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[Must-see] The best way to buy ripple is this! ! 2020 Recommended Exchanges to Buy in 5

✓Read in one minute! Editor's recommended exchange corner ♪
Coin check

Leading in the financial industryMonexAnd was rebornNewborn coin check"!

The number of app downloads in JapanSo it's the most used exchange now! ?

As the saying goes, "It rains and hardens,"The security has become very strong due to the hacking incident, and in fact, the exchange that the editor-in-chief trusts most nowWhat is it?

Free registration and transactionSo firstOfficial WebsitePlease check the details with ↓↓

✓ If you are interested in virtual currency, try using it because it is highly recommended!

Ripple, how to buy, buy


This time for virtual currency beginners,The fastest way to buy Ripple (XRP)How to buy and buy simpleTheEasy-to-understand explanationI will do it ♪


Buying ripple is very easybut,

If you do not hold the point,With fees etc.

You may lose a little.


"I'm going to buy a ripple for the first time"To say

For beginners,Points to keep in mindThe

Please refer to it as a summary.


[Things you can understand by reading this article]


The fastest way to buy Ripple | Buy at the exchange!

Ripple, how to buy, how to buy

There are many ways to buy ripple,

The most basic is"Exchange" purchases.



Because the commission is cheap,"I want to trade firmly on exchanges in the future."Recommended for those whoIs the way!


Flow of purchasing ripple on exchanges

  • Open an Exchange account and verify your identity
  • Deposit in Japanese Yen
  • Ripple purchase order


3 days to 1 week of screening to verify identity

There.But like a bank account

Please be assured that it is not a strict examination.



RecommendGMO coinIfSince the examination is quick, you can trade from the next day as short as possible!


Click here for details ↓↓

How to Buy Ripple 選 ぶ Select Exchange

Exchanges are not good anywhere,

  • Ripple can be purchased
  • Low ripple transaction fees
  • Approved by the Financial Services Agency in Japan

If you add conditions such as

Recommended exchanges are limited to a few companies.


As many people misunderstand,


"Because opening an exchange account is free everywhere

For the time being, register in order and use it. ''


There is, but

Not very recommended.


Registration may be free,Actually trading

Japanese Yen Deposit Required.


If you know the partner banks and designated accounts,

It is possible to deposit with no commission,

If you are a beginner without knowledge, it costs about 300 to 700 yen

A transfer fee will be charged.



Money that can be invested if that money is also trueSo it is very wasteful.I do not know why I use multiple companiesBesidesI think.


So at first you decide somewhere

Try other exchanges when you get used to it

I recommend the method.



Recommendation is that you can purchase ripples at a discountGMO coin"is!


Easy-to-understand transaction screen for beginnersSo

It is highly recommended as the first exchange!

Cheap transaction feesSo for advanced users

You can of course trade ♪


Check the details ↓↓


Exchanges where you can purchase ripples in Japan

Exchange XRP transaction fee Japanese yen deposit fee * Sales office spread * When purchasing 100XRP *
GMO coin -0.01%
~ 0.05%
Free None 2999 circle ~ 3002 circle
Liquid by coin (Liquid) Free Bank charge burden None 3500 Yen
Bit bank -0.02%
~ 0.12%
Bank charge burden None 3499 circle ~ 3503 circle
SBI Virtual Currency Free Bank charge burden Yes 3650 Yen
Fuobi Japan (former bit trade) 0.0%
~ 0.10%
Bank charge burden None 3500 circle ~ 3503 circle
Coin check Free Bank charge burden Yes 3650 Yen
Dee cullet Free Bank charge burden Yes 3650 Yen
DMM Bitcoin Free Bank charge burden Yes 3650 Yen
Bit point (new registration stopped) Free Free None 3000 Yen
Bitmax (currently only for iOS) Free 110 Yen Yes 3260 Yen

* 1 Calculated at the market price of XRP30 yen
* Bank charge is calculated at about 500 yen (depending on the bank)
* The spread is calculated at about 5% of the average (150 yen)
* The figures are different from actual figures because they are estimates only.


