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Editor-in-Chief Takashima

How to buy and buy virtual currency (bitcoin) recommended for beginners | Can I buy at a convenience store or credit card?

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Virtual currency, how to buy

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Hello! I'm Takashima, the editor-in-chief of "Fun Virtual Currency Women's Association" (* ^^ *)


This article is recommended for beginners

"How to buy virtual currency"about

It is easy to understand!


There are various ways to buy virtual currency,

It is recommended to check by purpose!

(↑↑ Click to jump!)


If you introduce only the flow of simple buying first,

XNUMX. Register on the exchange
XNUMX. Deposit Japanese Yen
XNUMX. Order virtual currency

You can easily buy virtual currency with just this ♪


If you are a beginner, it is operated by a major group

"GMO coinIt is best to start with "!"


Important when buying cryptocurrencies

安全 性,reliabilityAlso outstanding,

Free of chargeWhat is attractive!


When in doubt about which exchange to choose,

You can register with haste and everyone uses it

GMO coinLet's register!


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

The shortest next day trade is the fastest in the industryI think?


Let's apply for registration early from here ↓↓

[Basic trade] How to buy and buy virtual currency (Bitcoin)

Virtual currency, how to buy

For beginners who are starting cryptocurrencies,

Very simple and easy

How to buy virtual currencyI will introduce ♪



Is virtual currency so easy to buy?

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

You can buy it the day after you register with the exchangeSo, if you just want to buy a virtual currency, there is nothing difficult!


To summarize the entire flow up to purchasing virtual currency,

XNUMX. Register on the exchange
XNUMX. Deposit Japanese Yen
XNUMX. Order virtual currency

OfXNUMX stepsOK!


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Let's go ahead and buy virtual currency (Bitcoin) together!


How to Buy: Register on the Exchange!

GMO coin, ranking

Where can I buy cryptocurrencies?

There are many around the world.


Not only in Japan

There are many overseas

Each has different characteristicsHm.

Everywhere is the sameBut ♪


Recommended for beginners,

Large group with a sense of security

"GMO coin"is not it!


  • All fees are free
  • Easy to use even for beginners (Smartphone apps are also highly rated)
  • Security is solid

With that,


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

If you are starting a virtual currency,GMO coinThere is no problem if you register in.


If you want to check the domestic exchange ranking,

Check out this article!


Preparation of identification documents (driver's license etc.)

Not needed,Complete in about XNUMX minutesTo do!


1. Opening a GMO coin account

To apply for an account,

First of allRegister email addressdo it

GMO coinCreate account forlet's do it!


First click this button,

GMO coinOfficial websiteLet's go to


The official website "Easy free! Click here to open an account"

Click to move to the screen for entering an email address.

"First virtual currency trade" full version

  • Input of e-mail address
  • Check "I am not a robot"
  • Click "Open a free account"


Enter the e-mail address

Since an email is sent from GMO coin,

Click on the URL in it

Password setting screenIs opened.

"First virtual currency trade" full version

  • Enter your favorite password
  • Click "Set"


After setting the password,

Authentication by phone numberIs done.

"First virtual currency trade" full version

  • Enter phone number
  • Click "Send Code"
  • Enter 6-digit authentication code
  • Click "Authenticate"

"First virtual currency trade" full version

If you follow the instructions on the screen, it will be done in an instant! !


2. Enter your name and address

Click "Proceed to opening application"

Input screen for name and addressProceed to.

If you come this far, you're almost done!

When you're done,

Click “Confirmation screen”.


3. Application for identity verification

After all input

Follow the instructions on the screen,

Identification screenProceed to.

"First virtual currency trade" full version

Upload your image and verify your identity

There are ways to do that,

Verify your identity when receiving documentsmethod

Easy and recommendedで す!


GMO coin registration is now complete! !


What you can actually trade is

After the identity verification postcard arrives.


If you want to choose another exchange,

Please also refer to this article ♪

How to Buy②Let's Deposit to Exchange

Virtual currency, how to buy

Buying virtual currency (bitcoin) is easy,

before thatVirtual currency (bitcoin)

"Japanese Yen" to buy

Deposit on exchangeI have to do it.



Depositing seems to be confusing ... ?

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

There are various ways, but basically it is easy to deposit immediately from partner banks ♪
The commission is free, and you can deposit it quickly!


The easiest with GMO coinsInstant depositClick here for partner banks that can do ↓↓


Opening accounts at these banks

Free onlineBecause,

Even those who do not have an account

It is recommended that you register quicklyで す!


Instant depositGMO coinLog in to

  • Click “Japanese Yen” in the menu
  • Click the bank that has an account

From the home screen,Deposit Japanese Yen'

This is the scene where is clicked.

