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2019.05.15 Last update
Editor-in-Chief Takashima

Virtual currency TRON (TRON / TRX) complete round-table discussion! Charts, Prospects and Features | What's going to revolutionize the entertainment industry?

TRON Complete Capture Roundtable
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The cryptocurrency market will expand in the future,Prices soarIt is said that!

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Yeah! But when you try to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges, there are as many as 5 and 10 different currencies.

No matter how much the cryptocurrency market expands,Not all currencies will soarI guess.


Virtual currencyInvestment funds are limitedAnd I want to know the cryptocurrencies that are likely to soar in the future! ! !


Which currency will rise most in the future?


Bitcoins and ripples are very popular, but the bubble has already collapsed, and isn't the price so high that it's hard to soar?


Currency soaring 10 times and 100 timesI want to graduate from the company as soon as possible


Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Such a coin currency member who has a lot of virtual currency experience choseCryptocurrencies that may soar in 2019But I will introduce this timeTRONIt will be!

The virtual currency Tron is not yet a famous currency in Japan. However, Tron is quite well known overseas! !

The virtual currency Tron hasProject futureAndValue provided to societyI think Tron is a very powerful currency.

Various information about TRONTron SpecialPlease read it because it is very interesting!


G, Tron? Is it delicious? ?


This stupid cat! ! Lol

Tron isOne of the types of virtual currencyYeah! It will definitely spread in Japan in the future! Tron-chan ≧ (´ ▽ `) ≦ ア

Real-time chart of virtual currency Tron


You can't get tired of seeing charts!

Especially in the case of Tron, regardless of bitcoin or other currenciesGungun soarsI really like it because I often do it (* '∇ ` *) I love Tron-chan (*' ∇ ` *)


Tron isMovement different from bitcoin or rippleDo you mean σ (° · *) not…


Of course, Tron alone doesn't always behave differently, but even when the price of Bitcoin is falling,Tron only soarsThere are quite a few things I do!

And this is what I'm really paying attention to,In fact, I guess Tron will rise more than Ripple in the future(* ^^ *) ノ


!? Eye ((; eeee!)

Such a banyan w (o o) w オ オ!


I don't know if it's true! But I'm pretty sure about Tron,I'm thinking about it for various reasonsFrom, it might be interesting (* ▽)

Basic information of cryptocurrency Tron

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

next,Basic features of cryptocurrency TronI'll introduce you!

The history of cryptocurrency Tron is less than two years old and relatively new!

Features of cryptocurrency Tron Details
Currency of TRON TRX
Tron's birthday <span>2017/8/28</span>
TRON Founder / Developer Justin Sun
Justin Sun Twitter @justinsuntron
Tron Foundation Twitter @Tron foundation
TRON Japan Official Twitter @TRON_JPN
Tron White Paper 1 Tron White Paper 1
Tron White Paper 2 Tron White Paper 2
Major BitTorrent partnered with TRON BitTorrent HP
BitTorrent token Mountain bike
BitTorrent (BTT) white paper BitTorrent (BTT) White Paper
Tron community page CRYPTO GUY
Tron's market capitalization About $ 16 billion
Market capitalization ranking 11 bit
Tron Price About 2.6 yen
Virtual currency TRON (TRX) holder 280 or more

* The market capitalization, market capitalization ranking price, and the number of holders for the virtual currency TRON use the figures as of May 2019.


There are a total of three Tron-related white papers in light of BTT projects!

Tron's white paper seems to be difficult to read because there seems to be only an English version, but you can see that it has a pretty solid concept (* '∇ ` *)


Tron thinks that the future is so promising,BTT Project White PaperGood luck reading and decoding!

I've also created an easy-to-understand article on the BTT project, so read on!



eh! Yui-chan is amazing! ! d (°-^ *) Nice ♪


(* ^. ^ *)


Yui-chan is amazing! Share your English skills with me! ! ! Divide Tron (≡ ^ ∇ ^ ≡) ニ ャ Haha

I didn't notice at all,Tron's 11th market capitalizationWhat is it. Is Tron a surprisingly great virtual currency? O (´ ^ `) o

The secret story of the virtual currency Tron "ICO sold out in 30 seconds?"


