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2019.12.02 Last update
Editor-in-Chief Takashima

[December 2019 version] GMO coin trading for 12 people every day with 10 yen cash present campaign!

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Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Hello! I'm Takashima, Editor-in-Chief of Coin Girls (* ^^ *)
This time, a ridiculous campaign with GMO coins has started! The market is going to be exciting again and I'm excited!

Today, the popular crypto exchange "GMO coinThis is the corner that I actually use! Features and recommended points, andLatest campaign informationWill be updated from time to time, so please check it out!

And how to take part in the latest campaign that costs 1 yen every day. So, don't miss this big opportunity even if you take a little time now ♪

* Updated in December 2019

[Latest Campaign Information on GMO Coins①] Cash 10 yen per day for 1,000 people

GMO coin, campaign

[Period]: Everyday 6:00 ~ Next day 5:59

[Description]: Get a lottery ticket if you purchase virtual currency at least once at a GMO coin sales office! A chance to win 1 yen cash for 10 people every day!

[Conditions]: Purchase at least once the virtual currency of the "sales office" (it is reset every day, so purchasing every day gives you a chance every day)

[Condition 5]: Applicable to transactions of all currencies handled by GMO coins (XNUMX major types including bitcoin are OK)

[Points of lottery] If you purchase virtual currency such as ripple, you will be automatically entered in the lottery, so if you buy virtual currency at the "sales office" without thinking about difficulties OK! However, if you win, you will need to receive it within 7 days, so please check if the "Received money" button is displayed on the member page-[Campaign]-[Sales] after login!


Join the lottery now! !


[Latest GMO coin campaign information コ イ ン] A chance to win 1 yen every day!

GMO coin campaign

[Period]: Every day from 6:00 to 5:59

[Description]: Get a lottery ticket worth 1 yen when you make a new transaction of 600 million yen or more in one day with virtual currency FX of GMO coin!

[Condition]: New transaction of 24 million yen or more with virtual currency FX within 600 hours from XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX the next day

[Condition 5]: Applicable to transactions of all currencies handled by GMO coins (XNUMX major types including bitcoin are OK)

[Points for lottery] New transactions of virtual currency FX are conditions, so settlement transactions are not included. For example, if you take a new position in XRP with a short of 100 million yen and close the position immediately, it will be recorded as 200 million yen instead of 100 million yen. If you repeat it 1 times during the day, it will be 6 million yen and you will get a lottery ticket ♪ The chance of lottery is every day, so it is a pretty delicious campaign (* ^ ^ *)

Join the lottery now! !

Split, commission, etc. GMO coins that have been campaigning in the past

GMO coin, campaign

The cryptocurrency exchange is running various campaigns to acquire new users. Among them, we are particularly focusing on campaignsGMO coinSo, I've hit various campaigns in the past.

[End] Chance to get up to XNUMX yen in cash!

gmo coin, campaign

[Period]: September 2019, 9 (Sun) 1:6 ~

[Description]: If you buy a bitcon over 5,000 yen at the sales office during the period, you will get a chance to get XNUMX yen by lottery! ! I draw lots every day,Easy carry up to XNUMX yen due to carryoverFeatures!

[Condition 5,000]: Make a transaction to purchase bitcoin of XNUMX yen or more at the sales office during the campaign period.

[Condition 5000]: One time purchase of 5000 yen or more. Not applicable if the total of multiple transactions is XNUMX yen.

[Points for lottery]:GMO coinAt the sales office, the first price after 6:00 is the `` open price '', the price at 5:59 the next day as `` close price '',The median of the opening price on the purchase date + the closing price on the purchase date"Will be the winning price.

Every day lottery is held, and if there is no winner, 5 yen will be carried over the next day. The next day will be XNUMX yen, so even if two winners appear, you can get up to XNUMX yen!

[End] 2,000 yen chance just by trading! ! Wallet app debut campaign

[Period]: August 2019-August 8, 1 (Payment is scheduled for September)

[Contents]: When trading for the first time at “Sales” from “GMO coin virtual currency wallet”,100 yen cash will be given to 2,000 people by lottery!

