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[GMO Coin x Ripple] 4 easy-to-understand explanations on how to buy and how to buy! The fees, merits and demerits are summarized!

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GMO coin, ripple


Hello, this is Saori. The cryptocurrency market that will be exciting in late June, this timePrice is rising steadilyRippleToGMO Coin "How to buy and benefitsI want to talk.


"International money transfer / payment" function among many virtual currencies

Specialized ripple (XRP)Than other cryptocurrencies

Many practical tests have been conducted,

One of the world's most popular currencies leading the remittance field.


It is such a ripple (XRP),

"I heard that GMO coins are great if you buy'

There should be many people.


But "I don't really know how to buy'

Isn't there a lot of people?


So, this time, the popular cryptocurrency exchange

Benefits of purchasing ripple with GMO coinsAnd

How to purchase with GMO coins and points to noteThe

I would like to focus on the explanation!


First check the official website ↓↓

How to buy ripple using GMO coin

GMO coin, ripple

here,GMO coinAt

Introducing how to buy Ripple (XRP).

Register for a GMO coin account

First, as a pre-use stage

Need to open a new exchange accountthere is.


Click here to open a new account ↓↓

For details on how to open a GMO coin account,

This is explained in detail.


Deposit Japanese Yen

With GMO coins, there are two ways to deposit.

  • [Transfer payment] Deposit from bank to GMO coin account
  • [Instant deposit] Deposit through GMO Coin affiliated net bank


Point of transfer payment

  • Reflection may be the next day depending on the business hours of the bank
  • Transfer fee is paid by yourself
  • Fees for GMO coins are free


Points of immediate deposit

  • Deposit is reflected immediately
  • Free transfer fee
  • Only for partner banks


Financial institutions that can be used for instant deposit of GMO coins

  • Rakuten Bank
  • Sumishin SBI Net Bank
  • Japan Net Bank
  • GMO Aozora Net Bank


Once you have deposited your GMO coin account,

Let's buy ripple right away!


How to buy on an exchange

GMO coin, ripple

  • In-kind or leveraged
  • Whether the purchase brand is XRP

Make sure to place an order!


How to buy at a sales office

At the sales office,In-kind and leveragedTransaction is

Specifications on the same screenに な っ て い ま す.

GMO coin, ripple

Click on the sales office on the left as shown above

After selecting "Ripple (XRP)"

Buy by amount or quantity

It becomes the form.


Own purchased ripple

If you want to keep purchased ripple for a long time,

Leave it in your GMO coin accountrather than,

Manage yourself with a virtual currency walletI recommend things.


Recommended wallet is GMO coin official

There is a virtual currency wallet,

Already own wallet

If you have one, use it effectively.


About the virtual currency wallet which is the official of GMO coin,

Please refer to the following articles for details.


XNUMX benefits of purchasing ripple with GMO coins

GMO coin, ripple

GMO coins are provided by the GMO Internet Group, which is listed on the TSE

Since the company operates an exchange, users can trade with confidence.


Companies with a solid backbone

In terms of operatingVery reliable,

The trading system where the service is provided

Reputation is easy to useGMO coinFeatures of.


Here, buy Ripple (XRP) with GMO Coin

Here are four benefits.


Advantages①Ripple can be purchased in XNUMX formats

With GMO coins,

  • Spot trading on exchanges
  • Spot trading at sales offices
  • Virtual currency FX trading
  • Leverage trading

To say4 trades possibleHas become.



Popular in kind or leverageRipple5 types of stocks includingIs the biggest advantage.


About 4 trading services of GMO Coin

If you want to know more, this article is recommended!


Advantages② Reputation that tools and smartphone apps are very easy to use

GMO coin

"Very easy to use smartphone app'

And on Twitter and on the Internet

A fairly reputed exchange.


"WebTrader" which is a dedicated tool on the exchange,

High-performance "TradingView" loved by millions



In addition, smartphone applicationsFX only

"Bittre" is a big hit.


Advantage ③ Low commission

With GMO coins,Buy ripple

It takes when youVery low commission.


0.05% for takers,

What a maker-0.01% Of

It is a commission.


Negative means that

The more you do a deal

Get commissionIt is that.


Advantages Opening a new account is very quick

Currently, the crypto market is on the rise,

Originally high volatility (price fluctuation)

That is the characteristic of virtual currency trading.


As you can see when you actually trade,

There is more price movement than expected in one day

It's just a moment when buying or selling.


In order not to miss such a chance,

Deposits and withdrawals are very fast with GMO coins,

For beginners who are new to cryptocurrency trading

The first wallNew account registration

Very earlyIt is a reputation.


Opening an account as much as GMO coins in Japan

Is there an early exchange! ? At a speed that seems like

Opening an account in a minimum of one day

For those who want to start trading immediately

Great benefitsI can say.


Click here if you want to open an account now ↓↓

What should I keep in mind when purchasing ripple with GMO coins?

GMO coin, ripple

Well, as with any cryptocurrency exchange, unfortunately there are disadvantages to having advantages. Here, I have summarized some disadvantages (cautions) when purchasing ripples with GMO coins.

Attention ① Spread is sometimes wide

The most important thing to note when purchasing a ripple with GMO coin is ``Ξ Ξ 蛟 Ξ Ξ Ξ Ξ ΞIs ".

Spreads on GMO coins are a substantial fee for purchasing Ripple (XRP),Unexpected results, especially if you buy at a retail store without worrying about spreads, you will lose your profitsThere are things.

