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The reason why you cannot log in to GMO Coin is due to two-step verification or email! ? Easy-to-understand explanation of how to deal!

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GMO coin, login


Hello, Haru! Apparently a very popular exchange recentlyGMO coinSuccessfullyLoginIt seems that there is a problem that can not be done.I will do it! !

Popular among a wide range of beginners and advanced players among domestic crypto exchangesGMO coinHowever, there seems to be a case where the login password that should have been set is incorrect, or an error occurs when it is caught by two-step authentication.

Especially if you are new to cryptocurrency,Opening an account on GMO Coin and saying "I can't log in for some reason even though my registered content is correct."Isn't it?

  • I cannot log in because I forgot my email address and password
  • Login restrictions were applied while entering the wrong password many times
  • I get an error and cannot log in even if I enter my two-factor authentication password

Let's take a closer look at how to solve the problems that may occur when logging in with GMO Coins.

[Confirmation] Correct login method of GMO coin

GMO coin, login


First of all,Introducing the correct login method and procedure to GMO CoinLet's check at what point the trouble is occurring! !

Click the login button at the top right of the GMO coin official website.

GMO coin, login

Enter the email address and password registered when opening a new GMO coin account and log inTo do.

Also, those who registered on Facebook and Google will press their respective buttons.

After that, the person who has set up two-factor authentication will be sent the authentication number to the SMS of the registered smartphone, so enter the 6-digit authentication number correctly and click the "Authenticate" button.

with this,Normally you can log in correctly and start tradingIt will be.

What to do if you cannot log in to GMO Coin

GMO coin, login

Even if you try the correct login method, "If you can not log in due to some error"The password may be wrong or two-factor authentication may not be working.

Here, eachWhat to do if you cannot log in to GMO CoinI will introduce you.

* However, if you forget your password or unlockEmail address, date of birth, phone number"Is required. If you do not know this information at the time of registrationUnfortunately you cannot log in on your ownSo, please contact us from GMO coin inquiry form or telephone support.

Remedy 場合 If you have forgotten the password for login

If you remember your email address but forget your password, you can reset it yourself without having to contact GMO Coin.

Click "Forgot Password" for the password at the bottom of the login screen.

GMO coin, login

Then, the following screen will appear,Enter the "Email address, date, phone number" at the time of registration and click the "Send" buttonlet's do it.

GMO coin, login

When you press the submit button,A new "password reset email" should have been sent to the entered email addressSo click on the link.


The validity time of the received link destination is only 5 minutesLet's reset it immediately! !

Click the link to go to the new password setting screen.Password reset is completed by entering a new password twice and a 2-digit two-step authentication numberTo do.

After completing, check whether you can log in normally on the GMO Coin login screen.

Remedy 場合 If the login password is incorrectly restricted many times

If you enter your password incorrectly many times to remember your password when you log in to GMO Coin,Temporarily restrict loginI will let you.

Even if you can no longer log in to GMO Coin due to such login restrictions,Unlockable without contacting GMO coinsHas become.

In this case, click "If your password is locked" at the bottom of the login screen as shown below.

GMO coin, login

Then, you will move to the login restriction release screen,Enter "e-mail address, date of birth, phone number" required to release restrictionsAnd then click the "Send" button.

After that, the same as "Forgot password" above, you will receive an email with a validity of 5 minutes,Enter the required information at the link and press the "Send" button to complete.

Solution ③ If you cannot log in with two-step authentication

Typically,The following three types of two-step authentication settings for GMO coinsHas become.

  • Authentication by smartphone SMS
  • Authentication by smartphone or phone
  • Authentication by "Google Authenticator" app

First, let's check how you set up two-factor authentication.

Also, if smartphone SMS authentication / phone authentication is not possible,Check if the mail from GMO Coin is in the junk mail folder or set to rejectLet's try.

If you are unable to log in using the Google Authenticator authentication, you may have entered the password of another registered exchange.

When performing authentication using the "Google Authenticator" app with GMO coins,Enter "coin.z.com" authentication passwordplease.

Solution ④ When the two-step verification application can no longer be used

In everyday life,When your phone breaks down and your phone number changes suddenlyAlso,There are relatively many cases where you cannot log in with the GMO Coin two-factor authentication applicationIt seems.

At that timeClick `` Contact '' at the bottom of the GMO coin official websitelet's do it.

GMO coin, login

In the inquiry form, as shown aboveFill in "Subject, Inquiry content, Inquiry type" in detaillet's do it.


In addition,If you are in a hurry, you can use chat or phone support to consultIt will be.

Remedy: If you cannot log in with Google Authentication / Facebook

GMO coin, login

If you can't log in with your Google or Facebook account instead of your regular email address,Mostly "possibly trying to log in with a different account or address than the one you registered"there is.

GMO coin, login

If you have multiple accounts on Google and Facebook, the screen above will appear.

These errors are seen when using other apps with automatic loginIt seems.

Also, for reasons such as buying a new PC,There is a possibility that you can not log in because the browser environment etc. differs from when you opened a GMO coin accountIt seems.


If you can't solve it yourself,Contact GMO Coin Official SupportLet's!

If you can't log in to GMO Coin's official app "Bittre"! ?

GMO coin, login

Bitcoin is a GMO coin app that has a very good reputation in virtual currency FX. ActuallyThe ID and password used when logging in to Bittre-kun are the same as those used to log in to GMO CoinHas become.

for that reason,Enter your e-mail address and password at the time of opening the account, and set the two-step authentication number and log inlet's do it.

One of the reasons why you cannot log in to Bittre is

  • Incorrect email address and password
  • Wrong two-factor authentication password

Most of that.

If you can't log in to Bitre as well as log in to GMO Coin, or if you can't solve it, contact GMO Coin.

There are many cases where you cannot log in because the security of GMO coins is high

GMO coin, login

in recent years,Frequent outflows of customer assets due to hacking on cryptocurrency exchanges etc. occur, and severe opinions are raised on the security systemDuring,GMO Coin has increased the number of security technicians and is focusing on countermeasures.

Important assets received from customersThoroughly manage cold wallets stored in a place isolated from the Internet, segregation management from assets used on exchanges, and identity verification at the time of account registrationIt seems.

for that reason,When logging in, it takes time and effort to log in unless you enter two-factor authentication etc. in addition to the passwordBut alsoSecurity measures are solidIt can be said.

Summary of how to cope when you can not log in to GMO coins

With GMO Coin, even if you forget your password or receive login restrictions, you can basically handle it yourselfIt is like that.

Since it is an exchange focused on user support,It is also a popular secret that you can use chat and inquiry easily even if you have problems that you can not solve yourselfIt will be.

In addition, if you are dissatisfied with GMO coin login troubles or inquiries, you may want to switch to another exchange. All exchanges in Japan are free to register, so it is recommended to try out various exchanges!

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