The story that I still think is amazing,The story of the virtual currency Tron's ICO!

Tron was listed on the exchange for the first time in August 2017, but you did TRON's ICO before listing.

And that Tron ICOSold out in just 30 secondsBecause! ! (ノ ゚ ο ゚) ノ オ オ オ オ ォ ォ ォ ォ ォ ォ-

That ’s just 30 seconds. I also wanted to buy ICO Tron! ! Well, at that time I didn't know anything about Tron or virtual currency


But why was Tron so popular that the ICO sold out in 30 seconds?


For a variety of reasons, it was the founder of the Tron FoundationJustin Sun was a tremendous talentI guess!


If the leader is strong and reliable, everyone will want to follow.


Yes Yes! !

Justin Sun, before starting Tron,PEIWOWe are launching the world's largest audio content community.

Justin Sun, the founder, is in the business worldTrust that has already achieved great resultsOr something!


Justin Sun is the founder of AlibabaJack MaToka was founded at the centerLakeside UniversityHe seems to have graduated from a great university!

Lakeside university seems to be a special business school that is a little different from a normal university, and seems to have entered the youngest.I also got acquainted with Jack Ma and have a very strong connectionBecause


Connection with Chinese champion Alibaba's MaIt's amazing that it was there!


So in December 2017,TRON is listed on the Hong Kong exchange OKExThat caused the price to skyrocket,In just one month, Tron's price has increased by a factor of 1! ! !

Oh, I wish I had only Naze or Tron at that time (o ̄∇ ̄o)


Haru-chan, lol


I'm both a founder and a strong man of this fascinating TRONJustin SunI've researched and summarized it!


Is the virtual currency Tron actually suspicious of white paper fraud? !


Tron's white paperDid you plagiarize another cryptocurrency white paper?I feel like it's been a topic, but what was that?


Allegedly plagiarized by Tron's white paper.

I was worried about what I looked up, but actuallyVolunteer peopleTranslates Tron's white paper from Chinese into other languages,I forgot to write a referenceBecause!

So, without reference, pakuri or of course plagiarism, but only a few mistakesIt doesn't seem that Justin Sun or the members of Tron were offended.


Indeed, it was like that!


Alleged Tron fraud has become a hot topic in Japan.

I'm afraid that a small mistake will make you look like this case.


That's true. I'm really glad I didn't feel bad about Tron's Justin Sun!

I briefly summarized the flow of the alleged Tron fraud case!


First of all, a person named Bedeho,Tron's whitepaper and other cryptocurrency whitepapers are very similar!I did Twitter.

Is there no reference?I'm asking Justin Sun.


Then, a guy called Juan Benet tweeted the results of analyzing the entire Tron whitepaper in an easy-to-understand diagram!

And Tron's white paper states,It's just a copy of another white paper!"

If you look at this without knowing anything, you will be surprised (_ □ _ ;) !!


Justin Sun, on the other hand, said that the original Tron whitepaper was in Chinese,The reference is written in the Chinese white paperI'm sending a message.

I volunteered to translate Tron's whitepaper from Chinese to other languages, so I forgot to include an important reference at that timeIs written.


At first, you didn't expect to translate Tron's whitepaper into so many languages!

The correct English white paper will be coming soon!I'm saying

This is January 2018!


Haru-chan is amazing English too ( ̄ []  ̄;)!

If you have a problem in English this time, please ask Haruchan for everything ('∇')


Say that again! Lol

Tron has experienced a pretty fierce past,Article that summarizes such historyThere are also, please refer to that too!

TRON Episode 1

Cryptocurrency Tron revolutionizes the Dapps industry!


Tron is also great Dapps!I heard recently, but what exactly is it?


Tron's Dapps look pretty promising!

Originally Tron, a token derived from Ethereum, famous for DappsIt was!

However, because it can not show the charm as Tron after all, moving from Ethereum and virtual currency TronOwn main netWas announced in 2018.


