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Editor-in-Chief Takashima

[Cryptocurrency super beginner must-see①] This one page is completely clear about "virtual currency"!

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Cryptocurrency, beginner

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Thanks! Takashima. If I would like to introduce you again, I am the editor-in-chief of this "Fun Virtual Currency Girls' Association".

"It's kind of difficult with virtual currencies"I'm interested in cryptocurrencies, but I can't easily step inIt seems that there are many people.

In particular, this site also seems to be like a certain glasses commercial saying "It's too difficult to read!", So I, Takashima, took the lead,For super beginnersI want to write an article. Thank you!

So, the first time, on this one page, you can understand what a virtual currency is.
If you read thisBoth "scary" and "difficult" are blown awayYo! As I said from the top, I was a bit scared when I started virtual currency! I wish there was such a site at that time ...

What is a cryptocurrency for beginners-it started from a single paper

Cryptocurrency, beginner

So first,Virtual currency....When did it startLet's get started!

Satoshi Nakamoto lost one paper

The virtual currency was created by some great scholars or laboratories, right? I usually think so. But the virtual currency started from one paper.

In 2008, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto was added to the cryptography mailing listPaper on "Electronic Bitcoin"Was announced. Ossan like everywhere in Japan, rude! It seems to be the name of a man, but it is still unknown whether this is a Japanese person, an individual or a group.

In 2009, the software was released on the net, and Bitcoin's first"mining"(Described later) was performed and operation was started. After that, the team was formed on track and continued to operate, with community members taking over.

However, in 2010,Mr. Nakamoto suddenly died suddenlyIt is


This has become a tough! ! Are you ashamed to show your face? !

Since Satoshi Nakamoto posted later than 5 am to 11 am GMT (14 am to 20 pm Japan time), he lives in east or central North America, the West Indies, or South America. Is there not? Are you an Irish student because your dissertation was in British English? etc,Speculation has been made over his identity, but he has not yet been identified.

By the way, the first product purchased with bitcoin was “pizza”. On May 2010, 5, 22 BTC (bitcoin) was exchanged for two pizzas. May 10,000"Bitcoin Pizza Day"Eating pizza asCelebrating the birth of BitcoinThere are also people.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

It's still a very expensive pizza! !

But about 10 years later,Until virtual coins are made not only bit coins, but also other coins and tokens called alt coins1,500More than kindIt is said that a virtual currency exists.

Ironically, the dark organization Silk Road made Bitcoin famous.

But it wasn't just good people who saw this revolutionary electronic bill. The "dark site" Silk Road made in 2011 is a site called "Tor (The Onion Router)", which can only be accessed with a special browser, and a site where you can buy and sell illegal things while hiding the IP address of the access source It is said that there were 2013 users when it was closed in July 7.

On that dark siteThe virtual currency Bitcoin was used for the transactionEnglish learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>

In October 2013, the founder was arrested, and the name "Virtual Currency Bitcoin" became famous at a stretch. However, I thought that this would end, and later, "Silk Road 10" was also made.

In the past, the "scary" image of virtual currency has been associated withBackground that it was used for dark organization tradingThere may be.

What is a virtual currency for beginners? It is a collection of intangible data

Cryptocurrency, beginner

When you say words such as "there is no substance" or "it was used in a dark organization","I'm scared after all!"Some may think.

But think carefully.

Are you currently using a smartphone payment such as PayPay on the wave of 20% reduction? Even thatAlthough there is no entityIt is recognized as money and is being used hard.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

While prompting the charge from the bank account,"I'm not money, it's a point!"I have a face likeRecognized as moneyright.

Virtual currencies are very similarHm.

The virtual currency itself is not as real as money, it is justAggregation of datais. By the way, please look at the bitcoin address. It is composed of long letters and numbers.

Underlying cryptocurrencies"Blockchain"Is very secure, firstCannot be tampered withIt is said that. Because if it is tampered with, it will be barred in the next connected block,

The fact that the cryptocurrency was hacked in the news is not that this blockchain is bad,Mistakes such as exchange human errorsIs almost always.

What is a virtual currency for super beginners? What is a blockchain running virtual currency?

Cryptocurrency, beginner

Bitcoin at Satoshi Nakamoto"mining"Do you remember talking about doing?

Bitcoin confirms that it is correct every time a transaction is made"Minor"There are people who are checking each one. Miners mean "miners" and are named after mining mines.