[Condition 2019]: Have never traded at "GMO Coin Virtual Currency Wallet" at "Sales Office" after February 2, 13

[Condition ②]: Trade at the sales office during the period from "GMO coin virtual currency wallet"


The transaction value doesn't matter, and the type of virtual currency doesn't matter.

For example,Ripple (about 40 yen) 30 sheets (about 1200 yen) or OKis! (You can order at least 30 ripples)

However,Person who has never traded since February 2019, 2So,Campaign not related to experienced people('・ Ω ・ `)

[End] [Cryptocurrency FX] BTC spread sharp reduction challenge! !

GMO Coin, Features, Campaign

[Period]: Every Friday from 19:00 to 19:30 (30 minutes) * Excluding holidays

[Explanation]: Spread of GMO coin "virtual currency FX" reduced to 100 yen level only during the period


GMO Coin's "Cryptocurrency FX" is a cash settlement transaction where orders are placed in a 2-way price system of "buy" and "sell". Originally there is a big spread (price difference between buying and selling) set by the GMO coin side, but it is advantageous to trade during the campaign where the leverage is reduced ♪

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

I'm interested in virtual currency FX! The person who has just added a friend of Coin Girls Official LINE as a friend is presenting a complete capture book of virtual currency FX ♪

A complete strategy book full of everything to earn with FX is distributed free here ↓ ↓
Coin Girls Official LINE

We are also delivering fun topics about virtual currency that you want to talk to your friends ♪

[End] 20,000 Satoshi present campaign

GMO Coin, Features, Campaign

[Period]: Wednesday, August 2017, 8 9:16-To be determined

[Description]: Get 20,000 satoshi without opening a new GMO coin account


"Satoshi" is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC, so ...
If 1 BTC = 1,000,000 yen, 1 Satoshi = 0.01 yen
20,000 Satoshi = 200 yen.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

If you hear 200 yen, you will feel less,There is no risk or demerit as it can be obtained for free ♪Let's get crispy!

By the way, the end date of this campaign is undecided, so we do not know when it will end! Maybe it may end today (.-`ω-)


[End][2nd anniversary of service start] Up to 20 yen cashback campaign

GMO Coin, Features, Campaign

■ Period: Saturday, June 2019, 6-Wednesday, July 1, 7

■ Contents: Cashback according to the total transaction amount of GMO coin "sales office"

■ Cashback amount

Total transaction amount Cashback amount
10 ten thousand jpy ~ XNUM X ten thousand jpy under 1,000 Yen
100 ten thousand jpy ~ XNUM X ten thousand jpy under 10,000 Yen
300 ten thousand jpy ~ XNUM X ten thousand jpy under 30,000 Yen
1,000 ten thousand jpy ~ XNUM X ten thousand jpy under 100,000 Yen
2,000 yen or more 200,000 Yen

■ Point

In this campaign, you can receive cashback according to the total transaction amount at the GMO coin sales office. "Total transaction amount" includes not only the purchase amount of bitcoin etc. but also the sale amount.

For example, if you buy BTC for 50 yen and sell it again for 50 yen, the profit and loss is ± 0 yen, but ...
Since the total transaction amount is 100 yen (50 yen + 50 yen),1 yen will be cashed backabout it! !

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Even those who have already traded on other exchanges can receive cashback just by temporarily transferring assets to GMO coins and cashing, so there is a chance other than GMO coin users ♪

■ How to receive cashback

  • Open a free GMO coin accountYes (minimum 1 day)
  • Download the app "GMO Coin Virtual Currency Wallet"
  • Log in and go to "Sales"
  • Trade (buy, sell) your favorite currency
  • Cashback to account in GMO coin at the end of August

I wrote a little too much, but there is no special procedure required!Anyway, do business at the sales office!With just this, you can receive cashback automatically according to the total transaction amount ♪

[End] Bitcoin division

Initially, GMO Coin operated a bitcoin (BTC) mining business. Against this background, we have implemented a campaign to divide mined bitcoins into 1000 people by lot.

We don't know how the lottery was drawn, but the people chosen are very lucky! The current GMO coin has withdrawn from the mining business, so no such campaign will be held in the future.

