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2020.10.29 Last update
Editor-in-Chief Takashima

[PR] VERTEX announces trading platform

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A trading platform oriented towards the "global community"

Leading the famous blockchain community in Hong KongVertexIs Hong Kong time on October 2020, 10"Global community"A trading platform oriented towards2020/10/20Announced that it will officially start.

Platform Token Vertex Token (VTX)

The Vertex Exchange aims to become the world's leading global trading platform, bringing together the world's leading crypto assets and their communities."Community culture"We aim to become a trading platform with.This platform issues the native platform token Vertex Token (VTX).

Unique "vertex exchange" trading mechanism

The mission of the Vertex exchange is to integrate the high quality cryptocurrency global community, allowing users to exchange VTXs directly at the highest price ever (ATH) of tokens and eventually ship through a specific trading system. By doing so, it is to maintain price stability and high liquidity.All cryptocurrency tokens currently bought and sold have the common feature that they can be traded directly because of their currency value, but the Vertex exchange first proposed and practiced the concept of "vertex exchange". Allowed the crypto asset community to exchange and trade tokens on a unified platform.

It is well known that the crypto asset market is highly volatile.It is common for crypto asset users to see crypto tokens fall sharply from their peak prices, and it is possible that many tokens have already been "buy and sell above market prices".To minimize the potential loss of currency holders, the Vertex exchange has introduced its own "vertex exchange" trading mechanism, empowering the crypto community around the world and allowing crypto users to Helps cash in high positions. A unique feature of the Vertex exchange is the "Smart Trading Market", where users can enjoy the automatic exchange of tokens for VTXs at higher preset prices.In addition to these, users can earn a decent VTX token reward by participating in daily exchanges. The more tokens that go online on the Vertex exchange, the more valuable VTX will be, driving the demand and volume of VTX.


Vertex Exchange is expected and loved by crypto enthusiasts around the world because it was designed to attract a large and mature crypto token community.To interact with users, the crypto community can participate as a "mentor" and vote for money.In addition, the Vertex exchange returns many incentives to loyal users who are actively participating in platform activities, including some of the commission dividends per transaction.


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

It's an exchange with an interesting mechanism ✨


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Last Updated Date: 2020/10/29

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