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[How to use GMO coins] Easy-to-understand explanation of the basics of ordering and how to use the app "Bittre"!

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GMO coin, how to use


Hello, Yui ♪
This time it is a very popular virtual currency exchange in Japan
GMO coin OfBasicHow to useAnd
Bitcoin FX using Bittre
How to orderWe introduce such as ♪ (* ▽ ▽) ノ


I will explain it clearly with images,

  • I don't know how to use trading tools or apps
  • I do not want to fail in the order method
  • I don't know which trading service to use

People are a must-see article!


To actually trade

GMO coin account requiredSo,

If you haven't registered yet, let's do it first!


Registration is easy,

Until the application passestake timeBecause,

I think it is better to leave only the registration application ahead.


First, let's apply for registration first ↓↓

This time, the basic usage of GMO coin,

Four trading servicesI will introduce each.


How to use GMO coins | Thorough commentary with images for each trading order

GMO coin, how to use

4 ways to trade GMO coins

  • Exchange (in-kind trading)
  • Sales office (spot transaction)
  • Virtual currency FX trading
  • Leverage trading


For each trade,

I will explain how to use it clearly ♪


How to use ■ How to order at a sales office (spot transaction)

GMO coin, how to use

GMO coin sales office (spot transaction)

Price set by the operator in advance Of

"Market orderYou can only.


Usage is simple and easy

Recommended for beginnersBut for advanced users

It may not be enough.


How to use

  • Click "Sales" from the menu on the left of the screen above
  • Check the stock you want to trade
  • Select "Buy by quantity" or "Buy by amount"
  • Click the "Trade button"

You can purchase in the flow.



Also, although the transaction fee of the sales office is free,
In practice, a spread (the difference between the bid price and the sell price) occurs,
that isMechanism taken as a substantial feeで す
♪ (· ∀ ·)


How to use: How to place an order (exchange)

next"Exchange (in-kind trading)How to use.


Unlike sales offices, users

Place orders directly while looking at the trading board,

The mechanism to complete the sale.


GMO coin, how to use

From the menu on the left, select “Exchange-Physical Trading”

When you selectTrading boardOrder screenComes out,

While looking at this trading board

It will be put out.


How to use the trading board (how to order)

A little complicated


Select the price that is already displayed on the trading board

"Taker" when the order is executed


After placing new orders on the board

When the contract is made, "Maker"

As the fee will be different.


Especially for GMO coins,

Maker is returned with a negative fee

If you execute with Taker

You will be charged a transaction fee.


In actual use,

  • Select the type of virtual currency you want to place an order for
  • Select the sales category (Sell or Buy)
  • Enter transaction quantity and order price

Put the order in the flow.



In other words, as a recommended usage of GMO coin,
Use "exchanges" instead of sales offices with spreadsThen,
And make a contract with "Maker"
Let's keep in mind ♪ (^ O ^)


How to use ③ How to order virtual currency FX trading

Then, next, with GMO coin

Virtual currency FX tradingHow to use (order method).


First from the left menu

Select "Cryptocurrency FX".


GMO coin, how to use

Then, as shown above,

  • Select the virtual currency you want to trade
  • Select “Trading Class” and “Transaction Quantity”

You can order by doing.


GMO coin virtual currency FX

Same as “Sales Office”2WAY price method

(2 choices of buy or sell)

BasicallyWith the price shown on the right

Basic method of buying and selling.


In other words, like a sales office (spot transaction),

Of courseNote that a spread will occur.


How to use④ How to order leverage trading

Finally, with GMO coinLeverage trading Of

How to use (ordering method)

As mentioned above,How to use spot trading on exchangesIs the same as


GMO coin, how to use

  • Select “Exchange-Leveraged Trading”
  • Choose the virtual currency you want to order
  • Select "Trading / Trade Volume / Trade Price"

I place an order in the flow.


When placing an order with leverage,

In the yellow frame at the bottom right

"Necessary margin and expected loss cut'

Is displayed.

Keep this in mind.



In leverage trading and virtual currency FX trading,
"If the leverage (magnification) is applied to the maximum, the loss is easily cut.'
Be careful about how to use it.


How to use GMO coin official app "Bittre"

GMO coin, how to use

GMO coinProvides a smartphone app dedicated to virtual currency FX trading, "Bitre-kun". This app has a reputation for being very easy to use.

From here, I will explain how to use GMO coin's excellent app "Bittre" in an easy-to-understand manner.

Charming features of Bittre

I said, "How to explain how to use it in an easy-to-understand manner."

  • Easy to use, even beginners can trade intuitively
  • Since it is a smartphone application, virtual currency FX can be easily used anywhere
  • You can use the speed order function limited to smartphone applications
  • The chart function is extensive, so analysis can be done firmly.
  • "Instructions" that summarize how to use the app are easy to understand

Since Bittre is an excellent trading tool, there are people who open GMO coin accounts with this alone.