■ Only 5 exchanges

As you can see from the list above,

Not a store with a spread

What you can buy ripple on an exchange

Only 5 companies in JapanThere is only.




Since BitPoint is currently out of business, there are actually four companies.


Furthermore, Fobi and the bit bank

Taker transaction fee is 0.1% or more

HigherSo basically

You have two choices.


Both are good exchanges,

Liquid is not available from Sumishin SBI Net Bank.

High commission is required for Japanese Yen transfer

Because,After all the best value you can buy ripple

GMO coin Recommend.


Only partner banks have no deposit fees

In fact, the number of partner banks is the largest,

GMO coinWhat is it ♪



How to buy Ripple 準備 Prepare necessary items for account registration


What you need to open an exchange account

  • Mobile phones and smartphones with SMS
  • Identification card with photo (license, passport, etc.)
  • Email Address


Minors, depending on the exchange

Parental consent form is required.



SmartphoneIs what you can callIf so, you can clear the authentication.


ID card (identification document) is basically required

GMO coinIf so, identity verification documents are not required

"Receiving postcards"You can choose.


mail address isFor account registration

As neededSo, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.

OK with an email address that can be created for free.


How to Buy Ripple ③ Account Registration

As a pre-stage for exchange account registration

Register (create) account is required.


When you open the official website of each exchange,

There is a field to enter your email address,

Enter the prepared email addressTo do.


Then, to the entered email address

You will receive a confirmation email from the exchange.

Click the link (URL) in the email.



Many exchanges set the password required for login at this time.


The basics can be freely determined, but if possible

Password generation (password creation) tool

Let's set a strong path using such as.


Your account registration is now complete

You will be able to log in to the site.



At this stage, you still have to pay Japanese yenRipple cannot be traded.


How to buy Ripple④Register basic information


Once you have registered your account, enter the basic information to open an account!


  • Your name
  • Zip Code
  • Current address
  • Purpose of cryptocurrency trading
  • Current occupation
  • Is it a foreign important person?

There are confirmations such as

Let's input and check.


When you ’re done

Click the "Basic information complete" button!


How to buy Ripple⑤Upload identity verification documents


Once you have successfully entered the basic information,Upload identity verification documentslet's do it.

① Use a camera, personal computer, digital camera, etc. attached to your smartphone to take a photo of your ID card with a photo.

(XNUMX) Depending on the virtual currency exchange, what is specified as an identification card is different, so check the upload screen.

(XNUMX) Copy the photograph to your computer by connecting it to your computer or copying it or sending it by e-mail.

指定 Specify the copied photo on the upload screen of the identity verification document of the virtual currency exchange, upload it, and press the Finish button.

On a common cryptocurrency exchange,

The number of days required for identity verification is about 2-3 business days

Although it is,On exchanges that are slow to respond

It takes about a weekThere is also a thing.


GMO coinThen, the shortest next day transaction is possible

I want to trade Ripple as soon as possible

Recommended for those who say.


In addition,GMO coinIf,

Without uploading identity verification documents

"Postcard receipt"

it canBecause,Preparation of license and passport

NoodlesRecommended for those who say!



How to buy Ripple⑥Set security (2-step verification)

Once you have submitted your identity verification documents,

While waiting for an exchange review

"Setting up two-factor authentication"Let's do it.


Two-factor authentication is used for hacking and unauthorized access.

On cryptocurrency exchanges that are easily targeted,

This is a measure that must be set.


To set up two-factor authentication,

Use your smartphone.

Ripple, how to buy, buy


First, on your smartphone,Download and install an authentication application called "Google Authenticator"Let's do it! !


iOS: Google Authenticator

Android: Google authentication system


When you open the two-factor authentication setting screen on your PC,

QR codeComes out.


  • Open Google Authenticator on your smartphone
  • Tap "+" at the top right
  • Tap "Scan barcode"
  • QR codeRead.


And it was displayed on the smartphoneauthentication codeThe

Complete by inputting on the input screen of the PC.


If Google Authenticator is not available

  • Authentication by smartphone SMS
  • Authentication by smartphone or phone

There is also an option.



