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2019.06.11 Last update
Editor-in-Chief Takashima

The strongest security battle on the virtual currency exchange! Let's make safety completely naked!

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Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, comparisons

Points to compare and check the security of virtual currency exchanges

  • Operating company reliability
  • SSL encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Unauthorized access measures
  • How to manage user assets

Virtual currency exchange safety comparison table

Comparison item GMO coin DMM Bitcoin Bitpoint
Information sharing with group companies ? -
Multi-sig measures None Some support
Two-factor authentication (Biometric authentication)
Sufficient information disclosure to customers Unknown
Regular vulnerability assessment ?
From cold wallet
Double check remittance
Daily check of asset management ?

GMO Coin does not introduce biometric authentication at login, but otherwise it has almost perfect measures!

Information sharing with group companies is well established,Security measures taking advantage of the strengths of major companiesIt seems.

DMM Bitcoin is also a major company,Except for multi-sig countermeasures, sufficiently reliable countermeasures have been implementedIt can be said.

On the other handBitpoint has enough security measuresIt seems thatInsufficient disclosure of security information compared to the other two companiesIt has been evaluated.

1st recommended exchange in terms of security: GMO Coin

Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, comparisons

Safety comparison items 3-step rating Details
Operating company reliability ☆☆☆ -Information disclosure to users
・ Large group with many listed companies
Cyber ​​security ☆☆☆ -Collection of vulnerability information in cooperation with group companies
・ Requires two-step verification when sending out Japanese yen or sending virtual currency
・ Requires two-step verification when logging in for the first time from another terminal
・ Recording of login history and notification to customers by e-mail
・ System monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
・ Regular system vulnerability diagnosis by external security experts
How to manage user assets ☆☆☆ -Multi-sig measures
・ Managed in a separate account from corporate funds
・ Each business day calculates and checks whether there is excess or deficiency

Comparison chart of the three companiesIf you look at it, you can see that GMO coins are quite good in security (such as security).

Here is a little more detailed information about the comparison points that show the security of GMO coins!

Five comparison points that show the security of GMO coins

What is two-factor authentication?One of the security for logging in to the exchangeis. In addition to ID and password,Temporarily created disposable codeIf you do not enter, you can not log in.

This means that if your ID and password are stolen in the event of a hack, two-step verification will prevent you from logging in!

With GMO Coin, when you log in to My Page,You will be contacted at the registered email addressIt is like that.Even if a bad person gains unauthorized access, it is immediately found outSo you are more likely to protect your assets!

With GMO Coin, as a security measure,Monitors 24 hours a day for server intrusion and virus contaminationdoing. You can immediately detect any movement and take action to protect your assets!

Vulnerabilities are program defects or defects.

Vulnerabilities are more likely to be targeted by hackers,Regular security vulnerability assessments by security expertsWe are also focusing on collecting information on system vulnerabilities in cooperation with group companies!

It is very important whether a company manages the assets for operating the exchange and the assets it keeps with customers separately.

If you manage together,In the unlikely event that a company goes bankrupt, customer assets will be exhaustedThere is a possibility. If you are properly managed and separated like GMO coins, there is no such worry.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

GMO coins fulfill the important points of security!

In addition to this, being a major group with listed companies,Experience and know-how cultivated in financial services (securities, FX, etc.)So, if you choose by security, it can be said that there is no exchange to the right of GMO coins.

2nd recommended exchange in terms of safety: DMM Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, comparisons

Safety comparison items 3-step rating Details
Operating company reliability ☆ ☆ -Information disclosure to users
・ A major group that develops various web-related services
Cyber ​​security ☆☆☆ Monitor login information and limit suspicious logins
-Biometric authentication introduced for two-factor authentication
・ Measures against unauthorized access from outside
-Monitor the movement of internal terminals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
・ SSL-encrypted communication is EV certification of the highest rank
・ Vulnerability diagnosis by external security experts
How to manage user assets ☆☆☆ ・ Managed in a separate account from own funds
・ Virtual currency is also managed separately
・ Store 90% or more in cold wallet
・ Check customer assets every business day

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

DMM Bitboin is an exchange operated by a major DMM group that offers various services ♪

Not only crypto exchanges,Proven track record of FX and derivatives tradingTherefore, know-how on security is the best. A recommended exchange that can not be removed if you choose an exchange with a sense of security.

3rd recommended exchange in terms of safety: Bitpoint

Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, comparisons

Safety items 3-step rating Details
Operating company reliability ☆ ☆ The operating company specializes in virtual currency exchanges, and the major shareholders are some listed companies.
Cyber ​​security ☆☆☆ ・ Introduction of intrusion detection and prevention system
・ Adopts EV-SSL, a certificate that has passed the highest level of screening
-Measures taken by white hackers
・ Multi-sig compatible
-Introduced security software "AppGuard" that can handle unknown viruses
How to manage user assets ☆ ☆ -Build your own management system
・ Managed in a separate account from own funds

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

At Bitpoint,Members who develop and operate major online securities systems are in charge of system securitySo it is a safe exchange for security!

Because customer assets are stored in a unique system, asset management is extremely secure. Since it supports multisig, it is a recommended exchange if you choose with safety ♪

Why safety is important for exchanges

Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, comparisons

When choosing an exchange, we take "safety" very seriously.

I would like to talk a bit about why safety is important, what an insecure exchange is, and what risks it poses.

Where to deposit your assets

The virtual currency exchange may have a strong image of a "place to trade" in terms of an "exchange".

Of course, there is no difference that it is a place to do business, but ratherWhere to deposit your assetsDon't forget that.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Exchanges use Japanese yen for customers to purchase cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies used for transactions,Manage all customer assetsdoing!

If the management is not solid,Customer assets are lost or stolenIt is possible.

In order not toSeparate management of corporate and customer assetsAndSecurity measures by expertsThe important point is whether you are doing.

May be targeted by hackers

Cryptocurrency exchange is where huge assets gatherSo,Possibility of being targeted by bad hackersthere is.Highly secure exchanges such as GMO coins are safeHowever, exchanges where security measures are not enough will be a good prey for hackers.

For example, in January 2018,A major domestic exchange coin check suffered hacking damage, and NEM worth about 600 billion yen leakedhave done.

In September of the same year,Zaif of a major exchange suffered hacking damage, BTC and BCH of about 60 billion yen leaked.

At this time, whether the countermeasures were strengthened or the damage amount was smaller than at the time of the coin check case, but stillMeasures such as partial outflow of customer assets and suspension of deposits and withdrawals every few months caused significant damage to customersHas been affected.

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Of course, even if you have your own assets, there is a risk of being targeted by hackers, but exchanges where large assets are gathered are places that are easily targeted by hackers.

It is necessary to select a highly secure exchange as a place to deposit your assetsThere is!

Safety is the most important item!

Cryptocurrency exchange is a place to deposit your currency (asset)It is also.

In order to reduce the risk of hacking etc. even a little, it is a good opportunityFirmly compare exchanges with high securityLet's choose ♪

In the following article, in addition to security, fees and ease of use, etc., we comprehensively evaluate domestic exchanges and introduce them in ranking format! If you are still wondering which exchange to use, check it out now!
[2019 latest] virtual currency / bitcoin "exchange comparison ranking"

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