It is a nice point for beginners to understand how to use it easily (* ^ ^ *)

There are two ways to use Bittre! Let's do a speed order!

Let's start by explaining how to use the app "Bittre"! First, install and launch Bittre on your smartphone.

Bittre's login account and password are the same as the GMO coin account.

Click here if you have not registered yet ↓↓

By the way, it is basic to learn two kinds of usage in Bittre.

  • [Trade] Virtual currency FX trading is possible just like normal GMO coins
  • [Speed ​​ordering] Limited function that allows immediate sales by simply specifying the number of brands to trade

Regarding "trade", it is exactly the same as GMO coin,In speed order, you can trade just by entering the transaction quantity as shown belowに な っ て い ま す.

GMO coin, how to use

This speed order is a function limited to smartphone apps, but it is a very useful function for those who do virtual currency FX with GMO coins.


By the way,Bitcoin's chart screen will be displayed instantly if you turn Bittre sidewaysI am very grateful for the points ♪ (* ^ ω ^ *)

First, tap the brand button at the bottom right of the Bittre-kun home screen and select the brand you want to trade.

GMO coin, how to use

From now on, I will explain each of the 5 ordering methods displayed by tapping "BID (sell) / ASK (buy)" displayed at the top on the screen of Mr. Bittre.

* Here, Ripple (XRP) is selected and explained so that the price is easy to see.

How to order Bittre① Market order

First, how to use the leftmost “Market Order”. Market orders areHow to order at a market price that is moving in real time.

GMO coin, how to use

Just tap the “Market” button and enter “Quantity” as shown above.The merit is that it is possible to close and trade immediately after placing an order, but be careful with spreads.

Bittre's ordering method②Normal order (Limit / Stop order)

The following is an explanation of how to use "Normal order (Limit / Limit)". When you click the normal button, the following screen will be displayed.This is a limit order or stop order that is executed when the price and quantity are specified and the order is reached.

GMO coin, how to use

In limit orders and stop orders in virtual currency FX trading,If the current price does not reach the specified price, it will not be executed (trade completed) forever.


There aren't many exchanges where you can place a stop order, so this is also the appeal of GMO coins! !

How to order Bittre ③ Order "IFD"

Next, how to use "IFD order".

IFD is an ordering method that means "if executed"How to place "new order" and "payment order" at the same time.

GMO coin, how to use

Select and enter "Execution condition" and "Order rate" to decide the transaction.

If you make a new order "buy", the settlement will automatically be "sell", but if you sell short, the reverse is true.

New orders are handled in the same way as regular (limit) orders, and they are filled when the specified buy order price reaches the desired price.


after that,When the price specified in the "Sell order" entered at the same time is reached, the sell order is automatically confirmedIt is a flow that is ♪ (∀))

How to order Bittre-kun④ “OCO” order

Next, how to use "OCO order".

An order method in which two orders are placed in advance and one of the orders is automatically canceled when either order is executed and the transaction is completed..

GMO coin, how to use

The two types of orders are "limit order" and "stop order".

The crypto market is so volatile that when the actual rate touches the price specified for one of the orders, the order is filled and the other order is cancelled.


When the market is in the range market, it is a good usage to use it when the trend is going to move up or down soon! (^^) /

Buy (sell) if you pass through either the support line (support line) or the resistance line (resistance line)! It can be used like this!

How to order Mr. Bittre⑤ Order “IFD-OCO”

Finally, a commentary on how to use "IFD-OCO order".

As mentioned above,Ordering method combining IFD and OCO orderIs ".

GMO coin, how to use

The new order is the same as the "IFD order" described above, but the "OCO order" method is incorporated in the settlement order.

New orders are entered in the same way as regular (limit) orders, and settlement orders are ordered with both "limit" and "stop limit" prices.


In other words,Settlement order is placed in OCO format after new order is filledThat means ♪ ((∀))

After specifying and executing the price you want to buy,Profit when the price rises to the price you want to sell, or specify the loss price to minimize the loss if it declinesHow to useIs basicIt becomes.

How to use GMO coins | Bitcoin FX order is recommended by Bittre

By the way, this time, we introduced the basic usage and the ordering method using Bittre, who specializes in virtual currency FX orders such as Bitcoin among those who use GMO coins.

Among the many virtual currency smartphone apps, Gimlet provided by GMO Coin,A very high-performance smartphone-only “speed order” function has been added, and five more types of order methods can be introduced.Has become.

It is a perfect smartphone app for those who do virtual currency FX trading with GMO coins, so it is highly recommended because you can predict prices from charts and place orders during busy daytime hours.


If you haven't used GMO coins yet,On this occasionOpen a GMO coin accountAnd realize the greatness of BittrePlease do it ♪ (***)

If you want to know more about apps such as Bittre, this article is also recommended!

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
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We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

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