You can easily open an account by following the instructions on the screen, but if you are uneasy please refer to here ♪


How to Buy Ripple⑦ Deposit in Japanese Yen


After opening the exchange,Deposit in Japanese Yen.


How to deposit Japanese yen on the exchange

Two types of deposit and instant deposit.


Bank transferIt is,Bank account I haveから

How to transfer money to a designated account on an exchangeso,

  • Net banking
  • Bank counters and ATMs
  • Convenience store ATM

It is possible to transfer from such as.


How to make a deposit

  • Select “Deposit and Withdrawal” and “Japanese Yen” from the menu
  • Select "Transfer payment"
  • Confirm designated transfer account
  • Transfer Japanese Yen to specified account


Exchange affiliated banksfrom

If it is a transfer,Instant deposit (quick deposit)The



Instant deposit from partner banks

  • Free of chargeYou can deposit with
  • PaymentImmediately reflectedBe done

There is a big merit that.


However, at exchanges where you can buy ripples

What you can do with immediate fee-free deposit

We will be making GMO coinOnlyHas become.


* There are other paid instant deposits
Example) Coin check is immediate deposit 770 yen


Partner banks that can deposit instantly with GMO coins



Internet banks such as Sumishin SBI are basicallyRegistration is freeSo it is a good idea to register at this opportunity.


■ Minimum purchase amount of ripple

"I want to buy a ripple,

How much money should I deposit? "

For those who think, it is a little commentary.


As of 2019 month,

The price of a ripple is about 1 yen per sheet.

About 10 yen for 300 piecesThat's where


Minimum purchase quantity and minimum deposit of GMO coins

  • Exchange: Orders can be made from a minimum of 10 pieces (about 300 yen)
  • Sales office: Orders can be made from a minimum of 30 pieces (about 900 yen)
  • Deposit in Japanese Yen: Deposit possible from 1,000 yen



Simply put, at the current price,Ripple can be purchased with a minimum deposit of 1,000 yenThat means ♪


How to buy Ripple⑧Let's buy at an exchange or sales office!

Once the Japanese yen has been deposited,

Let's buy ripple right away!

Less than,GMO coinIs explained as an example.

If you haven't registered yet, just register for an account

Let's finish it first ♪


GMO coinSo, in the "Exchange" and "Sales"

You can buy ripple.

  • "Exchange" if you want to buy cheap
  • "Shop" if you want to buy easily

There is no problem with how to choose ♪


How to Buy Ripple at the Exchange (PC Version)

Ripple, how to buy

  • GMO coinLogin to
  • Click on “Spot trading” under “Exchange”
  • Select "Ripple" on the right
  • Click on "Buy"
  • Enter transaction quantity and order rate
  • Click to confirm screen


If you don't know how to rate,

If you put a check in “Success”

You can place an order at the price closest to the market price.


Trade at firstAnd

Once you get used to, specify the amount (limit order)The

Let's do it ♪


■ How to Buy Ripple at the Exchange (Smartphone Version)

Ripple, how to buy

GMO coin smartphone transactions are

"GMO coin virtual currency wallet"

Use the called app.


  • Virtual currency transactions (purchase / sale / leverage)
  • Deposit and withdrawal of Japanese yen
  • Deposit and send virtual currency
  • Check / update account information

I can do all the basic things like

The PC version is rarely needed.


How to buy is almost the same as PC versionso,

Simply follow the instructions on the screen

You can buy it (* ^^ *)


From other exchange apps,

Easy to understand for beginnersThe feature is ♪


* Target OS: iOS 11 or higher, Android 4.4.0 or higher


■ How to Buy Ripple at "Sales"

Ripple, how to buy

  • GMO coinLogin to
  • Click "Sales" in the left menu
  • Select "XRP" in the menu on the right


Then the display on the right changes to XRP.


  • Select "Specify amount" or "Specify quantity"
  • Enter quantity
  • Click Buy (Sell) button

Is done!

It's easier than an exchange ♪



Sales offices have spreads (hidden fees)あるSo not highly recommended.If you want to buy at a great priceLet's use it!