[End] Spread reduction campaign

Until now, GMO Coins have been operated as "sales" rather than virtual currency exchanges. The exchange started in 2018, but until then it was only a sales office.

At the point of sale, the spread created when buying virtual currency was a disadvantage. GMO Coin has implemented a campaign to reduce this spread.

Is it similar to the virtual currency FX spread reduction campaign you are doing now?It's a great campaign for investors who repeat small trades many times like scalping and day trading.

I do not know the details at that time, but I think that it was a very exciting campaign because it was a very profitable campaign. This type of campaign is likely to be held on a regular basis, so it's worth watching.

[End] Free commission campaign

GMO Coin also runs a campaign to make various fees free.

During the campaign, all commissions required for cryptocurrency transactions, such as leverage fees and deposit / withdrawal fees, are free!

Just as some say that piles of dust can make a pile, small commissions are a great expense, so it's a happy campaign.

I really want you to do this campaign once more (´ ・ ω ・ `)

[End] Cashback campaign for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Somehow, it is hard to read ... I will write it again clearly.

Cashback for "Bitcoin (BTC)" and "Bitcoin Cash (BCH)"!

You've run a campaign to cash back cash based on your transaction volume.

The content is like this.

  • ¥ 10000 cashback for Bitcoin
  • ¥ 25000 cashback of Bitcoin Cash

It is similar to the cashback of up to 20 yen depending on the transaction volume of the sales office you are doing now!

The details are summarized below.

■ Bitcoin cashback conditions

  • Transaction volume 100BTC or more: Total cashback ¥ 10,000
  • Transaction volume 50BTC ~ 100BTC: Total cashback ¥ 4,000
  • Transaction volume 30BTC ~ 50BTC: Total cashback ¥ 2,000
  • Transaction volume 10BTC ~ 30BTC: Total cashback ¥ 500

What do you think? Maximum cashback is subject to a minimum transaction of 100 BTC.

■ Bitcoin Cash Cashback Conditions

Bitcoin Cash is a virtual currency created by hard forking (dividing) from Bitcoin. GMO Coin started handling one month after hard fork.

At that time,A campaign was implemented in which up to ¥ 25,000 was cashed back according to the number of Bitcoin Cash purchased.

The details are as follows.

  • Trading volume 50BCH: Total cashback ¥ 25,000
  • Trading volume 30BCH: Total cashback ¥ 10,000
  • Trading volume 10BCH: Total cashback ¥ 3,000
  • Trading volume 3BCH: Total cashback ¥ 1,000

Even if you buy and sell 25 pieces, you can buy and sell 50 pieces, so it is a condition that can be achieved if you can prepare about 100 million yen at the time.

The maximum cashback amount here is 25,000 yen, so it is more delicious than bitcoin cashback.

[End] A professional baseball player's autographed uniform and ball will be presented

The last campaign is free of commissions and cashbacks.

There was a campaign to present uniforms and balls with autographs of professional baseball team "Chiba Lotte Marines".

Chiba Lotte Marines fans are likely to bite!The reason why the unique project was born is that the GMO Group is the official sponsor of Chiba Lotte Marines.

Specifically, the autographed uniform hit three people and the autographed ball hit five. These campaigns will stab even those who are not interested in cryptocurrency, so I think it was a good campaign to increase new users for beginners.

Since other companies are sponsored by GMOs, such campaigns may continue to be held on a regular basis.

GMO coin features and basic information

GMO coin, ranking

GMO coinIs a major cryptocurrency exchange in Japan that launched its service in 2016.

Basic information of GMO coin

Item Details
Head Office GMO Coin Inc.
Service start date Sales office: October 2016
Exchange: September 2018, 9
Financial Services Agency registration Kanto Local Finance Bureau No.00006
Handling currency Bitcoin (BTC)
Ripple (XRP)
Ethereum (ETH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Transaction fee -0.01% to 0.05% (Negative commission in progress
Deposit and withdrawal fees Free
FX maximum leverage Bitcoin: Up to 10 times
Altcoin: Up to 5 times
Smartphone app Existence (FX-only application "Bitre-kun")

Four trading services of GMO Coin

  • "Exchange": Spot trading x board trading
  • "Sales office”: Physical trading × 2WAY price method
  • "Leverage trading”: Settlement of money × Board trading
  • "Virtual currency FX”: Settlement of money × 2WAY price method

If you really want to own a virtual currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, use the "Exchange" or "Sales" where you can trade in kind.

