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This site is comingI want to start a virtual currencyFor beginners who think that it is, or those who have started immediately but do not know what to do,Japan's most fun virtual currency siteI want to be.

It has been XNUMX years since Bitcoin, the first virtual currency, started on January XNUMX, XNUMX.

At the beginning, cryptocurrencies that were only one worthless bitcoin are nowMore than XNUMX digitsExists,Market capitalization is more than XNUMX trillion yenIt is also up.

Crypto first yearIn XNUMX, it was said that from the beginning of the year to the end of the year,Market capitalization rises by XNUMX%Did. On the other hand, last year in XNUMXA year of regulation and practical use of cryptocurrenciesThat said, the market price caused a big turbulence.

And this year in XNUMX, everyone, including celebrities, has various expectations, both good and bad, regarding Bitcoin and consequently cryptocurrencies.

This is the other sideBitcoin and virtual currencies are gaining much attentionIt can be said that.

So, in fact, what will be the cryptocurrencies this year?


Only God knows. Nobody knows.

But for better or worse"I will betray every expectation."That's for sure.

On this site,

  • What is a virtual currency?
  • Where are the cryptocurrencies being watched?
  • How cryptocurrencies change society
  • Why cryptocurrencies are interesting

I will tell you about the theme of "Virtual currency is fun".

And instead of just giving information on cryptocurrencies where technical terms line up, we`` Virtual currency girls' association ''MembersEasy to understand,FunI will explain.

As many people as possible can learn about the blockchain, which is said to have been the invention since the Internet, and the attractiveness of virtual currency.The most fun in JapanIn order to make the site that provides useful information,

We, "Cryptocurrency Girls' Association", will do our best.

Editor-in-chief: Aya Takashima
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