MENUIt is OK from both or from!


The amount input screen will be displayed.

After entering the deposit amount, click "Start deposit"

Automatically jump to each financial institution's websiteTo do.


If you don't have a partner bank account,

  • Click “Japanese Yen” in the menu
  • Click the "Transfer" tab

To the account indicated in

Remit Japanese yen from ATMslet's do it.

On weekdays, if you deposit between 9:17 and XNUMX:XNUMX

It will be reflected in about 90 minutes(^ ^)



If you have a partner bank account, it takes less than 5 minutes to deposit Japanese yen on the exchangeis not it!


How to buy ③ Let's buy virtual currency (Bitcoin)

Virtual currency, how to buy

After registering on the exchange and depositing Japanese Yen,

laterJust buy virtual currencyis not it!



teacher! Are there various ways to buy virtual currency?

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Yes, Yukari-chan. That's a good question!


GMO coinThen,

When users trade with each other,Exchange"When,

The user and the operation (GMO coin) tradeSales office"of

Two systems are available.


On the exchangeA method in which users decide pricesbut,

Sales officeHow GMO coins determine pricesIt has become

The price that GMO coins get a little

Set (hidden commission).


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

However,Sales officeWhenever you likeCan buy and sellThat is the advantageSo it is better to be able to use them properly in the future ♪


At first, instead of a point of sale, virtual currency

How to buy at "exchanges" where you can buy at great prices



The point of buying is

Use two ordering methods!

  • Market order: How to order at the appropriate price at that time
  • Limit order: How to order by specifying the price you want to buy

Anyway, if you want to buy easily,

There is no problem in market order without thinking about difficult things ^ ^


Summary of how to buy GMO coins easily

  • XNUMX. Login to GMO Coin
  • XNUMX. Click "Buy and Sell Crypto Currency" in the menu
  • XNUMX. Click on the virtual currency (BTC, etc.) you want to buy
  • XNUMX. Click "Specify quantity" and enter the quantity
  • XNUMX. Confirm the amount and click "Buy"

You can buy bitcoin with just this ♪


How to win the trade

I want to study technical charts from the basics

Is,With Coin Girls official LINE コ イ ン friends added

You can get "first virtual currency trade"Because,

Please get it at this opportunity!


[Full-scale trading] How to get started with virtual currency (how to buy)

Virtual currency, how to buy

If you want to know how to buy virtual currency in earnest, make sure to choose from the exchange. It is important not only to buy, but also to know how to make a profit using the price difference.

The point of choosing a virtual currency exchange

  • A major exchange in Japan
  • Whether the fee is cheap (free is best!)
  • Is the technical chart substantial?
  • Easy to understand transaction screen
  • Abundant handling of alt coins

Recommended exchanges that meet these are the popular exchanges in Japan "Bitpoint"is!

How to Buy①Bit Point is recommended for full-scale transactions

  • I want to earn money by trading cryptocurrencies
  • I want to do short-term trading (such as day trading)
  • I want to do technical analysis and buy and sell theoretically

For those who like, I recommend Bitpoint.


Why is full-scale trading a bit point? Can I use GMO coins?

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

GMO coins are an easy-to-use exchange, so it's not bad at all, but if you want to trade in earnest, there is a reason you can recommend bit points.

The point where the bit points are better than other exchanges isVarious fees are completely freeThat means.There is no transaction fee as well as deposit and withdrawal, so no matter how much you trade, the fee is XNUMX yenWhat is it?

Especially when trading in the short term, it is a great merit that the transaction fee required for each transaction is free (^ ^)

In addition, since a full-fledged trading tool is used, the technical chart is very convenient and can be used according to your own style.

Especially in FX trading, MT750 (MetaTrader4), which is used by more than 4 financial institutions around the world, is a very excellent trade tool (first in Japan!).


  • `` BITPoint Lite '' that can be traded quickly with a smartphone
  • "Web trading tool" for beginners, compatible with PC and smartphone
  • "BITPoint ADVANCE" for full-scale trading

It is attractive that you can trade according to your trading style from beginner to advanced.

Leverage is the largest in Japan, 25 times, and it also supports automatic loss cut, so I use it even for traders who actually earn a lot.

Try Bitcoin at Bitpoint

How to Buy②How to Register Bit Points

Original content

Then,BITPOINTLet's check how to register.

As a whole flow,

  • URL click
  • Enter personal information
  • Upload identity verification documents
  • Check email

It will be the flow.

If you have your identity verification documents (driver's license etc.) at hand, it can be done in about 5 minutesI think.