Minor doesn't mean "minority"! !

These miners do not belong to any company, they calculate on their own "very high-performance personal computer" (this is called a node). We send currency to the world.

Of course, this wasn't a volunteer, but a jobSome people (companies) have been rewarded for their jobs.

Newly issued cryptocurrenciesIt's not a money shape but a blockIt has becomeOf the previous transactionConnected with blocks and chainsis.This is often heard in the virtual currency world"Blockchain"It is called.

In addition, the number of Bitcoins issued is fixed, and only 2,100 million are issued. And already80% has been issued (mined)It is said that.

What happens to Bitcoin after the issue is over? later,Transactions on issued sharesIt becomesRare value rises, price risesIt is said that.

How to get a virtual currency for super beginners

Cryptocurrency, beginner

Now, let's introduce "How to get virtual currency"! Getting cryptocurrencies is more than just buying and selling at exchanges and sales outlets!

How to get cryptocurrency①Get it at exchanges and sales offices

First, there is a way to get Standard at exchanges and sales offices. There are many exchanges and sales outlets in Japan, but exchanges are cheaper and recommended. Exchange andAlthough the commission is highLet's not mistake "sales" where price movement is relatively stable!

When opening an exchange and making a deposit,Gives some bonuses first like BitPoint or GMO coinsThere are many places. Wouldn't it be nice to have more than 3000 yen in your account even though you haven't traded yet? !

For a comparison of cryptocurrency exchanges, please read the following article written by the cat! !

In addition, overseas exchanges have a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. There are at most about 10 types of exchanges in Japan at most, but there are many more than 100 types overseas.

But most of them are "grass coins"Research the coin in advance when buyingI have to buy it afterwards. It is dangerous to buy easily because it has become a topic on Twitter. Somewhat promising, at least thisLike onHigh market capitalization cryptocurrenciesLet's do it.

How to get cryptocurrency②Get it with Air Drop

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is a custom called “air drop”. In short, this is "giving coins for free." The amount is 20 yen or 30 yen in a circle, but if you accumulate dust, it will be a mountain.

Even if you think that it is 20 yen, there is a possibility that suddenly one day suddenly rises to tens of thousands of yen. Bitcoin was initially several tens of yen.

Why give coins for free is often a "promotion". After all, there are more than 1500 virtual currencies, so I want you to know your own currency. Then you can get to know what currency it is and if you like it, you might buy it in large quantities.

How to get virtual currency ③ Get in the game

In the virtual currency world, you use virtual currency in games. I often use Ethereum. In addition, games that are still young at the beginning may give free virtual currency and items for promotion.

As the word e-sports suggests, games are now an occupation. Depending on the idea, it is possible to make a living in the game.

Maichin, a fellow women's association, has also been included in the blockchain game, and has become almost a “My Cry (My Crypto Heroes) craftsman”!

There are so many blockchain games that make you really serious.

As a game that can be enjoyed casually, there is also a game called "Aircoins" that gets virtual currency that floats in real space like Pokemon GO.

How to get virtual currency-get points instead

In the world of virtual currencies, virtual currencies are sometimes used like points. For example, if you wrote a good gourmet article, you will pay a diploma, answer a questionnaire, or if you anticipate the future and win, you will get virtual currency instead of points.

In addition, LINE, which issues LINK, a virtual currency, seems to be aiming to convert LINE points to virtual currency in the future, and there is also an immediate economic zone where virtual currency can be used instead of points It's coming up

What is a virtual currency for super beginners? A virtual currency that is not only used as money

Cryptocurrency, beginner

Many of you may have thought it was a virtual currency equal trade. That's no mistake, but cryptocurrencies are rather"Since the invention of the Internet"It is said to be used for systems that change the world's systems.

In other words, besides being used as currency, there are other ways to use itabout it. This is a virtual currencyFunction that can incorporate "information" (smart contract)Because they have

Useful trading of virtual currency

This is the most standard usage. Buy when the cryptocurrency is cheap, sell when it is high and make a profit with the difference. Also, there is a way to bet on money more than the money you have and make a big profit with FX. As of nowSome people make money even when cryptocurrencies are decliningIt is

Use of virtual currency remittance system

This remittance system is one of the most practical and the most promising of virtual currencies. In particular, international remittance is an innovative system that can be sent in a few seconds but costs several tens of yen. Some apps can transfer money between banks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using this ripple system.

