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The first place in the virtual currency exchange ranking is DOKO! ? Thoroughly survey recommended exchanges in Japan and overseas!

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Coin check

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As the saying goes, "It rains and hardens,"The security has become very strong due to the hacking incident, and in fact, the exchange that the editor-in-chief trusts most nowWhat is it?

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Hello, Haru!Virtual currencyThe key to starting a transaction isExchangeThat's right! !

In Japan alone, about 20 virtual currency exchanges have been approved by the Financial Services Agency as "virtual currency exchange agents"There are countless exchanges in the world handling various coins.

Among them,Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange for your investment assets and investment methods is often very difficult for beginnersIt will be.

This time, there are so manyVirtual currencyExchangeRecommended in Japan and overseasRankingI will introduce mainly.

Top XNUMX recommended cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

First of all, among the major companies in Japan,Recommended crypto exchangesRanking形式Let's take a look.

[XNUMXst place] coincheck

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

Coin checkIs a long-established store established in 2012 among exchanges in Japan,A virtual currency exchange with high popularity and brand power boasting over 230 million downloads of smartphone apps with overwhelming ease of use of trading tools.

Handles XNUMX types of cryptocurrencies, the most in JapanFor this reason, there is also a point that you can buy currencies that can not be purchased on other domestic exchanges, and there is also confidence that the Monex Group listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is an operating company.


In addition, there are no transaction fees, and it is very easy to register an account, open an account, and purchase virtual currency.Also attractive in that it can be purchased in a minimum of 10 secondsis! !

[XNUMXnd place] GMO coin

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

GMO coinHas a wide range of users from beginners to advanced cryptocurrencies,Forex trading for six consecutive years A cryptocurrency exchange operated by a company under the `` GMO Group '' that has recorded the world's highest trading volume.

Because it is operated by a large company, users can conduct transactions with high reliability and confidence,The biggest advantage is that the basic fee for all currency trades handled by GMO coins is almost free.

In addition, two types of smartphone applications are also provided, especially the application "Bitre-kun" specializing in virtual currency FX has a high reputation.


Besides that,An exchange that is highly recommended for beginners as well as full customer support XNUMX/XNUMXHas become! !

Click here for details ↓↓

[XNUMXrd place] bitbank

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

Simple and easy-to-view interface trading tools and smartphone apps are the most attractive bit bank popular.Points that altcoins can be purchased at exchanges (minus fees)Is ".

In the bit bank,Since the transaction fee when executed by Maker is set to "-0.02%", it is a system that you can get reward for commission by simply repeating the transactionIt is


The currencies we handle include Bitcoin and Monacoin,Recommended cryptocurrency exchange for those who want to trade altcoin cheaperYou can say! !

[XNUMXth place] DMM Bitcoin

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

DMM Bitcoin sign (actress Laura) operated by the famous DMM Group in Japan, which boasts the largest number of FX account registrations in the worldMany people have seen the first time.

DMM Bitcoin is only available at the point of sale,Like GMO coins, it is very attractive that almost all fees are free from transaction fees, deposit and withdrawal, remittance fees.


All virtual currencies can be traded in FX, as many as seven.It is an exchange that has a reputation for high-performance charts and easy-to-use smartphone apps! !

[XNUMXth ​​place] Liquid by quoine

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

First and foremostLiquid by coin is `` recommended for those who want to trade their assets safely ''.

With Liquid by Coin, unlike other exchanges,All customer assets are stored in a cold wallet (environment separated from the Internet)There is no need to worry about hacking.


Also unusual for a domestic exchangeIssuing QASH (cache) which is an original tokenWe can buy only here! !

It is also an exchange that has a good reputation for rich leverage trading.

Top XNUMX cryptocurrency exchanges recommended by overseas majors

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

By the way, we introduced the recommended virtual currency exchange rankings in Japan. Did you find the best one for you?

If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency trading and want to use multiple exchanges or want to buy cryptocurrencies that are not available in Japan,Cryptocurrency exchange rankings recommended overseasPlease refer to.

[XNUMXst place] Binance (binance)

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

People who are used to trading on virtual currency exchanges in JapanBinance is popular and highly reliable as it is said to be registered first as an overseas exchange.