First click this buttonOfficial websiteLet's go to

The official website "Easy! Open an account (free)Click "" to move to the general account application screen. Therefore"Application"Button.

BITPOINT registration

Because it moves to the page of preparation guidance of identity verification documents,Proceed to application for opening an accountClick on

On the next page,Open bitpoint general account Confirmation of terms and conditions, So let's check and check it.

If you proceed to the next page, you will proceed to the personal information input screen.

BITPOINT registration

Also enter hereTo confirmationClick on

After that, follow the screen and move to the screen for uploading the identity verification document.

BITPOINT registration

For those who have a driver's license, it's easy to shoot the front and back with a smartphone and upload it!

When the upload is completed, it will move to the application completion screen.

BITPOINT registration

Your Bitpoint registration is now complete! Once you receive your identity verification postcard, you can actually start trading.

Register now on Bitpoint (official site)

How to Buy ③ How to Deposit Japanese Yen

Virtual currency, how to buy

At Bitpoint,

① Deposit to a dedicated account (transfer)
② Instant deposit service (Bitpoint charge)

There are two types of deposit services.

If you want to start a full-fledged cryptocurrency with Bitpoint, let's make the Japanese yen instant deposit service available!


Why is immediate deposit better than normal deposit?

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

With immediate depositFree commissions and instant deposits at any timeIt's because! When the price is going to rise, it is recommended that you be able to deposit immediately so that you will not take too long to deposit and buy it!

The advantage of regular transfers is that they can be sent from any bank,It costs bank fees and it takes time for the deposit to be reflectedThere is a disadvantage that it is reflected immediately depending on the time of day.

Financial institutions that Bitpoint supports by immediate deposit,

These are the three lines.

Instant deposit,Execute from "Instant deposit" of "Deposit / withdrawal / transfer" in the menunecktie with the outfit.

Virtual currency, how to buy

  • Select the financial institution, enter the amount and click "Confirmation screen"
  • Specify the deposit amount and click the confirmation screen button
  • After confirming the amount on the confirmation screen, enter the transaction PIN
  • "Deposit request" ⇒ Click "Immediate deposit procedure" button

After that, you will automatically jump to the bank site, so follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure!

I wrote various things, but it takes about 1 minute if I get used to it (^ ^) /

How to Buy④How to Buy Virtual Currency on Bitpoint

How to buy virtual currency is almost the same on all exchanges, but this time I will introduce how to buy using Bitpoint's "BITPoint ADVANCE".

If you get used to it, it is easier and more convenient to use than the "web trading tool" for beginners, so if you trade in earnest, let's trade here from the beginning.

Virtual currency, how to buy

This is the screen of BITPoint ADVANCE.

① Select a transaction method
With BITPoint ADVANCE, you can choose between “spot trading” and “leverage trading”.

Cash Trading: Click here if you want to buy and hold virtual currency. General trading method.
Leverage trading: A mechanism that enables margin deposits and trades several times as large.

② Select currency pair
A currency pair is a combination of currencies that can be exchanged. For example, "BTC / JPY" indicates that you can buy Bitcoin in Japanese yen.

Bitpoint offers the following types of currency pairs.

  • BTC / JPY (Bitcoin / Japanese Yen)
  • XRP / JPY (ripple / Japanese yen)
  • BCH / JPY (Bitcoin Cash / Japanese Yen)
  • ETH / JPY
  • LTC / JPY (Litecoin / Japanese Yen)
  • BTC / USD (Bitcoin / USD)
  • BTC / EUR (Bitcoin / Euro)
  • BTC / HKD (Bitcoin / Hong Kong Dollar)

If you make this mistake,
"I intended to buy bitcoin and bought bitcoin cash'
Everything happens, so be sure to check!

③④ Check chart and board information
Before trading, carefully check the chart and board information and decide the timing of entry.

Please check the market reports and market reports delivered daily for chart confirmation and entry timing ♪

See market articles and market reports

⑤ order
You can buy virtual currency by ordering, specifying the amount, amount and quantity!

How to Buy や り 方 How to Order

Let's take a closer look at how to order!

Virtual currency, how to buy

This is the order screen for BITPoint ADVANCE.

How to order

  • Limit order: How to order by specifying the amount
  • Market order: How to order without specifying the amount
  • Stop order: How to order with the opposite of the limit order (high price if buying)

There are 3 types.

* If you use the "web trading tool" for beginners, there are streaming orders and single orders, but BITPoint ADVANCE is OK without worrying!

If you are buying virtual currency for the first time, let's first place a market order ♪

  • Click “Market”
  • Specify the quantity you want to buy
  • Enter "Transaction PIN"
  • Click Buy

This is a simple way to buy virtual currency!