Let's look at the details of the exchange ↓↓


How to use leverage trading and cryptocurrency FX

This is explained in this article ♪


XNUMX ways to buy Ripple | How to buy for intermediate to advanced users

Ripple, how to buy, buy


There are three main ways to purchase ripple.

A.How to Buy in Japan (Exchange)
Two.Easy way to buy in Japan (Sales)
Three.How to buy using overseas exchanges

How to Buy: Trade Ripple on an Exchange in Japan

The most basic way to buy ripple isTrading and purchasing at an exchange in Japanis. If you have done stock trading, you can use the familiar "order board" to trade between users.


Ripple can be sold as well as bought,You can also make money using price fluctuationsで す!

Only the following five companies in Japan handle Ripple on the Exchange.

* Transaction fee on the right
* The range of numbers is from maker transactions to taker transactions

As an exchangeBit flyer,weakIs also famous, but there is no handling of ripple.

On any exchange,You can easily buy from account opening (registration) to deposit of Japanese yen and transactionFeatures. Since opening an account is free, some fierce people register multiple exchanges and use them properly (^ ^)

Recommendations are that maker transactions have a negative fee and taker transactions are cheaperGMO coin.

How to buy リ ッ プ easily buy ripple at the sales office

"Sales Office"Is a service that allows you to buy and sell virtual currency. The difference from the exchange is that the trading partner is not the same user, but the company that runs the sales office.

Since the operator sets the price, the transaction is a little disadvantageous for the user. Instead, the point of sale is that you can purchase and sell immediately.

All transaction fees are free from sales outletsbut,A spread of 3-10% is set as a "hidden commission".Considering that typical exchange transaction fees are between 0.01% and 0.1%,Considerably higherYou can see that.


Also, since it is just "buy" or "sell", even a beginner can easily buy ripples, which is a charm of the sales office! !

Only the following 6 companies in Japan handle Ripple at the sales office.

  • SBI VC Trade
  • DMM Bitcoin
  • Coin check
  • Dee cullet
  • Bit max
  • GMO coin

GMO coins are compatible with both exchanges and sales outlets, so you can choose the one you like.

SBI VC Trade is a sales office, but you can purchase ripples at the exchange if you have "SBI VC Trade Pro" service started in September 2019.

DMM Bitcoin originally supported only leveraged transactions for ripple, but as of October 2019, it also supports spot transactions.

Bitmax is a new sales office that started on September 2019, 9, and is operated by LVC, a subsidiary of LINE. As of October 17, only iOS app trading is supported.

There are features that are slightly different from other exchanges, such as depositing Japanese yen at LINE Pay wallet and LINE Pay registered bank, so please check it if you are interested ♪

How to Buy ③ Buy Ripple on Overseas Virtual Currency Exchange

On the world (overseas) cryptocurrency exchange,It is possible to purchase various altcoins that are not handled in Japan.

However, I cannot deposit and withdraw Japanese yen,Once you have purchased Bitcoin and Ethereum in Japan, you will need to remit the virtual currency to overseas exchanges.

[Domestic exchanges]
└Japanese Yen⇔Ripple

[Overseas exchanges]
└Japanese Yen⇔Bitcoin⇔Ripple

Of course, when you withdraw to a Japanese bank, you will follow the same process and some exchanges require remittance fees in addition to deposit and withdrawal fees.In many cases, costs increase and profits decrease.

Still, there is a merit that you can buy various alt coins,


If you are confident in trading, use overseas exchangesI guess! !


[How to buy Ripple-Actual Battle] 5 Recommended Exchanges by Purchase Purpose

Ripple, how to buy, buy

As you can see, there are two basic exchanges for buying virtual currency: domestic exchanges and overseas exchanges. From here, we will introduce recommended exchanges where you can actually purchase ripples, so let's choose together ♪

Here, assuming what kind of purchasing purpose you are thinking about buying ripples,Introducing XNUMX virtual currency exchangesI will do.

[By purchase purpose] Recommended exchanges

Purchasing purpose ① "The first ripple purchase" recommendation is GMO coin

Ripple, how to buy, buy

GMO coins areEven beginners can easily buy rippleIs famous for that. It is a recommended exchange for those who want to buy ripple quickly.