A relatively new Chinese cryptocurrency exchange established in July 2017,The world's largest exchange that has exceeded 6 million users in just six months since its establishmentIt is said that.


Withdrawal up to 1 BTC per day without identity verification,Discount system by using Binance's proprietary token BNBIs the feature! !

Also, it is highly recommended for exchanges that are full of attractiveness, with over 100 kinds of virtual currencies that are easy to use and handle virtual smartphones.

[XNUMXnd place] BitMEX

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

While the biggest benefits of Hong Kong-based Bitmex are many,The biggest attraction is that it can be used only with an e-mail address and that up to 100 times leverage transactions are possible without additional verification.

Bitmex is an exchange format,Commission at the time of execution with Maker is very large, `` -0.25% '', commissions exceeding Japanese bit banks are returnedWill be


It ’s easy to register,A system that has a high security function, supports multi-sig, and stores all assets in a cold wallet.Has a reputation! !

However, it is expected that the smartphone app has not been released at this stage.

[XNUMXrd place] Bittrex (Bittrex)

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange established in the United States in 2014,It handles over 200 kinds of virtual currencies including Cardano (ADA) which is popular with Japanese peopleIs the biggest feature.

Altcoin trading is a sales office on many domestic exchanges, but Bittrex is the same as bit bankIt is possible to trade in the form of an exchange using board trading, and it is attractive that the trading volume is top class worldwide.

We are also actively listing new promising ICO currencies that are expected to have future potential.


While it is worthwhile and can be expected,Recommended for those who want to find altcoins (promising grass coins) that are still low in priceIt can be said! !

Thorough explanation of the points to avoid failure when choosing a virtual currency exchange

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

Not only in Japan but also in the world there are not only cryptocurrency exchanges introduced in this ranking but also exchanges with various characteristics, so if you are interested it is good to search for yourself Will be.

Here, for beginners who are about to start cryptocurrency trading,Important points not to fail when choosing an exchangeHere are some.

Points 仮 想 Many virtual currencies we handle

There are various types of virtual currencies other than the famous Bitcoin, such as market capitalization and popular Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

For those who want to trade cryptocurrencies with these altcoins instead of bitcoin,It's a good idea to focus on the variety of stocks on the virtual currency exchangeIt will be.


Alto coins that only handle a few types in Japan,There are thousands of altcoins worldwideIt is said that! !

Some coins have no value as currency valueHowever, it may be interesting to pay attention to that and find and invest in altcoins that have promise.

Points②Low handling fees such as transaction fees and deposit / withdrawal fees

As already introduced in domestic and overseas cryptocurrency exchange rankings, exchanges such as GMO coin and DMM bitcoin areA huge advantage with almost no commissions when tradingHas become.

Those who do not do much trading, but who frequently make deposits and withdrawals and frequently withdraw cryptocurrencies between multiple cryptocurrency exchange accounts, exchanges with lower deposit and withdrawal fees and remittance fees are better. The benefits are greater.

In addition,Financial institutions affiliated with each virtual currency exchange will also be differentIn addition to general deposits and payments, whether they support quick deposits (deposits are immediately reflected in the exchange account) will be important points in selecting an exchange.

Point ③ High security and security

Including the coin check Nem leak incident that occurred in early 2018,Recently, hacking damage equivalent to 35 billion yen has appeared at bit points, and it has become a hot topic.

It is said that the damage caused by unauthorized access and hacking to such cryptocurrency exchanges is increasing year by year.Security system is very important when choosing an exchangeIt has been.


Prior to the fee fee,I want to trade more securely than anywhereSome people think! !

I am worried about how my important assets that I have invested in are managed by the security system introduced by the deposited cryptocurrency exchange.

These people,We recommend using an exchange such as Liquid, which stores all customer assets in a cold wallet.To do.

Point ④ high liquidity

No matter how much the fee is low and the security system is in place,On exchanges where the trading volume of cryptocurrencies is low and liquidity is low, it is meaningless because the key transactions themselves are difficult to complete.