In the case of a market order, the trade is executed immediately at the current market price.

Let's check whether the deal is completed in "Contract history (on the day)" ♪

[Special trade] Special way of buying virtual currency

Virtual currency, how to buy

I think we've mastered the basics of buying virtual currencies, so I'd like to talk about a bit more special way of buying virtual currencies.

Special buying method①Purchasing between individuals

Cryptocurrency is a system originally designed to allow exchange between individuals.

In other words, without going through the exchange,You can also exchange prices with yourself and buy and sellThat is to say.

In Japan, there is a law that "you can freely sign a contract", so you can freely negotiate the amount and transaction method between yourself and the other party and trade.

The problem is,Very difficult to find such an opponentabout it.

alsoDirect exchanges can lead to crimeSo most people trade through trusted exchanges.

Rarely do you want to interact with individuals without going through exchanges, and if you do, you're a little suspicious and scary.

I don't think you will ever trade cryptocurrencies between individuals, but I think there is no loss if you only know what you can do (^^) /

Special way to buy grass coins on overseas exchanges

The method of buying cryptocurrencies introduced today was a way to buy popular virtual currencies in Japan, such as bitcoin and ripple, on domestic exchanges.

However, some people may want to buy little-known cryptocurrencies, such as Sirin (SRN), Monacoin, and nanj.

It is said that there are about 2000 kinds of virtual currencies in the world, but most of them are almost worthless virtual currencies, so-called "grass coins".

You can't buy grass coins on exchanges in Japan,You can buy various grass coins at overseas exchanges. However,Most foreign exchanges do not support Japanese or Japanese yen, so the hurdle is quite high for beginners.

He said the grass coin was a virtual currency with little value, but if something became famous, it could cost 1000 times or 10000 times.

It's like winning a lottery,It may be good to buy grass coins aiming for the first catchMaybe.

Click here for recommended overseas exchanges ↓↓

  • Of the world's most famous cryptocurrency exchangeBinance(Binance)
  • Leverage up to 100 times, FX can be done without additional proofBITMEX(Bitmex)
  • Free transaction fee, Japanese language supportCryptoGT(Crypto tea)

Can virtual currency be purchased with a credit card?

Virtual currency, how to buy

When you buy a virtual currency, is there anything that you think would be easy if you could buy it quickly with a credit card?

But as of 2019,Crypto currencies cannot be purchased on domestic exchanges. (I will tell you later, but there are exchanges that can do it.)

Although not prohibited by law, credit card companies (such as VISA and MASTER CARD) regulate the purchase of virtual currency with credit cards.

Until a few years ago there were no restrictions and you could buy with a credit card,The problem was that virtual currency purchased with a credit card can be exchanged for cashIt is

In other words,This means that cash is drawn out using the credit card slot, which may cause the cash to be used more than the repayable amount.It becomes.

Credit card companies are also troubled when the number of non-repayable users increases, so credit card purchases are now regulated.

However,Some overseas exchanges can purchase virtual currency with a credit cardIt has become like this.

The situation is constantly changing, so I would like you to check the actual usage with your own eyes, but as of April 2019, here is an exchange where you can purchase virtual currency with a credit card.

Coin mama has been hacked the other day and is not recommended. Among these, Binance, which has a large transaction volume, is recommended.

Can I buy virtual currency at a convenience store?

Is there anything that can be bought at virtual currencies and convenience stores such as bitcoin and ripple?

Unfortunately,There are no convenience stores where you can buy virtual currency as of April 2019.

You can't buy virtual currencies at major convenience stores such as Lawson, FamilyMart, Seven-Eleven, or any other convenience store.

However,If you have registered on an exchange such as GMO Coin or Bitpoint, you can make a deposit by transfer from a convenience store ATM.

Because it is also payment by transfer using ATM, not convenience store settlement,Bank account required for transferYou need to be careful.

Click here for how to deposit GMO coins

Click here for how to deposit Bitpoint

Payments from convenience stores require a fee, so if you trade frequently, create an account with a bank affiliated with each exchange and make it possible to deposit immediately ♪

What to Watch for in "How to Buy Virtual Currency"

Virtual currency, how to buy

Buying cryptocurrencies is easy, but there are some caveats. Because you are dealing with your own important assets, keep in mind what you need to know and protect at a minimum.

Know the risk of falling

Cryptocurrencies are easy to buy on exchanges, but their value changes every day.

A virtual currency purchased for 10 yen may be 1 yen the next day.

It is very unlikely that a major virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash will crash so much, but it is not 0%Let's know that.

This is common to "investment," but it is important how to make a profit in the event of a possible decline.