GMO Coin is a member of the GMO Internet Group, which provides services such as stock securities and FX (such as GMO Click Securities).It's a large company, so it's very reliable in terms of asset management, so you can deposit your assets with confidence.

5 types of currencies that can be purchased with GMO coins

The virtual currency that can be purchased with GMO coins is

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP

There are 5 types.

Although it supports only major currencies that are popular in the world, altcoins with unstable prices are considered to be of these five types in consideration of the risk of users.

For beginners, it is easy and recommended to buy a sales place

GMO coins areVirtual currency can be purchased on both exchanges and sales outletsThat's a nice point.

Despite high commissions (leverage) at sales outlets, you can purchase ripples easily and reliablyTherefore, if you want to know how to buy really easy, it is recommended that the sales office is easy to understand.

However, since the exchange is still expensive, if you plan to trade several times, make sure to buy ripple at the exchange.

GMO coins can make virtual currency FX with ripple

In general exchanges, virtual currency FX trading multiplied by leverage ratio is only bitcoin,


With GMO coinsThe biggest attraction is that leverage trading with ripple is possibleis! !

Up to 10 times leverage trading is possible,10 yen transaction possible with 100 yen, Order / contract fees, or loss cut fees are all free.

However,The higher the leverage, the greater the profit and the greater the riskLet's hold things down.

GMO coin virtual currency FX is easy with the special application `` Bitre you ''

Bittre's features

  • Abundant information such as open interest, summary, order list, contract history is easy to see
  • You can order immediately with one tap using "speed order"
  • 9 technical charts available

It's very easy to use, so let's just install it.

[Recommended points for GMO coins]

  • Choose how to buy ripple at exchanges and sales outlets
  • Altcoin FX trading such as ripple is possible
  • 20,000Satoshi (minimum unit of bitcoin) is available when opening a new account
  • The virtual currency FX dedicated smartphone application `` Bitre you '' is highly functional and has a good reputation

Click here for details ↓↓

Purchasing purpose な ら "DMM Bitcoin" if you use the campaign

Ripple purchase

DMM Bitcoin has started accepting new accounts from January 2018 on exchanges operated by the DMM.com group.

Talent Laura appeared in commercials and became popular at onceIt's an exchange.

The DMM.com group has the highest number of FX accounts. Taking advantage of the track record in FX,DMM bitcoin is attractive because it can do ripple leverage tradingで す!

Ripple can be forex traded in Japanese yen

Ripple can be traded in Japanese yen while leveraging,Forex experienced people recommend using DMM bitcoinMaybe!

Conversely,Disadvantage is that you can not buy ripples in kindIt is also.

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded in kind, but Ripple can only be leveraged with yen.

FX is not suitable for long-term holding, so it is not recommended for anyone who wants to buy a ripple and keep it for a while.

Easy to understand real-time chart

It seems that the number of FX accounts opened is number one, and the real-time chart is very easy to understand. It's hard to find a chart that will satisfy both beginners and day traders alike.

Trading tools can be used on both PCs and smartphones, but the feature is that smartphone application tools are very easy to use.

Technical charts and one-touch ordersThe exquisite ease of use that can be reached in simple but itchy places is truly true.

Also, the support service of DMM Bitcoin isYou can use LINEI'm I am grateful to the girls of the LINE generation.

Abundant campaigns

DMM Bitcoin is happy to have a variety of campaigns!

Campaign to receive 1,000 yen not only for opening a new accountIs it advantageous?

Also for a limited time

  • Hard wallet present campaign (lottery)
  • Domestic beef catalog gift present campaign (lottery)
  • Spread campaign

There are always some kind of campaigns held.

Check DMM Deals

Purchasing purpose ③ "bitbank" if you want to trade while analyzing the chart

Ripple, how to buy, buy

`` I want to trade while analyzing the chartThe recommended exchange is "bitbank'.

Bit Bank was established in May 2014, so it is a well-established exchange in this article. Education program for the only blockchain engineer in JapanOperation of "Blockchain University"Also.

