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2019.12.09 Last update
Editor-in-Chief Takashima

Top 2019 exchange rankings with rich altcoins [Recommended for the latest version in XNUMX]

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Altcoin, exchange

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Hello! It is Takashima ♪
today,"Altcoin richnessAnd introduces exchanges.


Altcoin isWhen it starts to rise, it explodes at once

OftenSo you can ride the rising waves

A wide variety of exchangesIn advance

It is better to register ♪


Exchange registrationIncludes identity verification, etc.

2-3 days at the earliest, 1-2 weeks at the latest

It will take.


If great updates come in the future

Prices soar! Even when it comes to

If you have previously registered with the exchange,

You can make money on that wave!


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

This time,Essential for buying altcoins
Important exchangeInto a ranking format!


1st place in the exchange ranking selected by the richness of alt coins: GMO coin

Altcoin, exchange

2019 latest overall rankingBut first place

WonGMO coinBut,Altcoin

Abundance rankingBut it came first!


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

Pinpoint the currency that beginners want to buy

対 応Yes,I want to register first

ExchangeThere is no doubt that.


GMO coin currency pairs

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

* All Japanese yen base


Alt coins such as Ripple and Litecoin

Can be purchased without BTCIs

It will save you a lot of commission!


And not only in-kind transactions,

Leverage trading and virtual currency FX

Also supports five major typesNo

Only GMO coins in Japan! !


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Altcoin LeverageIf you want to do
It is OK to register with GMO coin without hesitation ♪


What's more, GMO coins

Not only “exchanges” where users trade with each other,

Also a “sales shop” format for beginners対 応doing.


In the unlikely event of a sudden rise or fall,

Even when it becomes difficult,

One-click stable sales at a sales office

(Basically recommend using an exchange because of high fees


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

The sales office is easy to use,
Especially for beginners, I think it is a very safe point!


All fees are freeSo,

Not only for beginners but also frequently

Recommended for those who want to do businessThe exchange you want!


Click here for details on the No. 1 GMO coins selected by alt coin exchange! ↓↓

Second place in the exchange rankings selected by the richness of altcoin: DMM Bitcoin

Altcoin, exchange

DMM Bitcoin altcoin handling currency list

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Nemu (NEM)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ether Classic (ETC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


With DMM Bitcoin,7 types including bitcoin Of

There are virtual currency handling.


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

In terms of the number of altcoins handled,
Most among exchanges licensed and registered by the Japanese Financial Services Agencyで す!


Altcoin currency pair

  • Seven types of Japanese yen base axes
  • Six types of BTC shafts
  • ETC / ETH total 14 types

And hereOn domestic exchanges

Top class abundance


In particularNEM and ETC on other exchanges

Alto coins that are rarely handledSo,

It is a great attraction that you can trade together with DMM ♪


However,Sales offices, not exchangesSo,

Altcoin commission (spread)

highAs a result, it is ranked second in the ranking.


In addition, DMM Bitcoin does not mainly deal in kind,

Basically leveraged transactions (payment settlement)It becomes.


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

The actual thing is only Bitcoin and EthereumhandlingSo,
"I want to trade various altcoins with leverage."
It is a perfect exchange for those who!


List of DMM currencies (image)

Altcoin, ranking

"I want to trade various altcoins in kind."

Is,1st place GMO coinIs recommended ♪



3rd place in the exchange ranking selected by the richness of altcoin: Bitbank

Altcoin, exchange

List of altcoin currencies handled by Bitbank

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monacoin (MONA)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCC)


The following eight exchange currency pairs

  • BTC / JPY
  • LTC / BTC
  • XRP / JPY
  • ETH / BTC
  • MONA / JPY
  • MONA / BTC
  • BCC / JPY
  • BCC / BTC


UnfortunatelyLitecoin and Ethereum

In Japanese yenCan't tradeBut,

Bitcoin Cash and Monacoin

You can choose from Japanese yen and Bitcoin ♪


I really want to trade altcoin in Japanese yen

If so, let's register the GMO coin!

Click here for the official Bitbank site

Easy to understand the features of each altcoin

How to handle altcoin on exchanges

More is more convenientbut,

It's not good just to have more!


Decide which altcoin you want to trade,

そのRegister for exchanges with handling

How to choose a good exchange


So this time,

For those who do not want to do business,

I would like to introduce some popular altcoins!


Very popular in Japan! "Ripple" is an excellent settlement currency

Exchange, altcoin

Item Details
Market capitalization Approximately 1 billion yen (April 6,491, 2019)
Record price Approximately 17 yen (January 2018, 1)
Currency purpose Realizing the Internet of Value (IoV)

Ripple is a type of virtual currency that specializes in remittances and payments. It's a bit complicated, but Ripple is called "Ripple"Develop a platform and use the currency "XRP (Ripple)".