Currently only three banks, but since the Ripple system already has more than 3 banks,A system that allows remittances between banks without any relationship between weekends and holidaysIt can be said that will be completed in the near future.

How to use virtual currency

Virtual currency has entered the medical world. Including hospitals where you can pay in virtual currency,Medical records and prescriptionsThere is also a place that puts on a virtual currency smart contract. It is also recorded when a doctor or the like writes a medical record. It is convenient to see the medical records wherever you go in the world!

Use of virtual currency Authenticity (Shin cancer) judgment

This system is useful in places where there are many fake brand products, especially in China. For example, if you distribute "production area and factory name" together with genuine brand bags etc., there is no way to falsify,Identify fakeこ と が で き ま す.

Use of virtual currency logistics

Virtual currencies have entered the logistics world and are already in practical use. Once written to a smart contractI can not impersonate the production areaSo fake has no room for entry.

It is also expected to play an active role in blockchain energy fields such as oil flow.

Use of virtual currency

One of the surprising uses of virtual currency is "pay-as-you-go". On the Internet and Twitter, you've had a habit of “paying” for quite some time. It's done in virtual currency with the same feeling.

In particular,Who wrote a good articleSending money to (such as ALIS)Musicians who provide good musicThere are also ways to use it, such as tossing money.

Sometimes, even overseas street musicians play by attaching a QR code to the guitar,To get a changeWhat is it Already in rock mecca, London, etc., street musicians seem to have received MONA and NEM by lending. Even in Britain where there is no image of virtual currency being so popular, it has already been put to practical use!

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

AlreadyCashless cashingIt is the age of.

Payment style of cryptocurrency for super beginners

Cryptocurrency, beginner

Fiat currencies are paid with bills and coins. Settlement with points is paid by reading a code such as a smartphone. So how do virtual currencies actually pay?

Payment style of virtual currency 決 済 QR code reading payment

So how do you pay for intangible virtual currency?

This is not online, it is limited to actually going to the store and paying with virtual currency, but virtual currency payment is also used for smartphone paymentWe often use "QR code".

In most cases, the QR code of the shop is placed at the shop, so in most cases, you read it with your smartphone, enter the amount yourself, and pay.

CurrentlySmartphone payment by QR code is being actively performedBut,Preparatory gymnastics state before virtual currency spreadYou can say that. in this way,Smartphone payments and cryptocurrencies are very closely related.

Settlement style of virtual currency②Remit by address

What if I want to send cryptocurrency from oneself to another, or pay for cryptocurrency as a purchase of an item in an online store?

In this case, from the "wallet" (app or browser) you own,"Remittance" with address as addressTo do.

In that case, make sure that you do not mistake the address with the bitcoin address for bitcoin and the address of bitcoin cash for bitcoin cash. Unlike bank transfers,If you make a mistake, you may not come back anymore.

Bitcoin addresses are long, so if possibleIt is more accurate to read QR code etc..

For super beginners · You can understand what "virtual currency" is on this one page (summary)

Here, the whole thing about virtual currency! I've been introducing it, so it's getting longer. Thank you very much for reading to the end.

But did you know about virtual currency?

I think there are still more points missing, so we will increase more and more easy-to-understand articles for beginners, so stay tuned!

The point is

  • There are more than 1500 virtual currencies, not just bitcoin
  • There are domestic exchanges and sales offices, where there are few types, but foreign types are very many and the fees are low
  • In addition to being traded at sales outlets, virtual currencies can be obtained as air drops, games, and points.
  • Looking at the blockchain, which is a mechanism of virtual currency, the fact that it is already being implemented in the world, such as ripples and other international money transfer systems.
  • Blockchain is used for logistics, medical care, personal authentication, money change, etc."Great invention since the Internet"It is said that.


You may not know if you are too young, but when you first visited the Internet"Is there an international call charge?"I was worried. But now, you can easily access the site even if it is a foreign site on your smartphone, right? I think blockchain has a similar feeling.

First, let's get used to QR code payment as a preparation exercise for virtual currency distribution in the near future.

In addition, please refer to this article about code payments such as the popular PayPay and OrigamiPay!


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Last Updated Date: 2019/04/27

[Women's association member who wrote this article]

Editor-in-Chief Takashima
I am Takashima, the editor-in-chief of the virtual currency girls' association! We will do our best to make Japan's most fun virtual currency media, thank you!
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