Such a bit bank isNo. 2018 domestic transaction volume in October 10Has also become. The high transaction volume means that many people are using it!

Charts are easy to see in the trading view

Bitbank exchanges are very easy to read.Trading viewBecause it adopts, it is easy to use trade tools such as trend lines.

Not only is it easy to use on a PC, but Bit Bank also offers a smartphone app. For the app,Use over 70 technical chartsIt is!

Bitbank apps can be installed on both iPhone and Android.

Bit bank is the top class in ripple distribution

Ripple purchase

Bitbanks do not have much trading volume when looking at cryptocurrencies as a whole. But,Some altcoins including ripples are very large.

A large amount of circulation leads to a stable transaction and leads to cheap purchase of ripples etc..

Six types of virtual currency that can be purchased with bit banks

There are six types of virtual currencies that can be purchased with Bit Bank.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Monacoin (MONA)

The feature is that they also handle Monacoin. Although it is a virtual currency monar coin from Japan, it is safe to use a bit bank as Bit Flyer and Zaif stop new registration or are unstable in Japan.

[Checkpoint of bitbank (bit bank)]

  • Board trading is possible on "exchanges" instead of "sales offices"
  • Various fees are cheap, negative fees are also implemented
  • There are many users and trading is active, so transactions are easy to be completed

Bitbank official website

Purchasing purpose: If you are worried about security, "Liquid" is recommended

Ripple, how to buy, buy

Another virtual currency exchange that can be recommended like GMO coins`` Liquid '' focusing on security.

An exchange managed by a company called QUOINE (coin), firmly licensed by the Financial Services Agency,The only exchange-issued token "QASH" can be purchasedIs the biggest feature.

Liquid offers the following six types of virtual currencies

  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash
  • QASH
  • Nem


The difference with GMO coinsBoard trading between users is possible in "exchange" formatThat's the point! !

Also, Liquid is said to be the largest virtual currency exchange in Asia,Forex trading with up to 25 times leverage is possible, and there are abundant 10 foreign currenciesIs also attractive.

[Checkpoint of Liquid (formerly QUOINEX)]

  • Ripple as well as Nem and unique token "QASH" can be purchased
  • High security features (most customer assets are stored in a cold wallet)
  • Leverage up to 25 times virtual currency FX trading possible

Liquid official website

Purchasing purpose: "VC trade" if you want to support ripple

Ripple purchase

VC Trade, operated by SBI Virtual Currency, the largest financial institution in Japan, is a new exchange that has just started accepting general accounts on July 2018, 7.

Twitter already has over 1 followers, exceeding GMO coins and DMM bitcoinsSuch attention is high.

The reason is that SBI President Kitao is pushing Ripple. In the first place,Kitao's SBI has a partnership with RippleHm.

In other words, VC trades are made to encourage and promote the purchase of ripple.

If you want to buy ripples and support them together, you may want to trade with VC trades!

High reliability and security of ripple transactions

The SBI Group is very reliable in online securities trading. It seems that many people have used SBI Securities in securities trading for a long time.

You need to pay Japanese Yen to buy the ripple,VC Trade works with SBI Sumishin Net Bank, making deposit and withdrawal very easy.

In addition, because there are security measures cultivated by group companies, they seem to protect assets perfectly.

Partnership with Ripple

Above all,We have very strong expectations as SBI Group's President Kitao is enthusiastic about his expectations for ripple every timeThere is an impact.

SBI holds a 20% stake in Ripple in the United States. We have also launched a joint venture with Ripple, SBI Rippie Asia, with a 60% stake.

Ripple rarely uses blockchain in cryptocurrencies. for that reason,Expected to make international remittances with cheap commissions.

President Kitao says that `` Ripple will be the key currency of virtual currency ''. The current core currency is bitcoin, but it may not be long before Ripple, which keeps the market capitalization at number two or three, becomes number one!

Outstanding security!

The SBI Holdings group has approximately 800 million accounts. The know-how cultivated there is fully demonstrated in VC trade.

Specifically, it is essential for cryptocurrency exchangesMeasures against cyber attacks such as SSL, multisig, and cold walletEtc.