`` Ripple '' can refer to Ripple, Ripple, or the currency itself, so keep in mind (^^)

Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum without an issuer, ripple isThere is an issuer called RippleIs a big feature.

The issuance is set at 1000 billion XRP and there are no plans to issue more.

The ultimate goal of Ripple isRealizing the Internet of Value (IoV)is. As one of the means,The goal of making international remittances convenientThe project is underway.

Many financial institutions have already begun adopting ripple, and it is a popular altcoin that is expected to develop further in the future ♪

If you want to buy a future-proof ripple, register for GMO Coin!

Go to GMO coin official website

Ethereum, the second largest market capitalizer

Exchange, altcoin

Item Details
Market capitalization Approximately 1 billion yen (April 9,213, 2019)
Record price Approximately 16 yen (December 8, 2017)
Currency purpose Create a blockchain platform that can be used for any purpose

As of April 2019, Ethereum is an altcoin that has the second largest market capitalization after Bitcoin.

Ethereum is a virtual currency developed for the platform of "Distributed Applications (Dapps)".

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

The basis of this platform is a technology called smart contract!

What is a smart contract?A system that automates the "mechanism" built into the blockchainIt is. By incorporating certain conditions into the blockchain,The system runs automatically without the need for a third party (mediation)That is the technology.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Many applications and useful tools using smart contracts are released on the Ethereum platform ♪

Ethereum, which focuses on "development of decentralized applications", has a different appeal from bitcoin, which focuses on "preserving value"."Fixed second place" in the virtual currency worldKnown as

Ethereum is a highly recommended altcoin if you want to trade not for speculation but for the future. ♪

"Bitcoin cash" that exceeds the performance of bitcoin

Exchange, altcoin

Item Details
Market capitalization About 5,704 billion yen (April 2019, 4)
Record price Approximately 50 yen (December 6, 2017)
Currency purpose Becoming a real bitcoin with improved issues

Bitcoin Cash is a virtual currency that was born in 2017 when Bitcoin was split.

As the number of Bitcoin traders grew, the problem of the blockchain system being unable to keep up occurred and was born to solve it.

The block size of Bitcoin, which was 1MB (megabyte),By raising it to 8MB at that time (now 32MB), it became possible to handle many transactionsThat's it!

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Than bitcoinHas excellent functions as a settlement currencyAs a result, it has become a popular altcoin worldwide!

For example, remittance fees that cost hundreds of yen for bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash transfers less than 1 yenI can do it. In addition, there is no blockage in remittance like bitcoin, so it reaches the other party instantly.

It is an altcoin with very good performance,The disadvantage is that there are some problems in the community that develops it.

At present, the problem seems to be progressing toward elimination,Alto coins with great potential

Litecoin developed specifically for remittances

Exchange, altcoin

Item Details
Market capitalization
(November 2019)
About 1 billion yen
Record price Approximately 59 yen (January 2017, 12)
Currency purpose Eliminate bitcoin issues (scalability issues, etc.)

About 2009 years after Bitcoin was released in 2, Litecoin was released in 2011!

It is an altcoin developed based on the bitcoin system,Block generation time is reduced to 1/4 of bitcoin (about 2 minutes)That is the biggest feature.

Bitcoin had a waiting time of about 10 minutes after remittance,By reducing it to about two and a half minutes, it can now be used for settlement in everyday lifeIt is said that.

Litecoin is a popular currency that has many fixed fans because it is the oldest altcoin next to bitcoin, and always keeps the market capitalization ♪


Now that you know the features of each Altcoin, let's look at the recommended exchanges again ♪
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View Exchange Rankings Again

Exchange rankings rich in altcoin summary

If you register on an exchange with abundant altcoins, you won't have to re-open when you say "that currency is going to soar!"

Even on exchanges that you do not usually use,It is safe if you only register for the time being

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
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Thank you for always reading Coin Girls article ♪

We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

By the way,Have you registered your exchange yet?Exchange registration is completed in about 3 minutes, but you have to wait about XNUMX days before it can be used.What is it?

The biggest attraction of cryptocurrencies is"Sudden soaring"is. Shouldn't we be ready to buy it right away when we say "It's time to buy now!"

First of all, boasting the number one app download in JapanCoin checkLet's register to ♪

With coin check ...

  • Free registration and annual fees
  • The largest number of currencies handled in Japan
  • Free transaction fees
  • Generous user support
  • Solving your worries with Coin Girls' rich articles!

So it's a hot exchange now! First of allOfficial WebsiteCheck out ♪

✓Cryptocurrency can be purchased from 1,000 yen and has the potential to be 10 to 100 times!It is completely free and can be left until soaring OKSo, there is no loss even just registering ♪

Last Updated Date: 2019/12/09

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Editor-in-Chief Takashima
I am Takashima, the editor-in-chief of the virtual currency girls' association! We will do our best to make Japan's most fun virtual currency media, thank you!
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