In the popular virtual currency exchanges in Japan and overseas introduced here, such liquidity can be traded without much concern.

But,There are many crypto exchanges that are still not well knownFor this reason, it may be a good idea to refrain from using it because of the low fees and the large number of types of handling virtual currencies.

Point⑤Abundant services and functionality provided

One of the last important points in choosing a crypto exchange is"Functionality of service tools provided by exchanges (ease of use)".

This is also the case with cryptocurrency exchanges that have low commissions and abundant currencies like liquidityIf the tools you actually trade are hard to use, you will not be able to make any money.

It is said that many people trade in cryptocurrency every day due to the high price fluctuation.


Exchange tools and smartphone apps that you use every dayThe easier it is to use, the easier it is to make a profit! !

Therefore, instead of being seized by only some advantages and choosing a virtual currency exchange, these virtual currency exchanges provide various typesIt is good to decide whether to use the tool after seeing and using it after actually using it.It will be.

Opening an account is essential to use major crypto exchanges!

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

If you find the perfect crypto exchange for yourself,Open an exchange accountLet's do it.

Here, we will briefly introduce the basic flow from the opening of a cryptocurrency exchange account to trading, the screening standards, and the necessary items.

Procedures from opening a cryptocurrency exchange account to trading

First of all, most people who open a cryptocurrency exchange account will choose a domestic exchange.

The flow of opening accounts on most domestic cryptocurrency exchanges is generally similarIs as follows.

  • ① Select the established virtual currency exchange
  • ② Register a new account on the virtual currency exchange with your email address
  • ③Submit identification documents, enter basic information and apply for account opening
  • を Deposit funds to the opened virtual currency exchange account

Through the above process, you can purchase virtual currency.

If you want to know the details of the procedure for opening a cryptocurrency exchange account, please refer to the following article for details using GMO coins as an example.

Important points for opening an account quickly

For those who are starting a virtual currency transaction,I want to open an account as soon as possibleI think most people think.

However, as the word "hurry up" means, if you do not enter accurate information at the time of opening an account and submit firm identification documents,Conversely, there are many cases where it takes time to get caught in the examination of the exchangeIt is

As much as possibleBe aware of the following three points to smoothly open an account on the virtual currency exchangelet's do it.

  • ① Select a virtual currency exchange from account registration to account opening application completion
  • (XNUMX) Apply for the virtual currency exchange on weekday business days
  • ③Prepare identification documents required for opening an account and necessary items in advance

Even just keeping in mind the three above can significantly shorten the period of opening an account on an exchange.

Only three things are needed on the virtual currency exchange

So actually,What you need to open a new account on the virtual currency exchangeI will introduce you.

  • ①E-mail address required when registering an account (for PCs such as Gmail if possible)
  • ② Identification documents such as driver's license and passport (slightly different depending on exchange)
  • ③ Mobile phone with SMS and smartphone for SMS authentication

Anyway, if you keep the above three together,Just enter basic information, take a photo of your identity verification document and submit it.

The first place in the virtual currency exchange ranking is DOKO! ? Summary of recommended exchanges in Japan and overseas

Virtual currency, exchange, ranking

By the way, this time, we have introduced the recommended cryptocurrency exchange rankings that exist around the world separately in Japan and overseas.

In the future, as the popularity of bitcoin and other virtual currencies increases,While new exchanges are increasing steadily, exchanges with poorly provided services and operations are being eliminatedIt will be.

Even in Japan,In 2019, major companies such as Yahoo and Rakuten will start providing virtual currency exchange services, and service competition between exchanges will intensify in the futureIt has been seen.


However, from the user's point of view, the services offered by these competitors are very good,Pay particular attention to the campaigns of each virtual currency exchange in the futureYou can say! !


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We will give you moreI want to know about virtual currency! I want you to have fun! I want you to earn!I hope you will continue to support me! !

By the way,Have you registered your exchange yet?Exchange registration is completed in about 3 minutes, but you have to wait about XNUMX days before it can be used.What is it?

The biggest attraction of cryptocurrencies is"Sudden soaring"is. Shouldn't we be ready to buy it right away when we say "It's time to buy now!"

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