By the way, at the moment we do not accept deposits and withdrawals of virtual currency, so it is unlikely that cryptocurrencies will be fraudulently deprived in the first place.

VC trade is still developing

VC Trade is one of the five exchangesMost developingI can say that.

The operating company, SBI Virtual Currency, was officially registered with the Financial Services Agency in September 2017, but it has been trading for almost a year.

for that reason,Not enough service yet. Some may find it somewhat inadequate.

4 types of currencies that can be purchased in VC trade

The following four types of virtual currencies can be purchased through VC trading.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Originally there were three types, but the handling of Ethereum has started on December 3, 2018.

It is also announced that the handling of bitcoin cash will end on June 2019, 6.

VC Trade Official Website

Useful for buying ripples! I compared each virtual currency exchange

Ripple, how to buy, buy

So here's the above to help you buy the rippleCompare the main parts of each cryptocurrency exchange we introducedLet's try.

[5 domestic cryptocurrency exchangesComparison table】

Exchange name Transaction format Transaction fee (in kind) Handling currency Leverage
GMO coin Exchanges and sales offices -0.01%~ 0.05% BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP Up to 4 times
DMM Bitcoin Sales office  With spread BTC, ETH / FX: XEM, XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH Up to 4 times
Bitbank Exchange -0.05% to 0.15% BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, MONA None
Liquid Exchange 0.25% BTC, BCH, ETH, LQC, XRP 4 times
VC trade Sales office  With spread BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP None

Liquid if you choose with leverage,If you choose by transaction feeGMO coinOrbitbankIs that feeling?

Each cryptocurrency exchange conducts some campaigns from time to time,


Because the content of the campaign changes regularlyAlways check when registering your accountlet's do it! !

How to buy Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, how to buy, buy

This time, I introduced how to buy the outstanding cryptocurrency ripple (XRP) which is attracting attention from all over the world now.

I think that the flow of new registration and account opening on the virtual currency exchange can be almost understood by reading the article introduced,When you actually register, you may get stuck in unexpected places.

If you can't solve the problem,


Prepared on the exchangeRead the help screen or contact the support center directlyWould be good! !

In the future, Ripple (XRP) will beIt is expected that the price will rise considerably as it grows more and its name risesIt is done.

We hope that you will keep abreast of the times and purchase Ripple (XRP) from now as a part of future asset investment.

Why Ripple is so hot now around the worldPlease refer to the following article.

✓ To you who read to the end ♪
Coin check

Thank you for always reading Coin Girls article ♪

We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

By the way,Have you registered your exchange yet?Exchange registration is completed in about 3 minutes, but you have to wait about XNUMX days before it can be used.What is it?

The biggest attraction of cryptocurrencies is"Sudden soaring"is. Shouldn't we be ready to buy it right away when we say "It's time to buy now!"

First of all, boasting the number one app download in JapanCoin checkLet's register to ♪

With coin check ...

  • Free registration and annual fees
  • The largest number of currencies handled in Japan
  • Free transaction fees
  • Generous user support
  • Solving your worries with Coin Girls' rich articles!

So it's a hot exchange now! First of allOfficial WebsiteCheck out ♪

✓Cryptocurrency can be purchased from 1,000 yen and has the potential to be 10 to 100 times!It is completely free and can be left until soaring OKSo, there is no loss even just registering ♪

Last Updated Date: 2020/01/24

[Women's association member who wrote this article]

I'm a college student since this spring o (^ ▽ ^) o The future of cryptocurrencies is a bit uncertain, and I started studying investment. The goal is to welcome cats! Virtual currency has fun.
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Coin check reborn under the umbrella of super major Monex resumes service!The number of DLs for apps will be No.2020 in Japan in 1!
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Tomonen Cemeteryィ ∋ ∋ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィ ィAbout GMO Services
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蜿 蜿 ☆ ☆ 蜿 蜿 蜿 蜿 蜿Multi-purpose heating and cooling system吶 吶 吶 ァ ァ ァ ァ ァ ァ ァ ァ ァWaki name