual currency FX trading

Virtual currency FX with GMO coins is a difference settlement transaction that simply selects "buy" or "sell". You can deposit margin and use it as collateral for high-magnification transactions (leverage).

There is no order board, and the GMO coin adopts a 2WAY price method that determines the buying price and the selling price.

Since it is not a physical transaction, you cannot own Bitcoin, for example, if you buy Bitcoin. Finally, it is a method of selling it and settling the difference Japanese yen (profit or loss) (difference settlement transaction).

Virtual currency FX points

  • There is no order board and you can choose to buy or sell (2WAY price)
  • The actual item cannot be traded because it is the difference settlement
  • "Short sale" from "Sell" is possible
  • It is possible to multiply the normal transaction price by "leverage"
  • GMO coin decides selling price and buying price
  • └There is a spread (price difference between buying and selling)

Virtual currency FX has various kinds of commissions such as leverage commission (swap commission / position management commission) and loss cut commission, so it is a trading method for advanced users!

GMO coin trading service④leverage trading

Leverage trading of GMO coins is a net settlement transaction using an order board. The virtual currency FX was a 2WAY price method, but in leverage trading you can freely determine the price using the order board.

The important point is that trading partners are not GMO coins, but the same users.

Points of leverage trading

  • Trade between users using an order board
  • The actual item cannot be traded because it is the difference settlement
  • "Short sale" from "Sell" is possible
  • You can trade with "leverage (multiplier)"
  • You can do full-scale trading by looking at charts and quotes

Leverage transactions, like the virtual currency FX, have various fees (position management fees, etc.), so they are for advanced users!

GMO coin fees are high! ? Summary of spot and leverage transactions

GMO coin, fee

This time, we introduced various fees of GMO coins, which are very popular in Japan.

GMO coin fees areIt is very cheap compared to other domestic exchanges, so it is also famous as the first open account for beginners.


If you make good use of GMO coin fees, you will surely be able to trade at a reasonable price,Trade once by all means referring to the information introduced this timePlease try.

In addition, the following article introduces the "Comparative Ranking of Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchanges" in detail.

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