And more importantly,Investing with extra funds and diversifying investments.

Extra money isMoney enough to leave the money to live even if it goes wrongIt is.

If you trade with the funds you need for your life instead of the surplus funds, you will not be able to afford yourself that you must win.Conversely, you can't win the trades you can winIt is a thing.

Don't just buy the same cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple, but make diversified investments to reduce the risk of a crash.

More specifically,It is important to invest not only in virtual currencies but also in stocks, and in addition to investing in a portfolio (asset holding ratio) that suits you, such as overseas stocks and government bonds.

About leverage transactions

Leverage trading is a system that allows you to trade more than the investment amount (deposit).25x leverage trading on exchanges in JapanI can.

For example, if you deposit a deposit of ¥ 4 on an exchange, you can trade up to ¥ 100.

If the price goes down after buying 4 million yen bitcoin at 100 yen and the bitcoin becomes 96 yen, it means that the security deposit of 4 yen will be lost.

The possibility that a virtual currency of 4 yen becomes 0 yen is almost 0, but it is common that a virtual currency of 100 million yen drops to 96 yen.

It is attractive to make a great deal if you succeed in trading, but the risk is also great if you failDon't forget that.

Especially for beginners, it is recommended that you gain experience by steadily trading without leverage rather than leveraged trading.

Let's shop with virtual currency (Bitcoin)!

Virtual currency, how to buy

Virtual currency (Bitcoin) can be enjoyed just by trading on the exchange, and it is enough if you want to earn money. But if you buy it, do you want to use it for various things?

Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to buy various things using virtual currency (mainly bitcoin) ♪

How to Buy "Lifestyle Goods" Using Bitcoin | Bitcoinmall

Virtual currency, how to buy

Bitcoin Mall is an online shopping mall that specializes in virtual currency payments, from home appliances, personal computers, sports equipment to household goods. There are two types of currencies that can be used: Bitcoin and Monacoin. Considering the approval speed of the blockchain, Monacoin (about 10 seconds) may be easier to use than Bitcoin (about 90 minutes) (* ˊᵕˋ *)

Conversely, cash and credit card payments are unfortunately not possible. If you select and purchase a product after registration, the payment address (virtual currency address) will be sent to the registered email address. Since the QR code is attached, it is done with a pit with a wallet!

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Being able to shop without having a credit card is a big attraction of Bitcoin payment!

How to buy "home appliances" using bitcoin | Bic Camera.com

Virtual currency, how to buy

If you buy home appliances with Bitcoin, Bic Camera is recommended! Bic Camera is a listed company with Sofmap and other subsidiaries. Headquartered in Tokyo, there are about 40 directly managed stores nationwide.

It doesn't seem that much in number, but as you all know, each store is very large. There are big impacts as we have large buildings in major cities.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Speaking of which, I went to Bic Camera in Osaka Namba on a business trip the other day! Unlike the slightly tight feeling of Bic Camera Shinjuku, the spacious interior was impressive!

Bitcoin payment is possible at "BicCamera.com", an online store operated by such BicCamera.

However, because you are using the BitFlyer system, you need a BitFlyer account to make Bitcoin payments at BicCamera.com. Of course, it takes three days to one week to open an account, because you need to confirm your identity;

Summary of how to buy virtual currency

After buying a cryptocurrency, consider managing it securely.

If you want to keep in the long term, you should keep it in a virtual currency wallet. If you want to trade in the short term and aim for profits, you need to check the chart regularly.

If you want to know about after buying virtual currency, please refer to this article ♪

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
Coin check

Thank you for always reading Coin Girls article ♪

We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

By the way,Have you registered your exchange yet?Exchange registration is completed in about 3 minutes, but you have to wait about XNUMX days before it can be used.What is it?

The biggest attraction of cryptocurrencies is"Sudden soaring"is. Shouldn't we be ready to buy it right away when we say "It's time to buy now!"

First of all, boasting the number one app download in JapanCoin checkLet's register to ♪

With coin check ...

  • Free registration and annual fees
  • The largest number of currencies handled in Japan
  • Free transaction fees
  • Generous user support
  • Solving your worries with Coin Girls' rich articles!

So it's a hot exchange now! First of allOfficial WebsiteCheck out ♪

✓Cryptocurrency can be purchased from 1,000 yen and has the potential to be 10 to 100 times!It is completely free and can be left until soaring OKSo, there is no loss even just registering ♪

Last Updated Date: 2019/10/05

[Women's association member who wrote this article]

Editor-in-Chief Takashima
I am Takashima, the editor-in-chief of the virtual currency girls' association! We will do our best to make Japan's most fun virtual currency media, thank you!
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