Well, then, Tron'sWhat happens to Dapps?


By getting your own blockchain,TRON can also realize smart contracts like EthereumThat's it!

Ethereum is a virtual currency, but it has a smart contract mechanism, so you can issue tokens on Ethereum and develop Dapps!

Tron is like that,Dapps development platformIt's going to become (^ ^) ニ コ

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

Smart contractAs for, articles written by Chiaki in the past are well organized and easy to understand!



Wow! Very nostalgic article (* ▽ ▽) ノ

When I wrote this article, I never thought that smart contracts would be implemented in Tron as well as Ethereum.


Tron is developing such a mechanism of Dapps,Sun Network, a side chain of TRONYo!

Sun Network was developed for Dapps in Tron,Third parties can freely and easily develop Dapps on Tron's blockchainSo, Tron's Dapps will continue to develop!

There is also an article detailing TRON's Sun Network, so be sure to check it out!


Say in ethereumCrypto KittiesAnd,MCHBlockchain games like that will be developed on TRON's blockchain in the future!


As people from the Tron community develop new and interesting Dapps,TRON has great promiseWow!

Virtual currency Tron revolutionizes the entertainment industry with Bittorrent!


What I expect most from cryptocurrency Tron is the entertainment part!

Tron may revolutionize the Dapps industry,Revolution in the entertainment industry思 う (* ^^ *) ノ


What is Tron's entertainment industry revolution?


TRON has the best distributed system in the worldBit torrentI bought a company called

This bittorrent is so amazing, with TronBTT tokenAnd started a new project (* ▽)


Bittorrent is a system that can download files.P2PRunning on a distributed system calledGood compatibility with virtual currencies and blockchains aiming for decentralizationThat's right!


Is that so!

And when Tron becomes decentralized, users collaborate with each other,New value is bornWill be

Bittorrent currently distributes online content, such as comics, videos, music, etc.And allow individuals to distribute contentThat's right! Is it an image like YouTube!

And, of course, because they deliver value,You get a BTT token as a reward.Free timePeople who just enjoy watching the content can actually get BTT tokensI'm planning what a great system (* '(*)


Oh, that means you can get a BTT token when you watch your favorite anime? ? ? Σ (゚ д ゚;) ヌ オ ォ!?


Yes Yes! ! It's such an image (* '∇ ` *)

Using the tokens you got from watching the anime,Purchase paid contentCan,Also works as currencyShould be able toSame as earning moneyThat's it! !


That's Tron! Yaba Iny ょ (ノ οο) ゚ ​​ノ-

If you buy Tron or BTT tokens now,Billion peopleゃ (≡ ^ ∇ ^ ≡) ニ ャ Haha


Maybe! ! Tron isIt's full of dreams (* ^^ *) ノ

A little more detailedHow the BTT project worksAnd the impact of Tron on the entertainment industry,See it because it is introduced in this article in an easy-to-understand manner (*'-' *)


Virtual currency TRON (TRON / TRX) complete capture summary! Charts, prospects and features

Editor-in-Chief TakashimaEditor-in-Chief Takashima

By members of Coin Girls,Introduction to virtual currency Tron,What did you think?

A new aspect of Tron I did not know until nowI would be very happy if you could feel a little bit.

There used to be Tron cults and other Tron communities before, but I think there are few Tron-related communities now.

Therefore, in order to know about the virtual currency Tron, Japanese alone is not enough and you have to inevitably have to collect information in English,Big reason for Tron's low profile in JapanI think it is.

Even though Tron's popularity in Japan is low, as introduced in this article, cryptocurrency Tron has created a wonderful mechanism and has various attractions.

I hope that Tron's Japanese community will grow in size and that Tron and BTT will spread more and more!

If you have discovered the charm of Tron even a little, please introduce this article on Twitter etc. ('-' *) Ehe

Thank you for reading until the end!

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I'm addicted to investment technology triggered by virtual currency. Originally, cooking was my hobby, but now I am completely investing in cryptocurrency. I like what I like and what I can do if I can live on investment.
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