Instead of the 2WAY price method where the trading price has already been decided, there are "exchanges" and "leverage transactions" for those who want to trade on the board between users.

■ What is the difference settlement transaction?

A transaction method that determines profit and loss based on the difference between transactions. This is a transaction in which only the Japanese yen increases or decreases according to the profit and loss of the trade, and you cannot actually own the virtual currency.

■ What is the 2WAY price system?

The 2WAY price system is a system used in GMO coin "sales" and "virtual currency FX". Only two prices, "buy price" and "sell price" are presented, and the user can see the price and decide "buy" or "sell".

In places generally called "sales offices", basically this 2WAY price system is adopted,"Spread (price difference between buying and selling)" set by the business operatorIs considered important.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

At the sales office, this"Spread" becomes a real commissionSo let's remember ♪

■ Summary of differences in each trading service

GMO coin comparison table Sales office Exchange Leverage trading Virtual currency FX
Order and transaction fees Free Maker: -0.01% Taker: 0.05% Free Free
Handling currency Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
In-kind holding of virtual currency (I.e. (I.e. None None
Leverage - - Up to 4 times Bitcoin: Up to 10 times
Altcoin: Up to 5 times
Price display 2WAY price method Board trading Board trading 2WAY price method
Leverage fee - - 0.04% / day 0.04% / day
How to order - Market, Limit Market, Limit Market, limit,Stop Loss, IFD, OCO, IFD-OCO
Trading tools Application "GMO coin virtual currency wallet" Application "GMO coin virtual currency wallet" Application "GMO coin virtual currency wallet", PC "WebTrader" Application "GMO coin virtual currency wallet", PC "WebTrader"

Various fees occur in leverage trading and virtual currency FXTo do.Sales offices also have a spread called "hidden commission" (the price difference between the selling price and the buying price)Because,Beginners recommend free and easy-to-understand exchangesで す!

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

And nowImplementing negative commissionis! The more you trade, the more profitable, so let's trade now and pack your experience! !

GMO coin handling currencies

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

All four trading services have the above five types of handling!

Click here if you want to trade Bitcoin or Ripple now ↓↓
GMO Coin Official Site

Recommended points of GMO coin

  • [Now only] Get up to 20 yen
  • [Now only] FX spread reduced to around 100 yen
  • [Now only] Register and get Bitcoin
  • Operated by a super major called GMO Internet Groupdoing
  • Bitcoin, ripple, etc.You can trade five major types of virtual currency
  • Spot trading, virtual currency FX, etc.Supports four trading servicesdoing
  • Transaction fees, deposit and withdrawal fees,All fees are free
  • Super deals on spot transactionsImplementing negative commission
  • Beginners can easily purchase virtual currency at "sales office"

Register here for GMO coins recommended for beginners ↓↓

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
Coin check

Thank you for always reading Coin Girls article ♪

We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

By the way,Have you registered your exchange yet?Exchange registration is completed in about 3 minutes, but you have to wait about XNUMX days before it can be used.What is it?

The biggest attraction of cryptocurrencies is"Sudden soaring"is. Shouldn't we be ready to buy it right away when we say "It's time to buy now!"

First of all, boasting the number one app download in JapanCoin checkLet's register to ♪

With coin check ...

  • Free registration and annual fees
  • The largest number of currencies handled in Japan
  • Free transaction fees
  • Generous user support
  • Solving your worries with Coin Girls' rich articles!

So it's a hot exchange now! First of allOfficial WebsiteCheck out ♪

✓Cryptocurrency can be purchased from 1,000 yen and has the potential to be 10 to 100 times!It is completely free and can be left until soaring OKSo, there is no loss even just registering ♪

Last Updated Date: 2019/12/02

[Women's association member who wrote this article]

Editor-in-Chief Takashima
I am Takashima, the editor-in-chief of the virtual currency girls' association! We will do our best to make Japan's most fun virtual currency media, thank you!
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