In general, spreads are systems where the larger the difference, the more difficult it is for the purchaser to lose money and make less profit.


In GMO coin, thisPay attention to spreads when buying ripples, as spreads often become wider depending on order statusLet's do it.

If you are not an exchange but an exchange, you don't have to worry about the spread, so if you trade frequently, use the GMO coin exchange!

Attention②The maximum number of ripple purchases is fixed

When purchasing Ripple (XRP) with GMO coins,Up to 1XRP per transactionPlease note that.

I think that many people buy Ripple, which has a fairly low price among altcoins, if they have a large amount of assets.

However, this is not limited to GMO coins, and when the price is likely to rise sharply, everyone will try to purchase it, so if the number of transactions suddenly increases too much, the business of the exchange may be affected.

For this reason, most exchanges seem to be taking measures to set a single trading limit for each cryptocurrency.

Attention ③ Ripple can only be purchased in Japanese Yen

Generally, if you are investing in cryptocurrency only in Japan, you do not need to worry about it,You can buy and sell virtual currency only with Japanese Yen (JPY) pair with GMO coinKeep in mind the points.

Therefore, in combination with overseas virtual currency exchangeAfter sending Bitcoin to the GMOCoin account as it is, Ripple cannot be bought and sold with BitcoinThat's right.

In this case, it is necessary to change Bitcoin to Japanese Yen and then purchase Altcoin such as Ripple.

Those who use overseas exchanges or those who are accustomed to investing in BTC or other altcoin or fiat currency may find it a little troublesome, but you can prepare in advance just by knowing .

Explain various fees when purchasing Ripple with GMO coins

GMO coin, ripple

Lastly, I would like to briefly introduce the various fees involved in purchasing Ripple using GMO Coins.

Fees for physical transactions

First of all, the physical transaction fee charged with GMO coin,Transaction fees for purchasing Ripple on the "exchange"Is as follows.

  • [Maker (Limit order)]-0.01%
  • [Taker (market order)] 0.05%

Therefore, if you purchase Ripple with Maker (Limit order), you will get a negative fee, which is a great deal.

vice versa,Taker (market order) has a higher feeSo, if you want to use the exchange plate trading,You can make a profit for the commission only by keeping in mind "to arrange your trading price on the board and execute it"So it is recommended.

"Spread" is the actual fee charged at the sales office

On the other hand, the transaction fee charged at the GMO Coin sales office is free, but it is a little expensive because the spread is actually a commission.

GMO coin, ripple

If you purchase Ripple at the sales outlet as shown above,Transaction fee due to the difference between the buying price and the selling price (52.354 yen-48.086 yen = 4.268 yen)It becomes.


In other words,If you purchase 1000XRP, you will "already have a negative loss of 4,268 yen" at the same time as you purchaseIt is

Of course, this spread fluctuates daily in real time, but it's best to use'exchange 'plate trading as much as possible except when you are sure to make a profit.

Fees for virtual currency FX / leverage transactions

Next, the fee for purchasing Ripple in virtual currency FX and leverage trading is as follows.

Fee list Exchange (leverage trading) Sales office (virtual currency FX trading)
Order fee Free Free
Loss cut fee 0.5% for each open interest Free
Leverage fee 0.04% / day for each open interest 0.04% / day for each open interest
Cash on delivery / Cash on delivery fee 20% for each open interest -

Leverage trading on the exchange and virtual currency FX trading on the sales floor enable high-value trading with leverageBut the differencePlease note that you can not own the actual item because it is fund settlementlet's do it.


In addition,Leverage fee is "current delivery / delivery is possible"However, as shown in the table above, we do not recommend it as it costs a high fee of 20% for each open interest.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

GMO coin, ripple

As I already introduced,All deposits, instant deposits, and withdrawal fees with GMO coins are freeHas become.

However, immediate deposit is free for partner institutions,For general deposits, transfer fees are borne by you, and withdrawal fees are also minor feesIt becomes.

Remittance fee

Finally,A transfer fee will be charged when sending from GMO Coin to another virtual currency exchange or your own walletLet's also remember the point.


By the way, if you are using multiple exchanges properly,The reason why the profits earned with this remittance fee decreaseIt also becomes.

Both deposit and remittance fees for virtual currency with GMO coins are free, but when depositing, you will be responsible for the minor fees.

Summary of the benefits of purchasing Ripple with GMO coins

GMO coin, ripple

This time, we introduced various advantages and various fees when purchasing Ripple with GMO Coin, which is a very popular virtual currency exchange for beginners to advanced users in Japan.

GMO coin fee isIn particular, unlike other exchanges, if you pay attention to the following points and can make good use of them, you will surely prevent profits from decreasingnecktie with the outfit.

  • In-kind trading, if possible, make a Maker order (minus commission) on the "exchange" board trade
  • Deposit to GMO Coin account uses instant deposit using affiliated bank
  • Keep in mind that GMO coins have no withdrawal fees

As mentioned above, we will omit GMO coins because of their lack of sharpness, but they are very easy to use among the domestic virtual currency exchanges.


yetIf you have not opened a GMO coin account, please consider opening one at this opportunityWhy not try it?

Click here for those who want to register immediately ↓↓

Also, in the following article, the ranking of domestic popular cryptocurrency exchanges including GMO coins is published, so please refer to this article by all means.

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